New Office Space Ideas for Business in 2024
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New Office Space Ideas for Business in 2024

|Feb 7, 2022

Changing your workspace from time to time can bring a sense of freshness to your office and work performance. Everyone needs to work in a place they find appealing.  

Doing this helps you stay active while working and encourages you to go to your workplace. However, you need to know what your office needs to give you those benefits, so we recommend you spend some time thinking about new office space ideas for your business.  

Making your new office checklist can take some time, but reading this article can make things easier for you. Read on to know what employees need in a workplace and the best office space ideas in 2022! We’re sure this guide can help you create a new office for a business in the right way. 

You need to invest some money into office items and a new office space design if you want your new workspace to improve your productivity, but doing so represents an excellent and profitable investment in the long run.  

What Do Employees Need in a Workplace?

What Do Employees Need in a Workplace?

Office workers can’t start designing their new office or thinking of office space ideas if they don’t know the basics of office setups yet. Therefore, you need to make an office equipment checklist first. 

Even if you want your new office space design to be different from others, there are still some essential items you need for it to work. Therefore, here are the must-have office accessories you need to make your office a healthy and productive environment for you and your co-workers:  

Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic Products in new office space

Ergonomic products are essential for office workers, graphic designers, programmers, and even games. Anyone who spends long periods sitting on a chair needs that chair to at least be comfortable.

However, that’s the bare minimum, so you should look for one that has features to protect your back and neck to invest in your new office space.  

Here is where ergonomic products get into the scene since they are meant to help you stay in an ideal position while working. If you use, for example, a standing desk, you can work while standing, which is optimal for your spine health.  

Regardless of that, you need to get a wholesale office desk that is not that expensive since experts recommend you also save some money for an ergonomic chair. The flagship feature about these chairs is you can adjust them. They also include lumbar support.  

Back support features make sure you stay in an ideal position while working, even if you already have a bad posture. The support those chairs give your back also eases back and neck pain, which allows you to focus on working and not on your pain.  

These chairs can include other features such as a recline function, leg rests, or armrests, so choose the wholesale office chair you like best.  

Office Decorations

Office Decorations in new office space

As we mentioned before in this article, working in a place you like boosts productivity and creativity. The reason for that is your brain associates your workspace with a place that makes you feel well, so it makes you more active while being there.  

Fortunately, you don’t need that many things, or things that are too expensive, to make your new office space design more appealing for everyone. Most people recommend going for full office designs, but others only buy some paintings, add pictures of their loved ones, or buy some plants.  

Do what works for you, but remember your goal is to make your office look better to your eyes. Anything that helps you stay in a good mood while working can help, so getting some speakers and playing music while working is also on the table. 

Office Accessories

Office Accessories in new office space

Office equipment is different from decorations or furniture since you don’t need them to work. Nonetheless, they are significantly helpful when working since they address some of the most common issues office workers often have. An example of that is monitor stands and dual monitors. So, let’s consider it in your new office space design.

Overall, office workers often need to type some documents and check information while doing so. However, closing and opening tabs all day can take a lot of time from you, and honestly, it's a nuisance. The same happens to graphic designers who are designing something for a client and need to check references for their design.  

Addressing that issue is not that complex since you only need to use dual monitors. Setting up these accessories allows you to keep more than one tab open at the same time and even focus on multi-tasking. You could get the monitors as they come, but monitor stands or arms make your overall experience way better. 

We understand that getting office decorations, furniture, and cool office desk accessories altogether can be difficult for people working on a budget for a modern office space. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly alternatives available for you online.  

Companies such as Autonomous do their best to help office workers with that. When you buy products from it, you can get into the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program, which allows office workers to have special discounts and promotions on Autonomous products. 


Best Modern Office Space Ideas in 2022

Now that you know the three essential things you need for your office, it’s time to study some office space ideas that can make your workspace shine like it never did.  

Some of these ideas may complement some of the things we mentioned before, so you could adopt them all if you feel like it. Aesthetic recommendations or office setups are different from that, but you could adapt the ideas on this page to what you want in your workstation.  

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Spaces

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Spaces

When someone thinks of new office spaces or workstations, they mostly think of indoors and rooms where people have laptops and tons of paperwork. However, it doesn’t always have to be like that since there are many benefits of trying different ideas every once in a while.  

One of those ideas is adding outdoor spaces to your office. Outdoor spaces are mostly used for taking breaks or eating lunch, and while they are excellent for that, you could take more advantage of them. Many office workers feel stressed in their workspace, and going somewhere else helps them relax and think straight.  

You could use outdoor spaces such as a balcony, rooftop, or patio as a meeting or bonding space for your co-workers and yourself. If you want to keep working inside the office, then you can still have those places for people to take some fresh air whenever they need to take a break.  

Apart from allowing you to breathe fresh air, one of the benefits of having outdoor spaces in your office is you can run away from office noise, even if it’s for a few minutes. This strategy works best for people who work in creative environments or for long periods.

Invest in Better Lighting

Invest in Better Lighting

It’s not odd to see new office spaces taking lighting for granted and going for average light bulbs. While doing that is not a mistake, you could take a step further from that and invest in LED or RGB lights for your workstation.  

What makes RGB lights that good is you can change their color whenever you need to, which allows you to control your office environment depending on the energy you want it to have. The way we perceive colors affects us, so you could use that in your favor.  

Newer light systems come with an IA or a voice-activation protocol, and that makes setting up everything way easier than it was before. If you don’t feel like getting new lights for all your offices, you can at least buy a smart lamp and add it to your desk setup. 

RGB and LED lights are made to mimic natural light, which gives you a sense of freshness you wouldn’t normally get in your office. Additionally, they produce less UV light, and that prevents you from developing any sight problems in the long term.  

Eco-friendly enthusiasts recommend this type of lighting too. 

Get Wireless Gadgets

Get Wireless Gadgets for new office space

Organizing your cables is always a nuisance when setting up a new office space. Even if you use a cable tray, you may get to see some cables there, which doesn’t improve the office’s aesthetics in any way. An ideal solution to that is using wireless gadgets.  

Considering how much things have changed over time and the technological developments that get to us each year, it’s almost impossible to work without using gadgets such as PCs, tablets, monitors, or printers. Fortunately, you could get all those items without any of them adding a single cable to your workspace.  

When it comes to PCs, you could try using a laptop since they not only don’t need cables to work but also are portable and you can take them anywhere you want. People working with smartphones or tablets don’t need to plug them in, either.  

Naturally, you need to recharge those cool tech gadgets after using them for a time, but there are also wireless charging products on the market, so nothing stops you from getting a wireless setup. If you do need to use some cables, we recommend you hide them within your walls or curtains.  

Go for a Monochromatic Aesthetic

Go for a Monochromatic Aesthetic

Remember we talked about how important colors were in your new office space? You can take that to the next level and go for a monochromatic office aesthetic. What we mean by that is making sure all your walls, office furniture, decorations, and equipment are of the same color.  

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your office more appealing.  

We already talked about the benefits of going to an office that you visually like, so imagine how productive you can get when you see how clean and organized the items in your office look when being of the same color.  

The only downside for this type of aesthetic is you need to put extra effort into getting monochromatic items and painting your new office space walls. However, if you don’t want to have a colorful office, you can stick with an all-black or all-white style since it’s more common to find office accessories of those colors.  

Some prefer combining two colors and working around them to make the process easier. Everything depends on the vibe you want your office to have. People looking forward to having a warm-looking workspace often go for brown while creative workers prefer yellow or pink.   

Calendar Pads and Smart Clocks

Calendar Pads and Smart Clocks

Getting to the last new office space idea on this page, it’s time to talk about calendar pads and smart clocks. Since most people have calendars and clocks on their smartphones, they often forget how helpful having physical products can be. 

The clock on your smartphone or laptop indeed includes many features, but people who like a more visual approach to things prefer sticking with products they can see and touch while working. Some people even like turning down their cell phones while working, so this is when smart clocks are most helpful.  

When it comes to clocks, you can use them to set smart alarms or remind you of things you need to do throughout the day. Try having them close to your desk set up to keep track of how much time you spend on each task.  

As for calendar pads, they help you check your deadlines and prevent you from forgetting them. Additionally, you can write or draw anything you want on them, which makes them part of your office decorations



You can try all the new office space ideas listed before and see how your productivity increases in no time. Regardless of that, going for the best ideas you can think of is useless if you don’t get the right products for them. 

Autonomous offers many of the office accessories we mentioned before, so check its website and see if it has anything you like.

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