What to Look for in a Gaming Chair Design?
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What to Look for in a Gaming Chair Design?

|Nov 26, 2021

What does a gamer demand from his gaming furniture? A seamless gaming experience, right? But how will he get that? Getting the ideal gaming experience is only possible if you are aware of what you need to look at in your gaming chair design.

Although keeping a keen check on gaming aesthetics is vital, you should know which chair you will need in the first place to evaluate whether your furniture is suitable for your gaming sessions.

We know that the market is flooded with multiple gaming furniture stores that make many false claims. So, trusting the quality and identifying which type is ideal for you becomes a really tough task, especially for newbs.

Therefore, we are here today to discuss everything from scratch. First, we will share the different types of gaming chairs. Next, we will tell you some of the qualities of a gaming chair ergonomic design that make it worthy of being in your gaming station setup. And, in the end, we will share some of the best options that come to our mind upon evaluating the market. So, let’s address the first thing first! 

Types of Gaming Chair

Types of gaming chair design

Even if you filter your search to the best gaming chairs only, you will have several subtypes of chairs in this section, such as the rockers, pedestals, racing, or a regular gaming chair. This selection is mostly based on your personal thoughts, like which gaming chair you like the most. 

Rocker Chairs

Rocker chairs are unique gaming chairs that come with a built-in speaker. These chairs lie directly on the floor and give you an outclass gaming experience with the help of their speakers and vibration motors. This chair is suitable for those gamers who have their gaming console connected to their television. 

Pedestal Chairs

A pedestal chair is more like a bar stool that you would usually find in a club or lounge. Since these chairs are more like stools, they do not have a high backrest and even lack the backrest completely. Such chairs are great for active sitting but are not suitable if you are planning to sit for hours to complete a game. 

Racing Gaming Chairs

Racing Gaming Chairs

The racing gaming chairs are the typical gaming chairs that you usually find in any gaming station. These chairs have seats like a race car, a higher backrest, and comfier padding than any typical office chair; thus, they provide better back support and are often great for extended gaming sessions. 

The above-mentioned gaming chairs are the most common types that you will find in the market. As we said previously, the final selection of the type of chair is based upon your personal thoughts and your gaming setup type.

Now that you know all common types, it is better to know the details of the features and materials that make any gaming chair design the best fit for you. 


Following are the features that make any chair a cool designed gaming chair. Go through them to know what features can give you an edge. 

System Compatibility

System Compatibility

Knowing your gaming station well is the basic thing that you need to do at this point. You should know which sort of gaming chair design ideas would work well with your gaming console.

For instance, a rocker gaming chair is better for a television gaming setup rather than a PC gaming setup. In contrast, a racing gaming chair works perfectly well for a typical PC gaming setup as well as a television gaming setup. 


Your gaming experience is greatly defined by the comfort that you get while using a desk chair. This comfort is based upon the sort of padding headrest and armrest, the height of the backrest, and lumbar support.

The best chair is the one that has all these features and offers a customizable experience. This means that you can adjust the height, angle, and lumbar support in those chairs. All-in-all, these features will help you correct your gaming ergonomics and have a seamless gaming experience. 

Space Saving

Space Saving

The gaming chair ergonomic design should be such that it helps you save space if you have a small gaming station. There are certain foldable gaming chairs that you can fold once you have used them to help you use your gaming space for multiple purposes.

In addition to this, you can think of measuring your gaming chair's dimensions and comparing it with your gaming space to know if the chair could fit in your room. All these little things will help you make a big difference. 



Once you know the features in the gaming chair design, it is better to have a quick look at the material that you should consider while buying your gaming chair. 


Gaming chairs that are made of leather are comparatively more durable. These chairs provide you with comfy support. You will usually find racing gaming chairs that have a leather covering. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam padding is typically the best one that you can go for. Memory foam is used for padding the headrest, backrest, and armrest to provide a puffy experience. This helps you have a better, more durable, and comfortable experience with your gaming chair. 

Some Good Gaming Chairs in the Market

Since now you are aware of the right types, features, and materials of a gaming chair ergonomic design, you should have a look at a chair that has the right mix of everything to give you a stylized and comforting experience. Following are the two popular variants that you can think of going for in this regard. 

1. Vertagear SL4000

Vertagear SL4000

The Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair is a premium quality chair that is designed to offer you a comfortable gaming experience. This gaming chair design comes with multiple adjustments and has an ultra-premium high resilience foam underneath to provide you maximum support.

  • Carries up to 330lbs
  • Features removable neck and lumbar
  • Fully adjustable armrests 

2. Vertagear SL5000

Vertagear SL5000

Vertagear SL5000 gaming chair is designed to provide additional support while you play your favorite games. This gaming chair’s seat has raised foamed edges that do this part. Being a special edition, this gaming chair comes with an option of custom RGB LED lights as well. Overall, it provides a phenomenal gaming experience.

  • Crafted using breathable materials
  • Features a durable leather covering
  • Features multiple adjustable features for a customizable experience
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