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Autonomous Review: Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX
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Autonomous Review: Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX

|May 8, 2023

Prepare to embark on an unparalleled auditory journey with the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX. Elevate your listening experience with these exceptional in-ear monitors that boast remarkable treble extension and low-noise response, setting them apart from the rest.

In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the Pinnacle PX's design, performance, and value, highlighting its updated build quality and affordable price point. With crystal-clear mids and an authentic bass note, the Pinnacle PX is a wise investment that guarantees an immersive audio experience.

Join us as we explore the depths of this outstanding product and discover why it's a game-changer in the world of headphones.

Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX

The Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs are the result of a successful collaboration between two companies, which have combined their knowledge and expertise to create a product that offers excellent sound quality and durability.

These earphones are designed to be comfortable, versatile, and engaging, providing an enjoyable listening experience for long periods. The Pinnacle PX has a high-quality zinc alloy housing with a dark blue PVD finish, which looks stylish and scratch resistant. The detachable MMCX cable is robust and features an inline microphone and remote for convenience.

One of the standout features of the Pinnacle PX is its 10 mm dynamic moving-coil driver with a copper-clad aluminum voice coil. This driver delivers a crystal-clear musical sound in the mids and has a realistic bass note.

The proprietary acoustic diffuser ensures that the treble extension is balanced and smooth, resulting in an energetic yet realistic treble with improved handling of spatial cues. The Pinnacle PX comes with six pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes and three pairs of Comply T-200 memory foam ear tips in different sizes, allowing for a personalized and comfortable fit.

Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX

The Pinnacle PX also presents MEE Audio's acoustic diffuser, a proprietary sound chamber, and a damping scheme. It takes use of the directed nature of high-frequency sound waves to cause certain frequencies to resonate before reaching the ear, improving the finer details and high-frequency extension without increasing harshness. The final effect is a treble that is longer, livelier, and more lifelike than before, with enhanced spatial cue handling.

In terms of comfort and longevity, the Pinnacle PX was made with the user in mind. Clear heat shrink tubing has been added to the MMCX connections to enhance strain relief, and the 3.5 mm plug and internal MMCX connector design have been modified for increased longevity.

Moreover, the cable sheath material has been redesigned to better repel moisture and skin oils. The Pinnacle PX comes with silicone and Comply foam ear tips as well as a safe carrying bag. The cable may be worn over or down from the ear.

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Pros and Cons of Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX

The Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX in-ear monitors were released in October 2018 and are available for USD 115. These tech gadgets weigh 29g (including the cable and earbuds) and come with a 130cm cable. The Pinnacle PX IEMs can be worn around the ear or straight down from it, and provide comfortable listening experiences for hours, thanks to the Comply memory foam ear tips included in the package.

One of the standout features of the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs is their ability to handle a wide range of music genres. These earbuds provide clear midrange reproduction and excellent isolation, allowing for a more immersive listening experience. Additionally, the removable braided cable and many ear tip options make these IEMs customizable to individual preferences.

However, there are also some drawbacks when purchasing the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs. For example, the earbuds are easily removed accidentally, which is frustrating for users. Additionally, the paint on the earbuds is known to chip easily over time, which may not be ideal for those looking for a long-lasting product. Lastly, while these IEMs provide excellent sound reproduction, the sub-bass may be attenuated for some listeners.

Pros and Cons of Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the MEE Audio X20 and the Pinnacle PX?

The MEE Audio X20 is an older model not designed specifically for the Massdrop collaboration. The Pinnacle PX is a newer model refined for collaboration, with improved tuning and materials.

Does the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX come with a ring light webcam?

No, since it is only a set of earbuds, it does not include a webcam or a ring light.

Can I use the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX with a webcam that has a speaker and mic?

Yes, you can use them with a webcam that has a speaker and mic. The earbuds have a built-in microphone and can connect to devices via Bluetooth.

Is the MEE Audio brand well-known for its audio products?

Yes, MEE Audio is a well-known brand that produces high-quality audio products. They have a range of earbuds and headphones that are popular among audiophiles and casual listeners, such as MEE Audio planamic in-ear monitors.

What are the top office gadgets to pair with Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX?

Some cool office gadgets that pair well with this set include a wireless charger, a compact Bluetooth speaker, a noise-canceling desk fan, a webcam with speaker and mic, a standing desk converter, and a smart mug with temperature control.

Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX is an excellent investment for those who value high-quality sound as well as comfort. With their sleek design, impressive performance, and durability, these earphones suit casual listeners and audiophiles alike. The Pinnacle PX offers a customizable fit for every user with its variety of ear tip options and its proprietary sound technology ensures a balanced and smooth auditory experience. While there are some minor drawbacks to consider, such as the earbuds' tendency to slip out and the paint chipping over time, the overall value of these IEMs far outweighs any negatives.

So, whether you're commuting to work or settling in for a long listening session at home, the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX is a versatile and enjoyable option that won't disappoint. Good luck and have fun!

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