Modern White Conference Room Tables for Your Workspace
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Modern White Conference Room Tables for Your Workspace

|Jan 27, 2022

The color white is an all-time classic choice for office furniture. Many workplaces that understand the value of the right aesthetics for maximum productivity choose white as their core furniture setup. Thankfully the benefits of choosing white office finitude make a place look ageless and classy. Considering the many benefits of a white desktop or a white conference room table, it is likely that many people search for tremendous white options before placing their hand on any one product.

To make your search easier and much more directed, we will enlist the best white standing desks and the best modern white conference table for your home office or a professional workspace.

Best Modern White Conference Room Tables

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) white conference room table

It would be wrong to limit this product to a white office desk because the availability of various colors is one of its perks. This desk is available in three frame choices and more than eight different table top choices. The desk boasts a modern design and allows the user also to avail the benefits of working while standing.

The height-adjustable mechanism is easy, and the preprogrammed setting makes it easier to operate without any hassle. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is a right fit for modern workplaces because its large surface allows you to host a multi-monitor setup easily.

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka white conference room table

Another line of smart desks from autonomous, Autonomous Desk Eureka is an elegant white desk for modern conference room setups. This white conference room table works both as an individual workstation or even as a tiny place to have one-on-one meetings with your clients. The desktop finish allows the surface to glisten, and you can pair it with an ergonomic chair in any color as the white will pop up. The extra-large desktop allows even three monitors to be set up proudly, and the quiet motor operation makes height adjustment as quiet as possible.

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse white conference room table

Gone are when a large white conference table and conference table dimensions covered the overall room space. Modern workplaces don't have to be suffocating to have a meeting. In such cases, a simple white L-shaped standing desk will do the job perfectly.

This Autonomous Desk Expanse from autonomous is an example of wisely utilizing the room space and allowing the desk set up to be ideal for teamwork and two heads working together. With a smart desk corner, you can easily pair it with the right conference room chairs with wheels and remain on the go to grab the files even from the farthest corner.

4. Tribesigns

This conference table from Tribesigns is both space-friendly and big enough for the entire team. The white oak conference table provides the best setting to exchange business ideas. The modern design gives a wonderful appearance and will gracefully blend against whatever office setup you are planning. Not only it looks neat, but it also keeps your workplace tidy at almost all, thanks to the two cable grommets that provide an open channel to avoid cable clutter.

5. GOF Conference Table

GOF Conference Table

If you want a white office conference table that is both spacious and space-friendly, then this GOF oval-shaped conference table will do the job. First, let's talk about the unique design. Oval isn't the shape you will find in many conference tables, so this one takes the lead there. Secondly, just because it looks compact and has no corners doesn't mean it will be troubling for that colleague to adjust who popped in late.

The desk is also available in various colors, so there is a plus advantage of various options to choose from.

6. Bush Conference Table

The Series A & C white conference room table by Bush Business Furniture has a thermally fused tabletop that resists scratches and stains. There are two colors to pick from. This conference table has a lot of positive feedback. The price is reasonable, the quality is excellent, it works effectively, and it completes the task at hand. If you're searching for a high-quality conference table, this is a great choice!

7. Need Computer Desk Conference Table

Need Computer Desk Conference Table

If you don't want a much larger conference table or your business is just in the startup phase, this conference or computer table from Need will suffice your needs. This desk comes with a sturdy base and a simple foldable technology. This means you don't have to go through any extensive assembly process. Another perk of this table is that it is available in eight colors and five different size options.

The particle wood construction is durable and user-friendly. The lightweight makes it easier to move around the house since it makes an ideal pick for home offices or small startups.

8. Iceberg Rectangular Conference Table

The Iceberg Rectangular white conference room table is one of the best options you have if you're looking for the best conference room tables to add to your office. Due to its overall style and quality, it is an ideal addition to your office, adding elegance and a luxurious atmosphere!

This table has a contemporary design with a metal base and metal embellishments that contribute to the overall high quality of the product. Other than white, the product has four modern finishes to choose from: grey, walnut, and silver. A thermally fused melamine laminate tabletop is also included.

How to Choose the Best White Conference Room Table

The perks of having many choices in the market are on one side, but the more the choices, the more you are likely to get confused. And the same is the case with conference room tables. Below are some factors you must rule before choosing the right table for you


Before moving on to additional aspects, it's critical to select a conference room table that meets meeting participants' needs. Consider how many people you expect to sit at the table on an ordinary day. Also, remember each person will be bringing their laptop or notepad to take the meeting notes.


In terms of size, conference room tables range from 3 to 12 feet in length. The width of the tables varies significantly: some are as small as 20 inches broad, while others can be as large as 6 feet wide.


The shape depends on your personal choice and the layout of your conference room. Don't go for a big rectangle table in your room or oval or vice versa. Just ensure the furniture complements the theme of the room.

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