Natural Office Design: 5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home Office
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Natural Office Design: 5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home Office

|Feb 18, 2021

Nature has always served as a source of inspiration and energy for a lot of people. It is a great way of disconnecting from our mundane and banal lives full of materialism. If you are struggling with the lack of liveliness around you, a natural office design can certainly help you out!

Adding a sense of refreshing wave, you would not believe the productivity level that it can boost within you. Meaning, bringing the same idea to your workplace would stir energy and stimulation amongst your employees.

Did you know that if you bring nature into your home office, it conveys that things are happening naturally as planned? Your psychology might be more closely associated with nature than you might realize. Without wasting another breath, delve into the theme of revitalizing natural office design. 

1. Draw the curtains, let the light in!

While it seems quite an obvious suggestion, the factor of light often slips out of our minds.

What are the pros and cons of having light?

The impact of light on any employee’s performance will be rather evident. Studies have shown that an ample amount of light in a work environment enhances clarity and brainpower. Your concentration span will blossom like never before, and you will feel much more awake.

However, do not worry if the location of your office does not allow windows to bring in natural light. Living in a modern world has given you access to plenty of lights and bulbs to solve your problem.

What Furniture could complement light?

Before moving on, let us get one thing fixed in our minds. The most effective way to bring nature into the home office is through big windows that let in the fresh sunlight. Alternatively, you could incorporate other sources too. However, if you slouch and lean over your short desk, the falling shadow will beat the purpose.

For starters, try to select an office desk. Not only will it allow light to reach your personal circle of workspace, but it also fixes your posture.

bring nature into home office

2. Vines along the walls and window sills

It is time to bring in a heavy dose of aesthetics! Everyone has thought of placing pots of plants in different parts of their office as natural office decor. While you can hardly go wrong with that concept, let us take it up a notch and be uniquely creative.

What are the pros and cons of vines?

Your natural office design boosts in terms of health benefits on flipping it into a nature-inspired home office too. Sure, one aim would be to make your workspace pleasing. However, the refreshing greenery would also clean and purify the air you would breathe.

The only thing you might have to worry about is dampness climbing up the walls alongside.

What Furniture could complement vines?

Going for vines and creepers that run along the walls will make you seem like a cut above the rest. You can incorporate the same along with the window grills and sills. In fact, the air that sways inward would feel cooler and fresher too.

As far as complementary Furniture is concerned, you can never go wrong with the combination of white and green. So, look for a white office desk for home. The various adjustments, styles, and forms will leave you impressed.

nature office decor

3. Crystals, stones, and all Rocks natural

Taking a step away from the obvious pointers, it is time to get even more creative. It is said that crystals and rocks effectively stimulate energies in the air if you believe in the concept and have a collection formed over the years, time to pull them out! However, if you do not, buy some anyway to add to pamper your eyes.

What are the pros and cons of having crystals?

Speaking of a natural home office, you should probably look up the specialties of different crystals out there. The Citrine stone, for example, keeps you calm and diverts your concentration towards productivity. It holds the essence of success and abundance as well. Meanwhile, crystals like Pyrite will give a boost to your intellect and health.

What Furniture could complement Crystals?

The mesmerizing colors and formations change from stone to stone, invigorating that creativity hidden inside of you. Besides, it will facilitate your desire to create a nature-inspired home office as well.

Coming to the complementary Furniture, your best shot begins with a simple white standing desk. Regardless of what color of form the stone is, it will not clash or contradict the Furniture.

natural office design

4. Brown wood to go with the greens

Now, you might think that the last thing we need right now is cutting down even more trees. However, environmental activists have also recognized it as a better alternative to particle board furniture and such. Meaning, wood is much more eco-friendly than others that could affect your health as well.

What are the pros and cons of incorporating wood?

If you incorporate wood as a nature office decor, you would be resorting to a durable and recyclable option. Not to mention that reusing and recovering it from most of the forms is very convenient. You would also be making an informed choice by receding your contribution towards large-scale landfills.

Besides, did you know that wood helps reduce CO2 emissions around you too? While that does aid the concern of climate change, you will be the one ultimately benefiting from it. The cleaner the air, the healthier your productivity and results.

What Furniture could complement Wood?

Sure, with wood, you can bring nature into your home office. But more than that, it will enhance the aspects of artistic appeal as well. It is a beautiful way of adding warmth with texture as a nature office decor. For example, if you get yourself a bamboo standing desk, your wood-themed nature office decor will be complete.

Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home Office

5. Nature in the Artistic appeal hanging on the walls

Say you have run out of all the actual ways of incorporating natural office design. Should you then just give up on the idea of nature office decor altogether? Hold on to your seats as the next option glides along the red-carpet.

What are the pros and cons of nature paintings?

Studies have shown that paintings and art forms representing the elements of nature are just as effective. Think about it; you would hardly be steering away from the idea of a natural home office! As long as you have visual elements of nature before you, the point will be proved.

The little phenomenon helps you calm your red senses and boost the yellow ones. What does that mean? Well, red is associated with the emotions of anger, stress, anxiety, or fear. Meanwhile, yellow screams joy, brightness, clarity, and success.

What Furniture could complement the nature paintings?

By getting the best bamboo adjustable desk, your nature-inspired home office will have reached its peak! Like we saw before, wood can hardly go wrong with any ambiance.

So, what do you think about hanging some of those paintings down the walls of your office? After all, natural office design never restricted itself to things that are not man-made. Besides, art complements the benefits offered by nature to your mental and physical health. 

Go ahead and surf through the wonderful art created by small-scale businesses. Let their creativity inspire yours, and serenity spread through you.

Nature in the Artistic appeal hanging on the walls

Final Thoughts

Have you heard the story of that one New Yorker who replaced their flatmate for plants? Well, it sounds a bit extreme and excessive, but the results were just as extraordinary! The person found themself in a much better and happier place.

Their productivity levels and concentration span saw immense enhancement as well! Of course, the moral is not to replace your employees with plants. However, if you do away with the generic elements, the positives of natural office design will take over.

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