Guidelines to Make a Minimalist Standing Desk Setup
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Guidelines to Make a Minimalist Standing Desk Setup

|Jul 31, 2021

Are you looking to create a minimalist stand-up desk setup? If yes, then chances are you have realized the benefits of a standing desk. Better late than never, an adjustable standing desk is one of the most talked-about additions to office ergonomics, but the high cost makes many people doublethink their decision.

It is also true that a standing desk lives up to every penny you pay for it because of the considerable mental and physical wellness it brings to your life, but what if a limited budget doesn't allow a standing desk setup? That is no excuse to subject your back and neck to unnecessary pressure and become susceptible to other short-term and long-term health issues.

Thanks to the tons of research that opens up how a standing desk helps you burn those calories and how just a simple standing operation is much better, you can now make your own ergonomic standing desk setup at home. With our standing desk setup ideas, you can make any work desk or even build a multi-monitor computer desk setup, whether for work or gaming, with no judgments.

How to Create a Minimalist Standing Desk Setups at Home


There is a lot of evidence on how our surroundings impact our moods, psychology, and productivity. Hence, how does a workplace full of negativity, discomfort, and clutter expect positive and clean results? Maintaining our workplace is as important as focusing on the work; without proper office equipment and work atmosphere, you cannot make any talent.

Unsurprisingly, minimalist desk arrangements have grown popular in modern workplaces to eliminate clutter and increase efficiency. It's also a popular choice among gamers and artists.

Minimalist desk arrangement does not mean you deprive yourself of the must-haves. Still, it means to create something that gives maximum efficiency and output through minimum input monetary and physical. Here are a few must-haves to create a minimalist standing desk setup at home.


clutter free

Have you ever heard the phrase 'declutter your life? Why does it get so much emphasis? It is one of the biggest pieces of advice to attain mental peace, and the truth is you should try it; it works wonders. Make sure you start by decluttering your work desk.

Place objects that are often used within arm's reach. Items that aren't used very often can be stored in a drawer, beneath, or to the side of your desk. Another effective approach to separate regularly used objects from those that aren't is to utilize pegboards and desk organizers, such as shelving. Once you keep your surroundings tidy, you will feel your brain getting rid of all kinds of mess and clutter.

Ergonomic Chair

ergonomic chair

Without a comfortable work chair, you simply cannot do it. No matter how much you think you don't need a comfortable chair to work efficiently, there is enough research on how physical fatigue will depreciate your productivity as soon as you sit on an uncomfortable chair.

With enough ergonomics research, no proper stand-up desk setup is complete without a proper chair. From home setups to modern advanced workplaces, everyone looks for an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair keeps your posture straight and also releases extra load from various parts of the body. This allows our mind to focus on work rather than noticing the pinching pain on various body parts.

Type of Standing Desk

The type of standing desk you choose or plan to have as your workstation plays a big role. There are many types of standing desks, each playing a different role but offering the same benefit. Make sure you research and learn about each type of desk and how differently it serves. Some of the common desk types are

Corner Standing Desk


corner standing desk is a desk that fits in the corner of the room. The best thing about such desks is that they can make the most useless part of the room most productive. Offering a shape that smartly fits against the edge of the room, you will get a workstation away from distraction and also with extra space. Corner desks are also good for extra storage as they come with cabinets and shelves.

L-shaped Desk

An L-shaped desk setup is similar to a corner desk because it also fits in the corner of the room, but its difference is the shape. This kind of desk is made in the shape of the letter L, so one edge is bigger than the other. You can use this desk for a triple monitor desk setup or even set up the other half as the gaming station. L-shaped desks are ideal when you need a greater surface area without utilizing a lot of square footage, and they are also a good way to let team members sit and collaborate.

Electric Standing Desk

Whenever there is a talk about standing desks, there are either electric standing desks or manual standing desks. For a minimalist standing desk setup, you can purchase either one. Electric standing desks are easier to operate since they are controlled electrically and move with just a push of a button; manual standing desks, on the other hand, are operated through handles or levers.



A standing desk itself is a piece of wonder, but when combined with the right accessories, the efficiency increases further. For example, it is smart to have an Anti-Fatigue Mat with a standing desk, which will encourage micro-movements and keep your feet from getting tired. Having a monitor arm in case you have a lot going on the table's surface is also a good idea.


It's possible to liven things up by using lights! Lighting may improve not only the beauty of your workplace settings but also your productivity. Poor lighting may sap your energy and even harm your health by creating eyestrain and headaches, making it difficult to work or play. Of course, the great thing would be to work in natural light as much as possible, but if you are pulling those all-nighters, don't let yourself dwell in the dark, literally! Getting a wide LED desk lamp is a good idea in such cases.

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