Must-have Ergonomic Equipment for Your Office
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Must-have Ergonomic Equipment for Your Office

|Oct 6, 2021

Setting up an office space is not just about making it look good. Ergonomic office equipment can help keep you organized, which makes you want to be in your workspace, and improves your concentration and productivity. 

It can also make your time at work a more pleasurable experience by offering functionality while ensuring you are not straining or injuring your body. Here is some must-have ergonomic office equipment for your office setup.

26 Must-have Ergonomic Equipment for Your Office

1. Standing Desk

ergonomic office equipment: Standing Desk

standing desk is an essential piece of ergonomic furniture that forms an integral part of any office workspace. They store tech gadgets like your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and can be raised or lowered to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. 

This promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle and prevents injury that would otherwise be caused by working while standing on a non-adjustable desk. 

Autonomous has a great range of Autonomous Desks, like the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), Autonomous Desk Eureka, and Autonomous Desk DuoSpace. They have all been designed to be as ergonomic as they are visually appealing. 

2. Ergonomic Chairs

ergonomic office equipment: Ergonomic Chairs

No ergonomic office setup would be complete without an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs support a healthy seated position. 

Ergonomic furniture like the Autonomous Chair Ergo and Pro+, the AvoChair, and the Autonomous Chair Recline are all excellent choices for your office setup, as they are adjustable, supportive, and comfortable, supporting you as you work throughout the day. 

These chairs may be paired with a standing desk, as they are height-adjustable, so you don't need to raise and lower your ergonomic furniture while switching between a seated or vertical position. 

3. LED Desk Lamp

ergonomic office equipment: LED Desk Lamp

Recent studies have demonstrated the advantages of using LED lighting in your workplace. LED lighting is much more eco-friendly and productive than fluorescent lighting, making it an excellent addition to your workspace. 

While natural lighting is recommended to boost productivity, many office areas do not receive much sunlight during the day.  An LED desk lamp can help you reap some of the benefits in this case because it offers gentle lighting that improves concentration and productivity. 

4. Monitor Arm

ergonomic office equipment: Monitor Arm

Here is another necessary ergonomic office equipment in your workstation. Your computer monitor should be positioned directly in front of you. The center of your display should preferably be aligned with your eye level. 

If the screen is too low, you may have to tilt your head downward. Should the screen be too high, you must tilt your head upward, and should it be off to one side, you must turn your head. All these uncomfortable positions cause strain to the muscles of the head and neck. 

Therefore, a monitor mount is so important. It positions your body more naturally, reducing muscle strain. 

5. Filing Cabinet

ergonomic office equipment: Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets are ergonomic office supplies because they help to keep your desk free of clutter. Surprisingly enough, clutter can influence sleep patterns, anxiety levels, and your ability to focus.  

Autonomous filing cabinets are made of rust-resistant, durable steel, and are available in four colors to keep your desk organized and clutter-free. It has three drawers and wheels, so you can move it around as you please. 

6. Anti-fatigue Mat

ergonomic office equipment: Anti-fatigue Mat

Standing in the same spot on a hard surface for an extended period can quickly lead to fatigue and pain in the soles of your feet. To avoid this, make use of an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are soft, so they are more comfortable to stand on. 

Add an incline to your anti-fatigue mat, and you can engage several muscles of the leg, strengthening them and providing relief to other muscles used for standing up straight. 

7. Autonomous Chair Move

ergonomic office equipment: Autonomous Chair Move

If sitting down all day is causing you to gain weight or feel more sluggish, you need an Autonomous Chair Move. The Autonomous Chair Move is designed to engage core and back muscles while it can help you remain active throughout the day. 

It is also height-adjustable, and it helps to correct your posture. This ergonomic furniture can be used in a number of different seated positions to prevent sedentary behavior in those who spend a great deal of time seated every day.

8. Power Dock

ergonomic office equipment: Power Dock

Including a power dock in your work setup can help keep all your tech devices plugged in simultaneously. It can also help with cable management, as all cables go to one place, so they are easier to manage. 

The Autonomous power dock is portable too, which is convenient for those constantly on the go. 

9. Privacy Panel

ergonomic office equipment: Privacy Panel

Working from home or in a private setting is not always possible. It is easy to become distracted by co-workers when sharing office space. A privacy panel is a handy ergonomic office item for those in this situation. 

The truth is that we are living through a global pandemic, where the spread of infectious diseases could have devastating effects. While life must still go on, and businesses must operate, as usual, there are still steps you can take to prevent the spread of illness. 

A privacy panel can help keep you safe in a situation where you are forced to be around a group of people. It may not be able to keep all germs out, but it is a good step toward safeguarding yourself against contagious diseases spread by others. 

10. Cable Tray

ergonomic office equipment: Cable Tray

According to experts, a clutter-free, minimalistic environment is essential for productivity. 

However, professionals often require the use of many tech devices and ergonomic office equipment. The cables litter the desktop and floor, creating a cluttered environment that can affect the subconscious mind, increasing stress levels. Reduce this chaos with the help of a cable tray

While you may not be able to find wireless versions of your favorite devices, you can undoubtedly organize them in a way that keeps them out of sight. A cable tray keeps all cables in place, preventing tangling and a messy desktop. 

11. Balance or Flow Board

If a traditional chair or Autonomous Chair Move is not enough to keep you active and feeling good, then a flow board is guaranteed to help. This ergonomic office equipment has a rounded bottom that forces you to engage your core muscles while you work.

12. Under Desk Keyboard Station


Several keyboard stations can be mounted to the bottom of your desk. Your keyboard should ideally be positioned in line with your elbows, with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle. 

Any other position puts added strain on your muscles, leading to hand and wrist pain, or more severe conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Install a keyboard arm to keep your arms in the optimal position at all times. 

13. Office Desk Organizer

Office Desk Organizer

If you find that your desk is strewn with pens, paper, and other ergonomic supplies, it may be time to invest in an office desk organizer

There are many kinds of desk organizers on the markets. Some are simple pen holders, while others include compartments and drawers to store small items. Organizing your workspace is the key to a productive, healthy working lifestyle. 

14. Desk Pad

Desk Pad

If you spend a lot of time working with paper and discover that it tends to slide all over the place, or you spill ink on the surface of your desk regularly, you need a desk pad. Desk pads add an elegant touch to a work desk, but they are also ergonomic supplies. 

They keep your paper from slipping and can provide a smooth surface for you to write on. Autonomous gives you a choice of cork or leather for your desk pad. 

15. Foam Rollers

A foam roller is another helpful piece of ergonomic office equipment for improving your standing desk experience. It is a cylindrical structure that you can place your feet on while working to extend the muscles in your calf, leg, and ankle, strengthening them and keeping them active.

16. Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

As previously mentioned, the key to an ergonomic workspace is organization and keeping your work environment free of clutter. 

Investing in an organizer for your filing cabinet or drawer space can help you find what you need quickly and efficiently, as it keeps all your office desk accessories as well as ergonomic office items in different compartments, so you can see everything that’s in the drawer at a glance. 

17. Ergonomic Computer Mouse

The computer mouse is often overlooked in the office environment. However, if misused, it could result in injury to muscles and the wrist joint. This, in turn, could result in carpal tunnel syndrome, so it is essential to invest in a good ergonomic mouse. 

18. Standing Desk Timer

A timer can help you get the most out of your standing desk. To get used to the sit-stand method, timing your sitting and standing periods could help you become accustomed to alternating between these positions more regularly. 

It ensures that you do not revert to old habits and allows you to enjoy the benefits that accompany standing desks. Timers can also remind you to take regular breaks, which also improves productivity. 

19. An Adjustable, Ergonomic Keyboard

An Adjustable, Ergonomic Keyboard

This is one of the must-have ergonomic office supplies. Suppose you prefer not to buy a more permanent keyboard mount. In that case, you can buy an adjustable keyboard instead, which can help you work more ergonomically by positioning your hands correctly while typing. 

20. Wrist Pillow or Platform

If you find that your wrists are sore while using your keyboard, you can opt for a wrist pillow or platform. 

It sits beneath your wrist while you type to support the wrist joint and relieve pressure to the hand and forearm muscles. This is especially helpful if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or painful wrists. 

21. Mini Treadmill

Mini Treadmill

Another great ergonomic office equipment to pair with your standing desk is a mini treadmill. These treadmills have been designed especially for standing desks, so they don't take too much space. 

By spending just a few minutes each day on a treadmill while working, you can stay active and fit, eliminating the need to spend hours at the gym. 

22. A Bicycle Trainer

Should you need to up your fitness game, including a bicycle trainer as part of your office setup can help you stay on track without having to leave the comfort of your home office. 

If you cannot afford such equipment, it may be helpful to include exercises such as lunges or other desk exercises into your daily routine during breaks. 

23. A Zen Garden

Zen gardens are Japanese miniature gardens that come in many different forms. Including one on your desk can help to spur creativity, improve your mood, enhance your office décor, and provide stress relief.

24. The Right Shoes

The Right Shoes

You may wonder what shoes have to do with ergonomics, but the reality is that footwear worn for an extended period, especially when standing, can cause pain and injury. It is advisable to invest in comfort footwear that does not hurt your feet with prolonged use. 

25. Seat Cushion

If you do not have a good office chair, you may find your seating to be uncomfortable. A hard seat is not just uncomfortable, but it is also not good for your back and hips. 

Insert a contoured seat cushion to evenly distribute your weight, significantly reducing tension in your lower body. This ergonomic office item is often thick, so it's best to pair it with an adjustable office chair. 

Autonomous Employer/Employee Purchase Program


Suppose you are purchasing bulk office furniture for your staff. In that case, you can enjoy the benefits of Autonomous' new employer purchase program, which allows you to see your employees’ office furniture choices remotely through an online platform. 

If you are an employee, you can choose your ergonomic office supplies from the comfort of your own home, and Autonomous sends your selections to your employer via an employee purchase program

This innovative program was created to assist organizations in limiting their human contact during the pandemic while also simplifying and optimizing the selection of office furniture for large organizations. 

Final Thoughts

Autonomous Employer/Employee Purchase Program

Should you be unhappy with your workspace and need ergonomic office equipment to spruce it up. In that case, there is certainly something on this list of ergonomic desk accessories or equipment to keep your body from injury, boost your mood and productivity.

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