Morning Routine Quarantine: How to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Energy?
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Morning Routine Quarantine: How to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Energy?

|Oct 17, 2021

The global pandemic has pushed the world towards isolation and hence the quarantine. At first, it was cool for so many of us to have too much time for ourselves. But gradually, it has started to affect people in several ways. It has made humans lazy, and maintaining productivity is a huge challenge for all. Most of us spend our time on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other such entertainment sources. Besides, most people also faced depression and anxiety due to lower activity, which was another major concern apart from the coronavirus. So, how to transform your routine? In this article, we have discussed morning routine quarantine and how to reduce anxiety and increase energy?

Morning Routine Quarantine

In the coming section, we have discussed some important points on the morning routine list for quarantine. By following these productive schedules for quarantine tips, you can boost your energy level and reduce anxiety to a great extent.

1. Wake Up on Time

morning routine quarantine Wake Up on Time

Who does not love to sleep and stay in bed, especially when you are in quarantine? During quarantine, this is a major problem when you don’t have to get up for school and work, etc. A disturbed sleeping schedule welcomes laziness, bad moods, depression, and anxiety by staying up all night and sleeping all day. Plus, the energy level automatically reduces.

A study shows that those who wake up early in the morning are happier and healthier. Plus, they also have a productive day. So, if you want a productive morning routine in quarantine, then you must wake up early. Give a good start to your day; it will make your whole day good.

2. Cold Shower

Cold shower? Yes, showering with ice-cold water. A cold shower has a lot of benefits, such as it improves the immune system, reduces weight, and much more. Besides, a cold shower in the morning replenishes energy and makes you active for the whole day.

However, waking up early and taking a cold shower is a little difficult task. But when you go out of your comfort zone and push yourself for it, your body will eventually become habitual, and you will be ready to work for the whole day.

3. Dress Up

morning routine quarantine Dress Up

I don’t have to go anywhere. So, I should stay in my night suit or PJs. With this mentality, you are welcoming laziness, inefficiency, and unproductivity with an open arm. That’s why most of us have a very unproductive quarantine routine. Dressing up daily after a shower should be on your quarantine to-do list. However, it does not mean that you should wear a formal work dress. Wear something comfortable but stay out of your night suit and pajamas.

4. Make Your Bed

Most of us don’t have the habit of making the bed, but it works as a good energy booster. After you shower and dress up, just come and make your bed. It will make you self-disciplined, and eventually, it will become your habit. Plus, it is not just simple work. It is part of different things that go throughout the day. That’s why it should be included in your productivity schedule for quarantine and work-from-home routine.

5. Me Time

morning routine quarantine Me Time

Me time is essential for all of us irrespective of quarantine. So, no matter if you live with family or alone, you should always spare some time. This time, you should concentrate on your emotions, how you are feeling, your health, and other needs.

Me-time also includes meditation and prayers, etc. So, if you are religious, then you can also spare some time to pray. Concentrate on yourself, leave anxiety about work performance, forget about others for a while, and gain control of your mental peace during your me-time.

6. Breathing Exercise

Try any meditation; it will always include at least one breathing exercise. Everyone emphasizes it because breathing exercise has a lot of benefits for both physical and mental health. Such exercises boost energy, reduce anxiety, make your mind relaxed, focused, and productive. Most professionals also advise it. You can learn some effective breathing techniques from Wim Hof, who is considered the father of breathwork.

7. Breakfast

morning routine quarantine Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you should not ignore it. Good breakfast makes you healthier, happier, and more energetic. But what does a healthy breakfast include? It includes protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, look for some energy-boosting smoothies, drinks, and other healthy edibles. Eating fruit and eggs in the morning is also recommended by everyone. Besides, concentrate on your water consumption too because the right quantity of water reduces work-related stress.

8. Stay in the Sun

Most people worldwide face vitamin D deficiency, and the sun is considered a good and natural source of vitamin D. In the morning, the sun's rays are not very hot. So, even if it is summer, you can stay in the sun for a while or do your exercises under direct sunlight. Plus, you can also place your desk and chair near a window where you continuously get sunlight. It is vital for better health, higher energy, and lower anxiety.

9. Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmation

What does positive affirmation include, and why should it be included in the morning routine quarantine? Positive affirmation consists of statements that make you feel confident like I am strong, I can do it, not weak, etc. It might seem useless to many, but positive affirmation communicates the messages to your subconscious mind, and eventually, your mind accepts it.

10. Plan

Your morning routine quarantine must include planning. You must always plan ahead of time. First, identify what tasks you need to complete throughout the day. Then, list the tasks according to their priority. If you plan well and operate everything based on your plan, your work will be organized, and you will face less stress, and your energy level will increase.

Follow the above tips for a healthy, energetic, and less stressful morning routine during quarantine. Besides, you can also utilize quarantine to earn money. Learn how to make money during quarantine and make good use of your time.

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