New Years resolutions for us standing desk people

Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 8, 2017

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While we’re all thinking about our goals for the year ahead we just wanted to offer a few ideas for ways to challenge yourself this year. No running after deer involved here, but do you. 

First and foremost: posture, posture, posture. Here are the best tools for how to calculate the appropriate height for your desk and monitor. If you’ve made it to standing but you’re still hunched over your desk your body will not thank you. 

New Years resolutions for us standing desk people

(Thanks to Wired for the graphic.) 

For many people, a standing desk helps combat the afternoon slump. But some of us don’t get the afternoon slump in the afternoon. This year, use data to maximize the benefit of nipping fatigue in the bud with your standing desk. Track your mental and emotional state throughout the day with moo-q, a super easy-to-use app, and figure out when the best time of day to stand is for you, individually. 



(Don’t be discouraged if you think you suck at the math and memorization challenges they give you, it’s not about how great you are at it, it’s about having a baseline and then tracking how well you do at certain times of the day. Just do your best, you’re competing with yourself.) 

Sit better. You’re probably still spending a majority of your time sitting during the day. You’d be doing your back a huge favor by getting an ergonomic chair, of whatever kind is most comfortable for you. Make sure that it is totally adjustable, it needs to be fine-tuned to fit your body in order to actually support your posture. Here’s ours, the ErgoChair

Ergochair autonomous

Stand up every 20 minutes. Thanks Buffer for this tip. When you’re not standing, you should still stand up every 20 minutes. Studies have shown it makes a big difference in counteracting the negative physical and psychological effects of sitting. 

Stand up every 20 minutes tips

Move while you’re standing. Sitting is the worst but standing still for long periods of time has been shown to not be so great for you, either. When you’re standing at your desk be sure once in a while to flex your calves, touch your toes — do whatever kind of little stretches and movements feel good to you. Your circulation and your focus will both benefit. 

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