How to Maintain Work from Home Yoga Routine to Keep Fit
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How to Maintain Work from Home Yoga Routine to Keep Fit

|Oct 5, 2021

Did you gain some stubborn pounds while being quarantined? Weight gain has been a common observation during the quarantine. All thanks to no social life, closure of gyms and staying in bed binge-watching our favourite shows. Not to mention the work from home routine, which made us all lazy beyond measure; hence all we did was stay in bed, check emails and complete those tasks on the laptop.

While it is fine to gain some extra pounds, the unhealthy gain will impact your life in many ways. For starters, it impacts mental health, and if you are suffering from back pain while working, you need to check on that weight gain. In such scenarios, work from home yoga, a simple exercise at your standing desk or a few twists on an office chair can help you combat stress in the body.

You can also shed a few pounds by working from home exercises no matter how small they seem. And even if you think of yourself as the fittest you have ever been, work yoga or work from the home desk yoga is beneficial for you in many ways. This article will cover some work from home yoga routines, and the benefits of work from home yoga poses on physical and mental health.

How to Maintain Work from Home Yoga Routine

How to Maintain Work from Home Yoga Routine

Ever since the pandemic began, our home has been our safest space. From cooking fresh food in the kitchen to working out in the spare room, walking on the porch, to working in home offices, we all have had to make the most of our home space. As a result, we have adapted many work from home habits over the years, and for positive change, these habits need to be monitored and analyzed carefully.

Yoga is a habit we all have heard to be extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health. But finding time to do yoga is where most of us struggle. But no worries, if you don't have the time to spare a few minutes for yoga even when you are home all day, then you can do work from home desk yoga. And here is good news; you can also do chair yoga for back pain. Hence, here are a few yoga poses to perform right at your workstation.

Set a Schedule

Maintaining a routine is tough but is possible when you do the same things over and over. Try incorporating yoga into the routine for a few minutes each day, then increase the time gradually. While you are at your workstation, try to take some breaks and practice a few yoga poses. If you cannot leave the computer entirely alone because of work commitments, yoga stretches at the work desk are helpful.

Start Your Day

Start Your Day

There is a lot on your mind as you start your day, but stress should be the last thing to sit and reside in your brain. Thankfully, with a work from home yoga routine, you can fight stress effectively. So start your weekday with any form of stretch, whether you learned it in gym class in high school, in a dancing class, or from online yoga.

Before you relax into your home office chair and take a two-hour meeting, stretch to get your joints and muscles moving. Stretching also helps to reduce joint and muscle aches that might occur from sitting for lengthy periods.

Chair Puppy Pose

Aren't puppies the cutest? Yes, they are, so how about some inspiration for health from them. This yoga posture helps in correcting the bent-over posture we all have while working for hours. This posture will relax your shoulder muscles as well as the upper body.

All you need is to step away from your chair, rest your hands on the back of the chair, gently bend your knees and bend forward. Make sure to keep your back straight and parallel to the floor. This should open up your chest, and a little stretch in your shoulder is a sign you are doing it right.

Chest Opener Pose

The chest opener yoga pose is extremely beneficial for the shoulders and upper body. It also reduces the cramps in the neck and relaxes your entire spine. This work from home yoga pose is simple and does a lot more than you know. All you need is to sit on the edge of the chair. Hold the chair from the back and roll down the shoulders towards the back. Open up your chest in the forward direction and take a few deep breaths.



Originally from effective work from home yoga poses, Tadasana freshens up your body as well as the mind. It also improves the entire body posture to get rid of any stresses in any joints of the body. Practising Tadasana each time you get up from your chair will help you feel more comfortable. You will also find yourself strong and happy with each yoga pose.

Here is how you practice Tadasana

Stand with your feet shoulder-to-shoulder. Inhale while keeping your arms beside your torso. Extend your arms out in front of you and interlock your fingers on top of your head. Raise your heels gently and reach for the ceiling with your hand. Breathe slowly and tuck your navel in. Continue to raise your heels and extend your arms to the ceiling. Exhale, then slowly lower your heels and let go of your fingers.

Dancer Pose

Your lower body is subjected to a lot of undue tension and stress when you work in the same pose at home. The dancer pose can easily help you get rid of that stress. Moreover, it is also very simple to perform.

Grab the back of the chair with one hand and take hold of the outside of the opposite foot with the other, bringing the leg back to a comfortable position where you can feel the stretch in the hip flexor and down the quad. Take three deep breaths and hold them for at least three seconds.

Benefits of Yoga At Home

Benefits of work from home yoga

Yoga is beneficial whether you take a scheduled class or practice a few here and there stretches at home. The power of yoga helps restore energy and keep the brain active yet positive. With a work from home yoga routine, you can easily eliminate physical stress and mental stress. 54% of adults find yoga to release their daily tension so imagine the impact it can have for you to fight that work-related stress.

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