Matias Keyboard Review: Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
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Matias Keyboard Review: Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

|Aug 22, 2022

With everything becoming ergonomic in today's world, our workplaces are the ones which were in dire need of ergonomic settings. Ergonomic offices are the key secret to productivity; everything from office chairs, work desks, and computer accessories are ergonomic. The use of ergonomic accessories in a workplace gives rise to many benefits and eliminates the various factors affecting employee wellness or productivity in offices.

While we talk about ergonomic workplaces and the several factors involved in them, we need not forget one of the main ergonomic accessories, the keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards are a wonderful change on work desks because they not only improve the rate of work being done but also help prevent various issues such as wrist strain, wrist injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

But as we speak about an ergonomic keyboard, various brands and types offer different features. The Matias keyboards are a popular name for ergonomic keyboards. Matias is a high-end ergonomic brand that deals in multiple types of ergonomic keyboards and provides an array of features for users suffering from various work-related problems or arm strain due to excessive usage.

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Besides being suitable for office workers, a Matias keyboard is also highly recommended for gamers because it has improved response time and offers a higher level of comfort while working. Another added benefit of these keyboards is that you can get a decent discount through the programmer purchase program and gamer purchase program.

With the help of Matias keyboard review for programmable Ergo Pro keyboard for PC, you can decide whether the product is suitable for your needs or not. To present the right and unbiased ergonomic keyboard review, it is important to look at the basic features and study the product in depth to find whether or not a product meets your needs. Below we have briefed an in-depth mechanical keyboard review for the popular Matias ergonomic keyboard.


Design of Matias keyboard

The Matias ergonomic keyboard is a split mechanical keyboard which means the keyboard can be divided into two halves and still work together. Confused? This is the feature in many modern keyboards, and the split action is designed to enhance the user's comfort. But the Ergo Pro is anything but a standard split keyboard. The keys are dispersed between two chassis of comparable size joined by a bridge cable. To make up for the unequal split between the two sets of keys, the inner edge zigzags, giving the two sides a strange but complementing shape.

Other than the split feature, if we talk about the design of this product, you would find that the keyboard has a much more conventional design. It has black keys with no backlight. The keys are plastic, and the laser-etched white markings make visibility better. By the looks (until you split it up into two), the keyboard is pretty much any design you see regularly.


Once we pass the looks, we tend to discover more about functionality. So, talking about the ergonomics, thus the ease of use offered by Matias ergonomic keyboard. The keyboard has an excellent level of ergonomics for a user. You can split the design into two and place them at any distance. This is because the cable joins them long enough to allow free movement.

There are three incline settings in Matias keyboard, one of which is negative; however, when all the legs are raised, the keyboard wobbles so much that it is hardly usable. Unfortunately, to remove the wrist rest, you must unscrew it, and the wrist rest does not come with a tool.

Extra Keys

Extra Keys

Extra keys in a keyboard add to the functionality of the design, and when it comes to gamers or programmers, the extra keys are always appreciated. If we talk about Matias ergonomic keyboard, there are a few extra keys. You will find the FN key, which gives you access and control to media keys. Moreover, there are also three USB 2.0 ports for better connectivity and control of the devices.


Overall, the typing is of very high quality. Although the switches provide pleasant tactile feedback, the inexpensive keycaps give the keyboard an ordinary office keyboard feel. The low actuation force of this keyboard should prevent you from becoming weary when typing. Moreover, each Ergo Pro key is connected to its circuit for a quick response and accurate experience.

Although it costs more, this feature provides a much better typing experience than keyboards without it. Moreover, another common concern related to typing, the keypads don't make excessive noise and are fairly quiet, so the person beside you will not be disturbed by your constant tap-tap.



This Matias keyboard is the Windows version. Therefore it worked perfectly on Windows and only partially on macOS. However, a macOS version is available.


The Matias ergonomic keyboard is slightly higher than you would be paying for a keyboard, but this is because it is made to add comfort to your workstation or even your gaming hours. The ergonomic features, easy-to-use keys, and responsive design are all reasons you find the price bit higher than usual. However, if you find the price range of around $200 for a keyboard a bit unsettling, there are other best budget mechanical keyboards you can choose from.


The build quality of the Matias keyboard is excellent. The wrist rest is supported by a metal base embedded in a solid piece of plastic; however, the ABS keycaps have a cheap feel and a tiny wobble. The wrist rest is substantial and has a cushion-like feel. The keyboard's two sides are connected by thin, flimsy wiring.

Typing Experience

Typing Experience

On top of being comfy, typing on the Matias Ergo Pro keyboard seemed effortless and fluid. Keyboard manufacturer Matias has a wealth of experience, and the Ergo Pro reflects that knowledge. Although flat, thin keys in the Chiclet layout have become popular recently, they don't provide much accuracy. The keys of Ergo Pro have been carefully designed to keep your fingers from slipping off. The Ergo Pro utilizes mechanical switches, the industry standard for key switches, maximum performance, and longevity.

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