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Maximise Your Office Space With Minimalist Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 11, 2018

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When it comes to the office environment, less is always more. With the rapid advances in today’s fast-paced world where there is a plethora of products and information available, it can be almost impossible to create a minimalist workspace. Large corporations such as Gawker and Google have already jumped on the bandwagon and achieved minimalism in their office spaces. The most popular office designs are a blend of comfort and simplicity. These minimalist interiors pay attention to the employees’ needs first and foremost so as to create a productive interior where the employees can thrive and function at their maximum potential.

On the bright side, your office does not need to be an exact replica of Google’s work environment to fit the definition of a minimalist workspace. In fact, one of the best ways to maximise office space is to incorporate minimalist office chairs into the work environment.

What Makes A Minimalist Work Environment?

What Makes A Minimalist Work Environment

Although the definition of a minimalist workspace differs for every person, the common understanding is that it is a workspace which enables and promotes productivity by reducing clutter and minimising distractions.

One of the easiest ways to imagine a minimalist workspace is to think of a space which is only filled with things you absolutely need. Once a person decides to remove things that are not needed, he or she can create an environment that is conducive to productivity and bright ideas.

How To Create Minimalist Workspace With Office Chairs?

If one is planning to embark on the mission of creating a minimalist workspace, investing in minimalist office chairs is probably the best idea. This is because office chairs are probably the most commonly needed furniture in an office environment. Regardless of the position of the employee in the office, they will almost always need an office chair to help them in carrying out their work. The right kind of office chair can endow your office with a fresh look, give you ample space for storage and at the same time, serve all its expected functions. If your office chairs date back to more than a decade, it is probably time to rethink about them and give your office a makeover.

Types of Minimalist Office Chairs

There are several different types of office chairs that one can choose from. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of various kinds of office chairs that can help you achieve the minimalist look your desire in your office.

1. 24 Hour Chairs

These chairs are perfectly suited for people who need to use them constantly. For instance, the job requirements of call centre employees is such that they require regular use of an office chair. Manufacturers of 24 hour chairs create them in a way so they are more durable and can withstand long hours of use. Their frames are also sturdier. The back and seats are also heavily padded to provide extra comfort and an ergonomic design.

2. Tall and Big Chairs

Standard chair sizes are not suitable for everyone. However, these big and tall chairs are ideal for people who weight over 250 lbs. They are more spacious and provide extra room. Moreover, due to their heavy-duty construction, they provide safety and support. They are good for longer use and do not cause discomfort if the employee needs to work over and above his or her normal hours.

3. Task Chairs

Commonly, they are also known as computer chairs and are designed specially to go with computer desks. These chairs are equipped with ergonomic adjustments which can be customised according to the user of the chair. This is good for working environments where seating plans are not fixed and the same chair is likely to be used by more than one employee. This means that each employee can adapt the chair to suit their needs and work comfortably. These chairs also come with a five star padding or base along with rolling casters which provides smooth movement. This is of course, ideal for an office based environment.

4. Conference Chairs

These chairs are ideal for conferences as they ensure that the user is attentive and constantly in tune with his or her surroundings. This is because these chairs are designed to lean forward slightly. This is also good as it portrays the impression that the user of the chair is engaged and interested in the discussions with his or her peers. For a company, where the employee always needs to meet clients, this is perfect. It can make the employee appear animated and give the client a favourable impression which is ultimately good for the success of the business. Moreover, these seats require minimal adjustments because users are unlikely to be seated in these chairs for long periods of time.

5. Stools and Drafting Chairs

These chairs are a perfect fit with drafting tables, counter-height meeting tables and standing height desks. A lot of these stools come with a foot ring which can be used for support and rest. Moreover, they are also equipped with a height adjustment knob which can be adjusted to suit the height of the working surface. When buying a drafting chair, it is important to know that a good quality drafting chair should be comfortable even after sitting on it for long periods of time. This comfort can only be achieved if the chair is made of high quality materials such as long lasting leather material.

6. Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs come with a variety of adjustments to suit the user of the chair. They are extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any kind of user requirements. They are designed to maximise comfort and enable the user to be extremely productive. Some of the vital adjustments found in ergonomic chairs include lumbar support, back height, seat height, knee tilt and seat depth. Not just that, ergonomic chairs come with a plethora of benefits. They help in reducing back pain as they are designed to prevent workers from hunching over. They also improve the posture in this way by realigning the spine which reduces work-related injuries, prevents arthritis and lowers the risk of back pain. Thus, overall they are effective in improving employees’ wellness and health.

7. Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

These chairs are extremely appealing and are made to look impressive as they come with ample cushion and high backs. These ergonomically designed, minimalist chairs are equipped with all sorts of stylish finishes and smart features. When a person spends a large proportion of his time at the desk, support and comfort are essential. Therefore, these chairs are the ideal choice as they combine superior comfort with luxury. Moreover, they look the part and are therefore, a top choice for company directors and C-suite executives. Some of the best executive chairs come with generously proportioned seats with high backrest, thick padding, pronounced lumbar, padded arms and neck support.

8. Petite Chairs

As mentioned before, standard chairs do not work for every person. These chairs are designed specifically for individuals who are petite as the manufacturers keep in mind their customised needs in the workplace. Moreover, if the employees ever bring their children to work, these chairs can also suit these small individuals. If petite individuals use standard chairs, this can cause multiple issues as these chairs are too huge for them. The seat will either be extremely long for the user which will make the seat dig into the back of their knees. This will hinder the blood flow into the lower leg or it will push the user to sit right at the edge of the seat meaning that support is not gained from back rest. Both of these outcomes can lead to long term muscular damage and strain.

9. Beam Seating

Beam seating is when one or multiple chairs are linked to a horizontal metal bar underneath the seats. This form of seating is also often called “tandem seating”. These seats are ideal for waiting areas across a wide variety of organisations such as airports, universities, sporting arenas, hospitals, schools and others. Beam chairs are designed for comfort as they cater to the body’s various needs and shapes. One can rest assured that these seats will provide comfort even when the user needs to be seated for extended periods of time without taking a break. Moreover, these seats are a treat for the cleaning staff as well as they are easy to maintain. This is because they are made of easy to clean materials such as leather for a more upscale look or simply, fabric and plastic. Lastly, they come with a very small footprint when compared with other standard chairs. Since they are joined together with a beam, they take up lesser space and provide more seating as opposed to other individual chairs.

10. Kneel Chairs

Kneel Chair

These kneel chairs are quite different from other ordinary chairs. This is because they position the user’s thighs at a 60 or 70 degree angle as opposed to the L-shaped angle found in standard office chairs. Kneel chairs are made in such a way so as to reduce strain on the back. They accomplish this by dividing the weight between the knee cushions and the seat. Due to the lack of back support on a kneel chair, the core muscles are forced to get to work which keeps them engaged throughout the entire day. If used consistently, the chair user will notice considerable difference in their muscle tone, strength and posture. On the other hand, traditional chairs provide the back with complete support. This means the core muscles are not being pushed to do a lot of work. This is one of the main drivers of poor posture as after sometime, the back starts hunching and cowering over the keyboard.

11. Ottomans

These footstools or low seats come without arms or a back. Most of these are called storage ottomans as they come with a removable top which reveals a storage compartment within the seat. Ottomans are especially ideal for offices with a young workforce and trendy culture such as tech start-ups. This is because they allow for shared seating and unique designs which endow the workplace with a vibrant feel. They are also good for offices with open floor plans. Lastly, start-ups often find themselves constrained for space. This need is also catered for by an ottoman as they can be rolled back and pulled out as and when needed. This helps in conserving space. Moreover, their shape and form allows them to be used as a coffee table as well. Due to the different needs that an ottoman can dispense itself to, these seats are useful for any office environment trying to create a minimalist look.

12. Sofas

These are not a surprise to any user. These upholstered, long pieces of furniture are ideal for two or more people. Often referred to as couches, they are found in almost every office environment. In this category, leather sofas are perfect for the workplace. This is because they are easy to clean and maintain. Secondly, they complement the working environment and endow it with a more professional look and feel. They are also good at promoting camaraderie between the workers as they push workers to sit closer together and bounce ideas off one another. As such, they are also often used in breakout areas to help workers engage with one another.


With so many different styles, sizes and varieties of office chairs to choose from, it is essential that one does thorough research and identifies the primary needs of their workplace. Since every chair caters to a different type of user, working environment and job description, buyers of these office chairs will need to determine all these factors before making a purchase. When the right combination of office chairs is placed within the workplace, it can not only help in boosting productivity of the employees but can go a long way in creating the minimalist look that most people desire nowadays.

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