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Management Team Building: Your Quick Steps To Success
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Management Team Building: Your Quick Steps To Success

|Apr 1, 2021

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a manager is essentially like the backbone of a firm. All members of the team look up to him for guidance, expertise, and effective employee feedback. Everything from daily functioning to long-term goals falls under the duty of a manager.

Along with many other duties, a manager also performs management team building. This includes using all the skills and strategies at their disposal. When a manager resorts to team building, they ensure that their team is highly motivated, delivers the best output, and knows how to work in synchronization with one another.

Role of a manager

In such a situation, a team would only work if the manager has the required team culture. Team culture is essentially an amalgamation of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are common among everybody in the team. In case of working from home, he must build a remote team culture. It is the role of a manager to make sure they are imparted and understood by everyone present, even with remote working.

But what good is a manager if they themselves are not confident in their decisions and steps? Whatever a team does, is eventually a reflection of the manager. Therefore, it is imperative for them to be the best. Here are team-building skills for managers, through which they can revolutionize the workplace environment.

Role of a manager

Shift The Conversation From I To We

A good team doesn’t construct itself magically overnight. Similarly, team building for managers isn’t something that comes ingrained into anybody but something they have to work towards. A study by Harvard found that managers that are more inclusive and open towards their team generally tend to perform better and garner good reviews.

This isn't as difficult as it seems. They need to devote their energy and skills to focus on team members' individual wants and needs. Only if they are satisfied will this reflect in their ability to deal with clients and customers.

A manager needs to let the power and decision-making process flow through the channel for management team building, from top to bottom. Doing this will ensure that everyone collectively feels a part of something. Perhaps what they could do is make them feel important through gifts. Managers can send their team modern office furniture and office accessories or buy office furniture bulk order they could use at home for their work.

Shift The Conversation From I To We

Motivation Is The Key

We have always heard that motivation is the key to success to build a productive team. But is it really that important? The answer is yes. One well-motivated individual is equal to more productivity than ten non-motivated ones. Now imagine what an entire well-motivated team can do. This is another golden step in management team building that has never failed yet.

There are lots of ways to do this, especially remotely. Perhaps a manager can engage with their team and make sure they are clear on their responsibilities to avoid blunders later. Managers should motivate the team remotely when working from home.Maybe they can use the team-building skills for managers and find efficient ways to make their team’s tasks easier.

As mentioned earlier, nothing happens overnight. A manager must develop the patience and ability to watch some strategies fail too. This doesn’t mean that they need to be disheartened. It only means they themselves need to be motivated to try again.

Motivation Is The Key

Work Hard, Play Hard

There have been so many instances in films and shows where a manager is so quick to reprimand their team’s task done wrong. However, one very rarely comes across a scenario where a manager finds the time to congratulate their team and on a task well done.

At the end of the day, a manager is responsible for their team. Therefore, it is also important to let the team know when they did something right. This could simply be done by taking them out for a social lunch break or drinks. During the lockdown, it would be even easier to arrange such an evening on screen!

Celebrating more will strengthen any relationship. Even in childhood, getting recognized and rewarded for something done right always made an individual feel good. Go ahead and try it out to see the outcome yourself!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Games And Exercises

Another thing that a firm can try is certain team-building exercises for managers. These not only promote a friendly environment and build supportive work culture but can also be really fun to try out!

Treasure Hunt

Technology comes with a range of benefits and possibilities. Even while we are all at home, some websites and applications let you organize an entire scavenger hunt on your screens. This can be a great way to break the ice with the team for the ideas of team building for supervisors.

Planning a scavenger hunt can also result in goofy pictures and memories that a team can then look back to later. Not every manager indulges in something like this; therefore, this will give them an edge and make them look great.

Games And Exercises

Object Of Possibilities

This is a rather innovative and creative way to play both online and in-person. Each individual from a team gets an object. After understanding what the object is, they have to enact all the possible ways this object can be used.

This game of management team building could be a great way to brainstorm new ideas that were previously unthought of. Not only this, but certain goofy actions and uses can result in rounds of laughter from everyone present. This is a winning exercise for sure.

As a manager, standing up on a virtual meeting platform and letting yourself do the enactment shows a subsequent team that you trust them enough to see you relaxed and with your guard down. This is a great message to send across.

Summing Up

Now that management team building is not a scary idea but a rather achievable task, one can go ahead and try all of this out. A manager can first work upon inculcating these skills and simultaneously organize some of these activities and exercises.

Once these workstation and home office exercises are a success, a manager could move on to even more strategies to try out. These tips and tricks will surely change the dynamic and relationship at work, making the manager a trustworthy and encouraging individual for the team.

Summing Up

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