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Mount-It! x Autonomous: A $3k-Per-Week Vendor Success Story
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Mount-It! x Autonomous: A $3k-Per-Week Vendor Success Story

|Mar 8, 2022

Over recent months, Autonomous.ai has rapidly grown to become one of America’s leading online destinations to shop some of the most exciting and innovative products on the market. All of this is thanks to exciting new partnerships we’ve made with a growing network of third-party vendors. The carefully curated selection at Autonomous makes it easy to find everything you need for the home office or professional workplace, all on one convenient e-commerce store platform. Autonomous.ai is a one-stop shop that covers office furniture, ergonomics, health and fitness, office work tools, home, gaming, tech and so much more.

Mount-It! joins hands with Autonomous

1. Mount-It joins hands with Autonomous.jpg

One of our many vendor partners, Mount-It!, has been absolutely killing the game with a number of their products over at Autonomous.ai. The team at Mount-It! is dedicated to empowering every company, employee and entrepreneur to operate at their best with smart, simple solutions such as monitor arms, laptop stands, standing desks and standing desk converters. Over 5 million happy customers love Mount-It! products for their premium quality, impressive 10 year warranty, and ability to transform any workstation into a powerhouse of productivity.

The Mount-It! Standing Desk with Touchscreen Keypad is an all-white dream that lets you move your entire workstation from sit to stand in mere seconds. All with the touch of a finger. With 3 programmable height settings and a built-in timer that reminds you when it’s time to get active and move, transform any regular office setup into an ergonomic haven.

Already have a regular work desk but still want all the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk without having to “get rid of the old to make way for the new”? The Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter can be set up directly on your existing tabletop or bench and with a simple squeeze of its side handle you can elevate your desktop computer or laptop to a comfortable standing height. Easy to set up and with more than enough room for even a dual monitor station, this desk converter helps improve your health and reduce neck, back and shoulder pain for a fraction of the cost.

2. Standing Desk Converter with Gas Spring .jpg

For those that don’t have the luxury of space and simply can’t fit a full-sized work desk in their home or office, the Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It! offers an easy and portable way to set up your computer or A/V equipment. Whether used as a bedside table, for standalone laptop presentations, or educational purposes, lockable casters provide convenient mobility and its smooth spring lift lets you find your ideal position for maximum comfort wherever you need it.

3. Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It!- .jpg

Benefits of partnering with Autonomous

4. Benefits of partnering with Autonomous.jpg

Why exactly has Autonomous.ai grown so much over the past months and why do so many businesses flock to become a part of the Vendor Program at Autonomous? There are a number of benefits that come alongside partnering with Autonomous:

  1. Autonomous doesn’t charge any platform fees. This allows vendors like Mount-It! to reinvest their money towards areas of their business that counts, such as marketing, product development, and business expansion strategies. 
  2. Autonomous works closely with all vendors to discuss the right promotion and pricing strategies for their products.
  3. Autonomous provides industry-leading UI with alluring imagery and animation to attract more end-users.
  4. Autonomous instantly connects vendors to over 1 million real shoppers from over 100,000 global organizations. Real users that are hungry to get their hands on the next fresh product.

The only way is up!

5. The only way is up.jpg

Since officially launching their products on Autonomous.ai back in November 2021, Mount-It! has consistently drawn growing sales week by week. Reaching their first 100 orders in their first month alone, Mount-It! Has managed to maintain an average weekly revenue of $3000, with an average order value of $89. All thanks to their vendor partnership with Autonomous.

Do you have a great product and are you looking for a way to grow your audience, make real sales, and see your figures grow? Let Autonomous.ai give you all the tools and expertise you need to get your products in the right people’s hands. 
More about our vendor partner Mount-It!: https://mount-it.com/

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