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Must-Have Corner Computer Desks in the UK for Ages
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Must-Have Corner Computer Desks in the UK for Ages

|Dec 20, 2020

A corner desk is always a welcome change to another wise, visually appealing room.  It serves both function and form very well.  A corner computer desk uk has become the need of the hour to use floor spaces building in form and functionality efficiently.

What is the Need for a Corner Office Desk?

While most folks will tell you that a corner office desk gives you more space in the room, which is true, there is more to it.  The small corner computer desk uk was also set up for the royalty and the nobility should they want to write from the luxury of their bedrooms.  It gave them privacy for writing and sending out private messages to their allies and friends.  Aha, but then their rooms were palatial.  When land is at a premium, space saving corner desk uk has become a necessity in today's times.  Stiff neck and backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more?

What is the Need for a Corner Office Desk?

The solution is an ergonomically designed, sleek, and functional office standing desk.  These desks give you the independence to sit or stand and work.  You can adjust the height with electric motors that are noiseless and easy to operate.  Scientific studies point to a healthier lifestyle with lowered risk for diseases using a standing desk.

What are Various Types of Corner Office Desks

A corner office desk could be of various types.  The choices vary based on the needs and preferences of one and the space available.  A corner computer desk for small spaces uk can be of the following types.

L-shaped desk

L-shaped desk

Most preferred where space is available, or two people intend to use the same desk, this L-shaped standing desk is a perfect choice. The corner gives you extra workspace, and you could easily store files, books, or other material.  Tucked against the wall, you have ample storage space on the underside too.

Triangle or A-shaped desk

Triangle or A-shaped desk

Many folks prefer a triangular or an A-shaped desk that fits compactly into a corner. They take up less space than an L-shaped desk, depending upon the desk size you need. 

I–shaped desk

Due to the limitation of space, you may find some folks prefer a basic office standing desk. Such a standing desk keeps you healthier, burning calories, and increased blood flow. Better postures avoid stiffness of the neck and back. 

If you are still looking for some more ideas for a small computer desk uk do consider an adjustable standing desk for small spaces. You can conveniently customise some of these ideas for your office or home office.

Is a Corner Desk better than a Normal Desk?

A corner desk always stands apart and highlights exclusivity.  Some offices are seen to allocate corner desks to folks with senior designations.  For your convenience and a recent trend is a corner motorized desk.  It is powered by electric motors that are convenient and comfortable.

The top five reasons that make an L-shaped standing desk a perfect choice are listed below.


A corner standing desk depicts elegance and class.  Consider this for folks who need privacy for their discussions or large workspaces for their daily work or just a less noisy work area. You could also leave it as a meeting area or as an employee connect area. At a home office, a corner desk in your study or your bedroom gives you efficient use of space.


Increased surface area

A corner desk, irrespective of the shape, ensures that you have more surface area between both walls.  You can always use the space for extra storage or office stationery, or a printer/scanner. Usually, with an L-shaped, two employees can occupy this single desk, giving you economies of scale.


You can conveniently access any part of the desk with a corner desk, including the corners, without stretching, unlike a regular desk.  Some may say that stretching is good for your body. Yes, it is, but in a gym or while you are working out. You could pull a muscle when you stretch out to lift a heavy file or two.


As you invest, ensure you have considered an ergonomic work desk.  Ergonomics is not about just having the right height or sitting straight.  Ergonomics is a science that is detailed and built-in function and form with the SmartDesk Corner. This standing corner desk gives you the best comfort.



With an L-shaped standing desk, you get an unlimited storage area under both sides of the table.  Place a table to manage a printer or a scanner, or add a small set of drawers to manage your stationary or more.  No need to build in permanent storage cupboards or walls.

Best Corner Desk in the UK

As you explore a corner computer desk for small spaces uk, here are the top two corner standing desks to be considered.

SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Studies have shown that standing desks boost productivity as employees are healthier.  The SmartDesk Corner is one of the bestsellers of the L-shaped desk in the UK.  It is easy to operate with a triple motor that is as silent as it can be. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the height between 29.4 inches to 48 inches. The large workspace gives you ample space for a short meeting or holding work files; for some roles like an architect or an engineer, you can easily spread up large charts to review.  You just wouldn’t be able to take your mind off this one.

SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

This is an I-shaped corner standing desk that saves you space by being placed along with one of the walls.  Small spaces may be constricted, and there could be other furniture or a wall on the other side that prevents an L-shaped desk.  The SmartDesk Pro has a nicely finished wooden top and is held by sturdy metallic frames that match the décor in your office. A powered motor gives you the perfect work desk height to stand or sit and work; the choice is yours. 

Here are some more ideas for a standing desk in the UK.

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