Mesh Chair Durability: How Long Will It Last?
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Mesh Chair Durability: How Long Will It Last?

|May 25, 2021

Mesh chairs are the most common choice for any office. But why do offices go for mesh chairs? The reason is very simple - mesh chair durability. Mesh chairs have evolved a lot over the past few years. People are going for mesh chairs instead of leather because not only are they durable, but they provide maximum comfort. One can buy ergonomic chair too. But despite having high demand among its customers, there are some drawbacks to this chair. So, how long do mesh chairs last? This article deals with the mesh chair's longevity, pros and cons.


Light and easy maintenance


One of the main reasons people choose mesh office chairs is their lightlessness. Unlike leather chairs which are hard to move around, you can drag this one quickly. The rollerblades under the chair help in the easy movement. Thus, it becomes an excellent choice for a confined space like an office. In leather chairs, if you spill something, it becomes hard to wipe off the stain. Moreover, it has a higher level of mesh chair durability than leather. But in mesh chairs, you can easily wipe off the mess with just water/cleaner. Confined spaces like offices prefer these kinds of chairs since they are movable and cleanable too.

Minimum space

In a confined space like an office, mesh office chairs that need minimum space are favorable. Unlike any other type of chair that is huge and requires ample space to fit, a mesh chair isn't. These chairs fit easily in small places and we can’t deny the mesh chair durability rather than others, and you can work in them comfortably too. It is the design that makes sure that you can slide this chair into the narrowest space.

Not prone to wear and tear

no tear

Have you seen the leather/fabric chairs? If you don't handle them with care, you will end up damaging them. The leather/fabric chairs have a high chance of getting torn if you don't remain careful. But with mesh ergonomic chairs, you don't have these problems. They can handle any amount of pressure, and even if you use them roughly, they won't get damaged. This is possible due to the structure of the meshed structure of the chair.


Mesh vs leather chair - which one to choose? Just to see which gives you the best kind of comfort, try sitting in a mesh chair and a leather chair. It will obviously be the mesh office chair lasting. The structure of the mesh chair ensures maximum comfort. The tiny holes on the chair help the air to flow properly between the body and the chair. Unlike when you are sitting in a leather chair, your butt, leg, and back start to sweat. The reason being there's no scope for air circulation. The mesh body makes sure that you don't sweat or feel uncomfortable during your sitting period.



Another reason why offices go for mesh chair durability is that they are very flexible. The back support and the headrest make it easy for you to continue a long day's work. With mesh chairs, you can easily push back the back support or pull back; either way, you'll feel comfortable. In layman's terms, it allows your skin to breathe freely and doesn’t allow your body to get heated up.


Doesn't come with a cushion

In the case of leather/fabric chairs, you will always get a cushion to sit on. But that's not the case with mesh chairs. Since the mesh chairs don't come with any kind of cushion/ padding, it becomes hard to sit on for long hours. The cushion cuddles your coccyx, thus making it possible to sit for hours. Furthermore, if you keep sitting on mesh chairs for long durations, it might sink in. It is because the mesh structure shrinks or expands in due course of time with pressure. The mesh chairs are unable to distribute your body weight. As a result, when you sit for hours, your tailbone starts to hurt.


Many people go for mesh chairs due to the mesh chair durability. But recent studies have proved that mesh chairs don't have the same durability as the leather/fiber ones! Eventually, with time the platform on which your butt rests tends to deform. This happens mainly due to weight. And once it starts to sag, it will soon lose its durability. If you go for mesh chairs that are not expensive, they will last for only two years.

Not suitable for clothes or skin

You might feel comfortable sitting in a mess chair, but the one with sensitive skin doesn't! Many people have reported allergies due to the constant rubbing of the skin and the mesh chair. The rough structure doesn't suit many. Also, if you're wearing clothes of fine materials, there's a chance that the threads might get stuck in the mesh. So you have to be careful with your clothes when sitting on mesh chairs, unlike leather ones.

Limited designs

When you are choosing mesh chairs, you won't get many office chair designs. You might find different kinds of mesh chairs, but overall the structure and the framework are the same. The structure of the mesh chair doesn't suit industrial or manufacturing office spaces. The tiny holes might get jammed by little wood pieces or screws and injure someone in return.

The unwise choice for cold areas


During summer, the tiny holes might help one to remain sweat-free by allowing air circulation. But in freezing temperatures, these chairs have an adverse effect and are not good for mesh chair durability. Unlike leather or fabric chairs that keep your body warm during cold days, mesh chairs don't! The mesh design can prove to be uncomfortable to many during wintery days.


To sum up, the entire article talks about why mesh chairs are selling like hotcakes for offices. Now you can answer the question of “Are mesh chairs good?. But, it also helps you to see the cons and how to maintain mesh chair durability! If one thinks of buying the mesh chair as a durable option, it's possible only if you spend a hefty amount. But if you're looking for durability with a reasonable range, then leather/fabric chairs have the lead. So think of the long term and choose wisely. Also, if you are looking for ergonomic office chairs, prefer Autonomous Chair Ultra.

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