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Maximize Your Office Space with Minimalist Office Chairs
Workplace Inspiration

Maximize Your Office Space with Minimalist Office Chairs

|Dec 11, 2018

Minimalist office designs are becoming the in-thing today as focus shifts to employee wellness and productivity. Minimalist workplaces are all about enhancing freedom, boosting productivity, and shifting focus from having too much around to only having what is essential to get work done. Minimalist office chairs will allow your employees to minimize distractions and noise while focusing on the task at hand, making fewer mistakes, and making decisions faster.

What exactly does a minimalist work environment mean?

A minimalist work environment is essentially one that has the least distractions and unnecessary junk and allows people to maximize their productivity. It also allows your staff to enjoy more comfort and ease, thus emphasizing their well-being and boosting loyalty. Creating a minimalist work environment is crucial for motivation and productivity, and is unbelievably easy to achieve. For others, it may include getting rid of clutter on their desks and freeing up floor space by taking advantage of horizontal and vertical storage solutions. The most common method of eliminating clutter and freeing up space in the smart office is using soft copies rather than files, documents, and charts that take up space. Digital filing systems take up virtually no space, and thanks to the ‘search’ options, they make finding crucial files faster.

Photo of minimalist office furniture

Investing in minimalist office furniture

Minimalist furniture is your best option at fast-tracking your journey to a minimalist and ergonomic office. The right furniture will provide a facelift to your workplace and provide additional floor space and space for storage and other innovative office interior design options. If your furniture is more than ten years old, you might want to replace it with today’s modern inventions in clean, simple, but functional and comfortable office furniture.

This is where minimalist office chairs come in

Office chairs can be uncomfortable and unsightly, which is why modern technology and designers have gone the extra mile to make them functional and stylish. Moreover, the last thing you want is to slump at your desk for 8 hours straight, putting you at risk for severe back and neck pain, as well as fatigue and eye strain if you work on a computer. The right posture at work will boost your energy levels and mood, which will boost your productivity. Today’s minimalist office chairs provide all these functions plus ergonomic benefits, making them the better choice for the ergonomic office.

Examples of minimalist office chairs

Computer chairs

These are also called task chairs and are designed to be paired with computer desks in the smart office. They have ergonomic adjustments such as lumbar and arm support, plus options for adjustments. They also have a swivel five star base for smooth movement in the workplace.

Big and tall chairs

As their name suggests, these minimalist office chairs are larger, heavier (over 250 pounds), and can thus support users up to 6'6" feet tall. These are fashioned with extra thick material to provide these individuals with long-lasting and safe use for long periods.

photo of big and tall chair

Petite chairs

Like the big and tall chairs highlighted above, these are a subclass, and you might find computer chairs being sold in this variant designed for shorter people. They are suited for the ergonomic office, with sufficient design and fabric for lumbar support and a swivel base.

Ergonomic stools

Ergonomic stools have made the transition from service desks to the office. They are ideal for people sitting for short periods, and they foster an upward sitting posture. These, however, can be exhausting for people sitting at computers for longer periods.

photo of ergonomic stools

Conference chairs

This kind of chair is designed to help its users maintain concentration and focus on the event as they lean forwards slightly. It is, therefore, excellent for boardrooms and offices where clients meet employees in face-to-face meetings. The leaning forward feature also creates the impression that the seated person is paying attention. These chairs do not have many adjustment options as they are highly unlikely to be used for long periods. They also have poor lumbar support, and thus should not be used for long periods.

24-hour chairs

These chairs are designed for use in environments where employees work longer shifts, like call centers or emergency rooms. These are built to withstand long stretches of use, with extra strong material, padded seats, and few ergonomic adjustments.

Photo of 24-hour chais

Drafting chairs and stools

These ergonomic chairs are built to be used with standing-height counters and desks. These seats come with a ring to support the users’ feet and a height adjustment option to fit the desk and users best.

Ergonomic chairs

These minimalist office chairs are built with comfort in mind, having numerous adjustment options to support all users’ unique needs. These adjustments include seat height, lumbar support, back height, knee tilt, and neck support.

Kneeling chairs

These chairs are built for individuals with back problems. They reduce lower back strain by positioning the users; thighs at a 60-degree angle rather than the 90 –degree offered by standard chairs. This position reduces the weight on the lower back by dividing the weight between the seat and the knee cushions.

Photo of kneeling chairs


There are dozens of minimalist chair designs for your business to choose from depending on employees’ needs, your budget, and overall business requirements. Minimalism is at the core of these office chairs design, and you cannot go wrong with these options.


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