Simple But Modern House Extension Design Ideas
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Simple But Modern House Extension Design Ideas

|Nov 18, 2021

A house extension is an expensive business, and no matter what one might say, house extension designs need to match the entire house theme and look great while offering desired functionality. House extension design ideas are a common search for people who work from home as many work from home challenges include not having the required privacy and ability to focus amidst the home life around them.

This means a small house extension design isn't just about increasing the living space, but it also centers around the fact that people need a quiet home office corner or maybe a study place where they can enjoy their own time and give their best. This is why home office pods came into existence. A soundproof work pod can offer you all the quiet and privacy you need, especially for people who cannot go on board with the expensive modern house extension design.

This article will cover some simple house extension design ideas and tips you might like, and the ones we suggest won't be heavy on your budget too.


Location for house extension design

Location is the foremost rule when it comes to planning a house extension. Whether you are opting to place a work pod or are in the mood of building a four-walled room with a proper roof, the location you choose to get the extension is crucial. Many people prefer house extensions on the rear side if they need a little more privacy. Some like to build a house extension on the top of the existing story or even at the top of the garage if you are short on the ground floor footage.

That being said, a house extension should also be built by considering the weather conditions in mind. Don't opt for a side where the sun shines too bright if you want to create a home office. That way you will be too exposed to the sun and feel hot all the time. Secondly, for a home office, maximum air and natural light are also important as natural light is closely linked with productivity.


Secondly, when it comes to choosing the right location and making a subsequent decision, it is important to realize the purpose of your house extension, whether you need to build a playroom for the kids or a study place for your teenagers if it's a home office or relaxing place where you could read some books and have coffee.

The purpose of a house extension rules the design, interior, and choice of furniture. Many people love a wood pod for work purposes as it is good and cool. Wood pods also offer the required privacy. Wooden pods for the garden are also a common choice as you feel happy and positive when working and relaxing close to nature.


house extension design Furniture

When setting up a home extension, you will need to furnish it too. You will need proper furniture, paint on the walls, some decors, and even the right accessories. The choice of furniture all depends on what you need to get out of the home extension. If it is a home office, you need a standing desk or an ergonomic desk paired with an ergonomic chair.

A home office could be a minimalist investment as there is no need to get in-built shelf installments when you can opt for a tiny filing cabinet. You can also use various accessories to help set up the ergonomic office.

Home Fitness Section

Home Fitness Section

An outdoor swimming pool is part of a larger home design concept that aims to make the house a place where we can stay healthy and fit while relaxing and entertaining. Another example is the growing popularity of home gyms.

You could also add some cycling and other gym machines to make up the most of this space. Don't forget to leave some space to lay down those yoga mats. Take our suggestion and place a desk and chair to work when the weather is pleasant, and you are in the mood to relax.

Glass Extension

When it comes to designing an expansion, you don't have to go all out. In reality, simplicity is something everyone likes. The frameless glass roof can be supported by hidden steel, resulting in a frameless glass finish for the extension project, which looks both modern and cool at the same time.

You can also get a peek at nature if you want to enjoy the side views. If anything important turns up, the glass can be knocked, and the family can invite you for a nice warm dinner.

Courtyard Layout

Courtyard Layout for house extension design

A courtyard design allows you to connect numerous rooms to the garden while also flooding the space with light. This house extension design idea is especially useful for single-story homes since it eliminates the need for deep floor plans, which are generally dark and lack natural light.

Industrial Look Dining

Your home could have everything, but dining is where everyone sits and rejoices with some wonderful memories. How about getting a little creative with this one. Away from the common dining nearby the kitchen, this industrial dining setup is elaborate yet very traditional. Consider the narrow path that leads to the side of the house and install a glass roof. Set up a dining table and some wooden platforms for the users to sit and work on them. It is a good house extension design idea.

The Mirror Technique

work pod

If you're working with a limited place, suggestions for making it feel bigger are always welcome. One suggestion worth adding is the creative use of mirrors to make any place appear larger.

Here's a simple concept: One gable wall is glazed with views out, while the other gable wall is smartly designed with mirrors above the kitchen units, giving the impression that the house extends beyond this gable end. The mirrors, on the other hand, reflect both the interior and the exterior. A convincing method!

Blur the Boundaries

Blur the Boundaries

A great house extension design idea to make your home space look bigger is to let go of the limitations. While 'opening the house to the garden' isn't a new design concept for your home, there is now a greater emphasis on carefully selecting materials for both the inside and the surrounding outside area.

There is currently a movement to build a 'room outside' and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor environments.

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