Mini Air Cooler for Room: Top Choices & Buying Guide
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Mini Air Cooler for Room: Top Choices & Buying Guide

|Nov 1, 2022

When it is very hot during the summer, the only thought that comes to mind is how to cool down your home. Most people are normally not concerned about their energy bills until they arrive in the mail. You then realize that it was not just the initial price of your AC unit that was high, but the cost of operating it. How about if we told you there was a way to stay cool and save money simultaneously? In other words, it is a mini air cooler for a room that comes in the form of a mini air conditioner. Even though you cannot keep your whole house cool with these devices, they are perfect for small spaces – but first, know the difference between air purifiers and humidifiers.

Autonomous Air Cooler Products

Summer days in your workspace could be made much better with a mini air cooler for a room. Need help finding one? Choose from our best mini portable air cooler options given below. Here are the top air cooler products from Autonomous.

1. Portable Evaporative Air Cooler from evaCHILL

The evaCHILL Portable Evaporative Air Cooler has a handle that makes it easy to carry. Take it anywhere you want to stay cool. Despite its lightweight construction, the extended tank provides you with up to 9 hours of cooling. Various power sources are available, including power banks, laptops, and power outlets.

Cools the air and removes dust particles for healthier breathing. You do not need to buy several devices like a humidifier and an air conditioner. A new evaporative material, Eva Breeze, contains no organic materials, so it cannot harbor disease-causing bacteria. It uses biodegradable evaporative pads and no freon-like liquids. You can choose a similar Evapolar evaSMART Personal Evaporative Air Cooler.

Dimensions6.77”L x 6.69”W x 6.69”H
Item weight1.76 lbs
ColorsOpaque White, Urban Grey, Ocean Blue
Number of speeds4
Materials80% ABS Plastic, 5% EvaBreeze material, 15% Electronic components
Water tank size27 oz (800 ml)
Warranty1 year

2. Portable Evaporative Air Cooler from evaLIGHT plus

A best-seller among evaporative USB mini portable air conditioners, the evaLIGHTplus Portable Evaporative Air Cooler features a removable water tank and enhanced leak-proof systems. Using the control wheel, you can adjust device lighting precisely according to your mood.

The evaLIGHT PLUS cooler by Evapolar is an evaporative cooler that humidifies, purifies, and chills the air. evaLIGHT PLUS personal air conditioners can be easily transported and sit conveniently on any desk.

Dimensions8.27”L x 8.27”W x 10.16”H
Item weight2.8 lbs
ColorsWhite, Black
Number of speeds10
Materials80% ABS Plastic, 5% EvaBreeze material, 15% Electronic components
Water tank size34 oz (1000 ml)
Warranty1 year

3. Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier from Stadler Form

Apps are available for controlling all humidifier functions. An easy-to-use remote control is included in Eva's remote sensor. This mini air cooler for rooms maintains the desired humidity quietly and efficiently with Adaptive Humidity Technology in auto mode.

Dimensions7.7"D x 7.7"W x 16.45"H
Item weight7.26 lbs
ColorsWhite, Black
Capacity6.3 liters
Warranty1 year

4. APH260 Air Purifier from Airthereal

Despite removing fine particles as small as 0.3 microns, the APH260 air purifier removes 99.97% of them. Kill airborne bacteria and mold in your filter by activating the UV light. As much as 335 ft2 of air can be purified and recirculated by APH260.

99.97% of airborne particles as small as the three filtration stages filter out 0.3 microns. Automatically measure the air quality with Airthereal's smart control. If germs knock on your door, you can turn on the UV light and anion function to help eliminate them.

Dimensions13”L x 6.7”W x 21.2”H
Item weight10.4 lbs
Applicable area235 - 355 sq ft
Power supplyAC 120V 60Hz
Rated power50W
Warranty2 years

5. Ben Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser from Stadler Form

Ben produces a completely safe and remarkably realistic flame effect with the Amber Light feature. This mini air cooler for rooms creates an extra-fine mist that is distributed evenly throughout the room. The strength can be changed smoothly from subtle flames with a delicate scent to a blazing fire.

Dimensions5.28"D x 13.31"W x 8.11"H
Item weight1.7 kg
ColorsWhite, Black
Capacity2.5 liters
Warranty1 year

6. Yuki Air Conditioner

PLA, a biodegradable material produced from renewable resources, is the material of Yuki, which is low energy consumption and biodegradable. Yuki uses ice from the freezer to cool and absorb moisture from the air: you can freeze it as a pack or use any bottle you like. It consists of just printed parts and a USB fan, making this the powerful and quietest air purifier.

Yuki mini air cooler for room

7. BLAUX Portable AC G2 Mini Air Cooler

BLAUX AC G2 is a portable mini air cooler that was first launched in 2020 but is quite popular to date. You can consider this highly efficient mini room cooler if you want to cool an area of around 40 sq ft. You may think of using it when you work from a home office or at your workstation in your main office. Since it has a 2000mAh battery, you can expect it to keep your room cool for a long time once it’s charged.

The charging procedure is quite simple as well. All you are required to do is plug it into your CPU with a USB cable to charge this cooler. The cooler comes with a USB port for this function. One thing to know here is that this room cooler comes with a 300 ml tank that you must refill after every 3-4 hours to keep your space cool. Overall, this small air cooler for a room can be a good deal but might be expensive for people with a tight budget.

BLAUX Portable AC G2 Mini Air Cooler

8. Charmelife Dual Cooler

Charmelife Dual Cooler is a 3-in-1 energy-efficient cooler that features a humidifier, fan, and a cooler. The unique fact about this room cooler is that it performs dual functions. You can use it as an air cooler and a humidifier during summer and as a heater and dehumidifier in winter.

Since it has a larger 600ml tank, it performs its function as a room cooler for a comparatively longer time. However, its coverage is 35 sq ft. The company claims that this air cooler can save up to 40% of your electricity bills. So, overall, it can be a great choice for people who are looking for a  good deal. 

9. FlyBanboo Mini Room Cooler

FlyBanboo’s mini room cooler is an easy-to-use cooler that efficiently performs as a fan. Cooler, and a humidifier. If you have a small home office and you wonder how to make a home office for a small space cool, you can consider this portable room cooler.

This room cooler has an operating time of up to 6 hours. Since it doesn't come with a big price tag, it is lighter in the pocket. However, it only has a tank size of 350ml, so you will have to frequently refill it to ensure it keeps your workspace cool.

FlyBanboo Mini Room Cooler

10. Marnur 3-in-1 Mini Room Cooler

The last one on our list is Marnur 3-in-1 mini air cooler. This is the smallest room cooler in our listing that takes up the least space on your desk. So, if you want to accommodate it on your work desk along with your modern desk accessories, you can do that easily.

If we talk about its tank size, it has a 200ml tank. That's why you will have to refill it after every 4 hours to ensure it keeps your room cool. Since this room cooler performs three functions, including that of a fan, a cooler, and a humidifier, it can be a great fit for people who have a tight budget.

Marnur 3-in-1 Mini Room Cooler

How Do Mini Air Coolers Work?

Personal air conditioners are evaporative air coolers, or swamp coolers, which remove warm air from your room and send it through a loop of cool water. This is how a portable air cooler for the room works to reduce the amount of heat. Compared to mini evaporative air coolers, mini evaporative air coolers are less expensive but don't work well in humid conditions.

On the other hand, air conditioners work by absorbing heat with refrigerant fluid. The air conditioning system blows cold air into the room to decrease humidity and temperature. A lot of energy must be used for this process, resulting in a skyrocketing electric bill.

How Do Mini Air Coolers Work?

A tiny portable air conditioner can be an excellent choice for small rooms and offices where you spend a lot of time. Also, no wall holes need to be drilled or hoses must be installed! Below are our recommendations for the best air coolers for your home. We've broken it down into two sections:

  • You can find small cooling units for your desktop in personal space coolers
  • Coolers that are small and portable (larger-sized yet compact coolers)

Also, check out our mini air cooler buying guide, which tells you to select the perfect mini air cooler for your needs.

Benefits of Tiny Portable Air Conditioner

Maintain a cool environment while reducing costs

You wouldn't want to waste your money cooling your whole house, would you? By using a mini air conditioner instead, you can conserve energy by focusing on your area.

Portable products

You can use personal air coolers (desktop-sized ones) as mini air conditioners for cars, whether you are going camping or you want to convert them into personal air conditioners.

Benefits of mini air cooler for room

Space isn't a problem

Compact and light, these units are ideal for travel. A couple of seconds is all it takes to move them. They take up little space.

Easy to use and plug-and-play

If you want an AC unit mounted on your window, you must follow all building codes and regulations and arrange for a special installation. Personal air coolers can be used irrespective of any restrictions, and a filling of the water tank is all you need to do (no drilling, ducts, or hoses) is all you have to do.

How to Use Mini Air Cooler Properly

Now that you have a complete list of the best mini air coolers for your workspace, it is important for you to understand how you can use them properly. There are certain ways in which you can use a small air cooler for the room more efficiently and ensure your room cools faster. We have discussed them below for your assistance. 

Place the Mini Air Cooler Near a Window

Selecting the position to place your mini air cooler wisely can make a lot of difference. Ideally, the most ventilated place is the best for your room cooler. That’s why we suggest you place it next to a window. Air coolers usually do not work very efficiently if you use them in enclosed spaces. 

Add Ice to the Water

An effective way to increase the cooling efficiency of your room cooler is to put some ice in its water tank. This method is so effective in increasing the cooling effect and efficiency that several air coolers now come with an ice compartment. It slows down the evaporation process in the coolers and makes the cooling pads cooler. 

Saturate the Cooling Pads Before Use

Ideally, you must saturate the cooling pads before use to ensure they cool down your room faster. In order to ensure instant cooling, it is better to let the pump run while you are filling the cooler’s tank. Doing this will let the pump run water through the cooling pads and saturate them with water before use. You can then switch on the fan once the tank is full. All that will help you get cool air more instantly. 

How to Use Mini Air Cooler Properly

Do Mini Air Conditioners Work?

The short answer to this question is yes, mini air conditioners do work. In fact, they can efficiently keep your room cool while cutting down on your energy cost. All you are required to do is keep them charged before every use and follow the guidelines mentioned above to get the most out of them. A mini air cooler works like a charm to keep the room cool and reduce the room temperature on a hot summer day. So, you can consider it while designing a small office space

How to Clean Mini Air Cooler

Once you have decided to bring a mini air cooler, the most crucial thing to understand is how you will keep it clean. The cleaning procedure is quite simple. You are only required to remove the panel or cooling pads and clean them using a sponge to remove any dirt or debris.

You must drain the water from the tank and clean its inner walls using warm water and soap. Next, you must wipe the interior and exterior of your mini room cooler with a wet cloth. Finally, you are required to reassemble it. Once you have done that, you are all set to use it again.

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