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How to Make Over My Office Desk? 8 Easy Tips to Start Right away
Workplace Inspiration

How to Make Over My Office Desk? 8 Easy Tips to Start Right away

|Jun 15, 2021

Expensive things like office furniture cannot be afforded to replace every other year, and to be fair enough, a workplace gets boring pretty fast. Maybe it's the thought of working or anything that could tire our minds sooner or later. After all, the impact of surroundings on our mood and productivity is substantial, and you might not realize that until you find no genuine reason for a bad mood.

If you have been working from home for a while now, then you must have a little dedicated corner for your work somewhere and might be looking for ways to transform it for the better. Maybe you have bought a productive desk setup or are looking for ways to organize an office desk with a basic in-home office desk makeover.

Even though productivity is related to comfort, aesthetics do play a major role in an efficient mind. If you have been thinking of what to do with an old computer desk rather than throwing it out, then a computer desk makeover is the answer. And the best part, you can easily do a deep desk makeover only with the right techniques, some supplies, and a determined approach. 

How to Spruce up Your Office Desk

How to Spruce up Your Office Desk

Thanks to the internet there are many ways you can find to makeover your office desk. When it comes to a makeover as significant as a work desk, you must keep in mind that it is the tiny details that make the most difference. Here are some easy ways to makeover your work desk and transform it into a whole new working space.

Paint Job

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of office desk makeover to change the look of a place. A simple color change can elevate the look of the place. However, you might want to be clever with the choice of paint you choose for your work desk.

Paint Job

If your work desk has some boring plain color, you can change it into something flashy or loud. This could go great with a wall that is plain or a room theme with funky style. Although work desks are usually black, brown, or white, what's the harm in expanding your imagination a bit?

Upgrade the Work Surface

No one has got the time to clean those coffee mug stains all day. Especially when you cannot function without a coffee, do you plan to work or run to get a damp cloth to get the marks wiped away? The problem with old desks is that they stain too easily. And maybe you are too tight on a budget to purchase a new one.

This is where you can upgrade the work desk or office desk makeover your way (one of the perks of having a home office). The MDF wood desktop is a smooth platform that can be paired with any work desk and is also very space-friendly. It has a great finish and a smooth surface,

The surface is also scratch-resistant, so you won't have to worry about getting a paint job or repairing the damages every once in a while.


Post-its keep you on schedule and remind you of To-Dos. They are also great to provide a workplace vibe. If you are having a hard time adjusting to work from home, then try to make your workplace as office-like as possible. Get a little notice board and a few thumb pins. Or some sticky notes to write down the details and paste them on your work desk.

Desk Lamp

If your space wasn't designed as an office from the start, you might not have enough illumination. And the absence of proper lighting can tire your eyes and seriously impact productivity.  Natural light, task lighting (which gives concentrated illumination to a specific area), and ambient lighting should all be present in your home office. Consider an adjustable LED desk lamp with several color temperatures when selecting workplace illumination.

Desk Lamp


Maybe your office desk isn't the worst thing in the world. Maybe it needs a little care to get back on its feet. Yes, we are talking about an uneven work desk that has been suffering from a loose leg. Or perhaps the knob on the drawer needs fixing, and you will get a new piece of furniture.

Before thinking about discarding a product, it is wise to consider repair and maintenance. After all, spending a few dollars to get a nearly new product or do a office desk makeover isn't a bad idea. 

Tiny Plants

The advantages of keeping plants on your work desk are two fold. Even if you only have one little plant at your desk, it may help you relax and keep your workspace clutter-free. If that's not enough to persuade you to make room for a few botanical pals, new research shows that desk plants can boost productivity in the workplace. Use houseplants to add texture and color to your home office.

Tiny Plants


If you are not able to work properly, then desk isn't the problem necessarily. Sometimes the desktop or the workstation isn't capable enough to provide a great working experience. If you are a little loose on the budget, then investing in a new desktop isn't such a bad idea. You could also invest in a few accessories for your office desk makeover such as a new keyboard, mouse, or even a mouse pad.

Buying a New Desk

Though we have been talking about getting the old buddy ready for a new era of work, sometimes you have to let go of some things. Especially when you have tried every basic way to make up for the damages or old age of an item, if you still don’t find it useful, then there is a fair chance you need a replacement.

Buying a New Desk

After all, it's about the workplace, and you cannot just let some ordinary piece of furniture compromise those important reports. If you have finally decided to upgrade the place for the better, you might want to look for a change and a office desk makeover.

For instance, purchase a different colored desk this time or maybe change the entire type. If you have been working with a conventional desk, then investing in an office standing desk this time is a great choice. After all, it is great for your health, and the world is shifting towards healthier practices, so you must too.

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