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Must-have Home Office Workstation Furniture for WFH Setup
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Must-have Home Office Workstation Furniture for WFH Setup

|Oct 29, 2021

Work-from-home or remote was never a new thing. The pandemic and time afterward have only raised the necessity of this method of working.  Employers and employees have both benefited from it.  Most employees express a desire to work from home if their roles allow it.

If you plan to continue working remotely from home, you need to have a basic setup to ensure you stay productive.  It is also essential to take care of your health, and hence you should not overlook the need for ergonomic furniture. Get your home office workstation furniture as you explore the following options. 

Here are a few must-have home office furniture pieces for your workstation.

Must-have Home Office Workstation Furniture

Ergonomic Standing Desks

Ergonomic standing desks offer you the flexibility to choose to stand or sit as you work.  Now change your working position at your home office computer desk furniture, as many times a day as you like.  Yes, it helps your body muscles move to avoid them going to sleep. So say goodbye to all pains and cramps.

1. SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro home office workstation furniture

Now enjoy working while you stand.  Get yourself this excellent home office workstation furniture by Autonomous that offers you the flexibility to choose to sit or stand as you work.  Change the height settings between 26.2” and 52” for your comfort. Use the four programmable settings that can store your height requirement needs for ease in mobility.  The dual motors of SmartDesk Pro hum at a mere 40dB, hardly producing any sound as you operate it.  This desk can take a load capacity of up to 310 lbs. Amazing, isn’t it? 

2. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner home office workstation furniture

Now, maximize the floor space with a corner desk from Autonomous, the SmartDesk Corner.  With an L-shaped desk, you get double the desktop space. Use this home office workstation furniture for your work or place a desktop organizer.  If you work with two or three monitors, this is one of the best desks.  You can raise or lower the desk height between 29.4” to 48” for sitting or standing as you work.  This desk has triple electric motors that do all the weightlifting.  They operate the telescopic sturdy and robust steel framed legs to manage the change in height settings.  This white standing desk can take up to four hundred pounds of load across the desktop. Woah!  Isn't that strong?

3. Laptop Stands or a Lap Desk

Some folks may prefer a laptop stand if you don't want to restrict yourself to your standing desk.  With a modern and folding laptop stand, you can establish your workstation on any flat surface.  Have a change of scenery and freshen your mind as you work tirelessly through the day.

Go for the MOFT Z laptop stand that is as thin and sturdy it can get. With this portable and adjustable stand, you can lower or raise the angle you want your laptop to be placed for standing or sitting for work.  You will love the four different tilt angles for your working pleasure, i.e., at a tilt of 25°, 35°, 45°, and 60°.   Your wrists are relaxed and easy. Don’t miss the sturdy lift of up to a maximum of eighteen pounds of weight.

4. SmartDesk Frame

Now create your own ergonomic white or black standing desk.  As you manage to paint or design your desktop, a SmartDesk Frame is available for easy assembly. Customize it to your needs of a different space, height, and capacity. Powered by electric motors, these frames are made from solid steel to lift the weight.  They also have a programmable keypad to manage the height setting. 

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs complete any home office desk furniture sets. Having adjustable seat height, tilt, seat recline, adjustable arms and more, is most essential. Why? Because the OSHA guidelines recommend that for good health, your body has to have proper postures. Since each users’ body shape is different, the need for an adjustable chair becomes critical. Ergonomic chairs offer high adjustability.

1. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus home office workstation furniture

Get the ErgoChair Plus that offers the best comfort ever! This black ergonomic office chair offers you unhindered movement with a frameless structure. In addition, it is made from earth-friendly TPE materials that give you higher durability.  Offering you a fine choice TPE or breathable mesh option, this home office workstation furniture is fantastic to use even after long working hours. Choose from either a black and white office chair.           

2. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro home office workstation furniture

High on comfort, the ErgoChair Pro is your solution for good health. Available with high adjustability, this home office workstation furniture can recline up to 122 degrees for your comfort. You can even lock in the seat recline in any of the five different positions. Now laze in this chair or relax as you go through a decision-making moment.  This chair offers you flexible lumbar support for any seated position.  It can take a weight capacity of 300 lbs.  Now stay cool with the woven mesh back that offers you optimum airflow.  You will love the fact that this chair is made from 100% earth-friendly materials.

3. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline home office workstation furniture

Get your employees an ErgoChair Recline for their excellent health. Offering you the basic ergonomics, this is the best in its class. Offering you great comfort, this chair has adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and recline. Don’t miss the comfortable, supportive foam seat that allows you to keep working all day long.

4. Autonomous ErgoStool

ErgoStool home office workstation furniture

If your work requires getting on and off the chair frequently, like an ophthalmologist or a dentist, here is the Autonomous ErgoStool. Offering you a height adjustability range of ten inches, this stool has an ergonomic sloped seat for your comfort. It can support up to 270 lbs of weight. In addition, the weighted dynamic base offers excellent stability. 

Office Accessories

After exploring home office desks and furniture, it is time to look at a few accessories. 

1. Neoletex Bamboo Desktop Organizer

Reduce the desktop clutter with a desktop organizer. Bring in nature with this beautifully crafted bamboo desktop organizer. Store bare office essentials and keep your workspace clean.

2. Filing cabinet

Mane your storage needs disappear with flexible filing cabinets. These solid steel filing cabinets have a coating of anti-rust paint for longevity.  You will love the mobility offered with solid and heavy castors. Additionally, the lockable drawers help you store confidential papers and files.


A comfortable work-from-home workstation offers you a great choice to work comfortably and productively. Pay attention to your health with ergonomic furniture to minimize any pains and aches caused by incorrect sitting postures. Make yourself comfortable for a long and productive ride.

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