Metal vs. Wood Framing for Shed: Pros & Cons
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Metal vs. Wood Framing for Shed: Pros & Cons

|Dec 24, 2022

The idea of building a home office shed has become quite popular in recent years. People love how an office pod provides them with a private space to focus on their tasks. Many of them wonder how they can use it for the long term. What these people can do is evaluate the materials that are used for its framing before they buy one. A good evaluation can be the one where you compare metal vs. wood framing.

If you have visited an office shed store previously, you must be aware that wood framing vs. steel framing is the basic comparison that helps you differentiate different options. The two most common framings are either wood or metal. That’s why knowing their differences and evaluating the choices accordingly help a lot when it comes to picking your favorite prefab ADU.

We understand that you must have a lot of questions about wood frames vs. metal frames. That's why we have shared the pros and cons of each frame below in detail to help you best. You may go through them to know what you are signing up for when you choose one of these two framing options. 

Pros and Cons of Framing with Metal Studs

Here we have discussed the pros and cons of having framing with metal studs. You may give them a quick look to evaluate them. 


Let’s have a look at the pros of steel frames first. 


The major benefit of having metal framing is that you sign up for a durable choice when you buy them. Metal or steel framing is known for its durability and strength, so people who are looking for a durable option may think of these frames.

Durable Metal vs. wood framing

Greater Degree of Customization

If you compare wood framing vs. steel framing, steel framing allows you a greater degree of customization. You can add more features to these frames quite easily. Typically, adding additional features to the wood design is difficult, but you may easily add them to framing with metal studs. 

Multiple Color Options

You might not be aware that modern metal frame sheds come in multiple color options, and you can paint them in any color you like. Previously, metal sheds usually had a bland gray or brown color, but now they are available in nearly any color.

Multiple Color Options


One of the biggest benefits of going for a metal frame shed is that it is economical. Being a less expensive option, metal framing is a desirable choice for people who are looking for an economical office shed. It not only requires a lesser initial investment, but it also incurs lesser repair costs. 

Fewer Replacements Required

If we talk about how frequently you will need a replacement in the metal sheds, the instances are comparatively lesser than the wood design. You usually don't have to patch or replace anything. Even if you want to replace the roof, you can do it in less time by adding a new roof in a metal strip instead of small shingle pieces, which may otherwise take a lot of time.

Fewer Replacements Required


Apart from the pros, metal framing has certain cons too, so let's have a look at them for a fair judgment. 

May Catch Rust

Metal sheds are only durable when you protect them well. Otherwise, they may catch rust too soon. If you fail to protect your metal shed with the right coats, your metal frame will catch rust and weaken the foundations. 

Changing Color is Not Easy

Although you can change the color of a modern metal shed, the process of changing color is not simple. If we compare them with wood frames, the metal sheds require more considerations to get painted. You cannot just sand down the old paint and apply a new color of your choice. The regular paint will not stick to metal frames. You will require magnetically charged paints to paint sheds with a metal frame. This process is lengthier and time-consuming.

Changing Color is Not Easy

Can Get Very Noisy in a Rainy Season

If you plan to spend long hours working in your office shed, you must reevaluate your choice. A metal shed may become too noisy during the rainy season due to the raindrops striking its surface. Some people may find this sound annoying while working. Although it might be minor in most cases, you ought to think about it while building your office shed

Pros and Cons of Wood Framing

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of wood framing. 


Here we have discussed the pros of wood framing first. 

Easier to Decorate

backyard office shed with wood framing is easier to decorate. A wooden shed blends with another common wood décor like wooden flower boxes and wood picket fences. So it will look great in your garden or backyard. 

Looks More Aesthetic

People who are mindful of aesthetics would love to have a wooden office shed. Since you can paint it the way you like, it is easier for you to make an outdoor office shed with a wooden frame look more aesthetic.

Easier to Decorate

Adding Second Floor is Easier

People who wish to get more out of their office shed and use it for storage purposes as well usually think of adding a second floor in that regard. If you have an office shed with a wooden frame, you can conveniently add a second floor to it. However, this process would be difficult if you have a metal shed. 

It is Easier to Protect Wooden Sheds

Protecting wooden sheds is easier. All you need is a sealant and protector for your wooden frame. These two not only help in saving your wood from moisture but also help in protecting the wood against insects that may damage the wood. 


Outdoor sheds with wooden frames do not have many cons. But some people find it difficult to maintain them. 

Requires More Maintenance

Wood sheds require maintenance more often. You are required to replace its shingles from time to time. At times you will even have to re-roof your wooden office sheds, but all that is not very expensive. However, it does cost you your time. That’s all about the wood framing! 


Bottom Line

Coming towards the end, we hope that our detailed comparison of the pros and cons of framing with metal studs vs. wood has given you a clear idea about these two framing options. Where metal framing provides you with benefits such as durability, customizability, and affordability, it has its cons too.

Similarly, wood framing has its benefits, like its flexibility to add a second floor or the ease of decoration in their design, and some drawbacks. You know the opportunity cost of preferring one option over another. So, choose wisely and go for the one that suits your demand.

We hope that the comparison of metal/steel vs. wood frame houses above will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

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