Nine Tips for Staying Energized at Work in 2024
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Nine Tips for Staying Energized at Work in 2024

|Jul 1, 2021

Sometimes you just can’t muster up that last bit of energy to finish those pending tasks that are nagging you in the back of your mind. Tackle everything and stay productive, even when you’re feeling fatigued, with these helpful energizing tips. Take back control of your day and stay on top of your tasks.

If you have difficulty concentrating every morning or the midafternoon slump often drags you down, it is most likely not good for your success. Lack of energy can strongly impact your well-being and your relationship with your colleagues. No one likes to feel tired, distracted, or irritable at work!

Nowadays, businesses are putting the health and wellbeing of their workers first by incorporating an ergonomic style of working into their workplaces. But what are all of the best ways to stay energized and focused at work? Read on for nine quick tips.

1. Make sure you get a decent rest each night 

Decent rest each night

According to the National Sleep Foundation, your memory and ability to concentrate may be adversely affected by a lack of sleep, all of which directly impact your work performance. Make sure you get enough sleep every night in order to sustain the level of concentration you need to perform in your job on a daily basis. The National Sleep Foundation notes that the exact amount varies from person to person, but many people assume you need a minimum of eight hours of shuteye. As a rule of thumb, consider adding an hour of sleep and see if it boosts your performance if you're constantly losing energy during the day. Once you have decided how much sleep you need, on weeknights, make sure you are getting enough rest.

2. With your breakfast, make sure to have some protein. 

It's been noted that eating a carbohydrate-containing breakfast (approximately 10 to 35 percent of the meal) can satisfy your appetite and keep you energized before lunch. The protein's amino acids wake your brain up and keep it alert. Even if you're not really a breakfast person, before going to work, consider getting a latte, a glass of milk, or some yogurt. Try to consume superfoods that are going to give you longer lasting energy levels throughout the day.

3. De-clutter the workspace and rearrange it


WebMD notes that clutter will make you feel depressed and drag you down even more if you're stressed or tired. Take a moment to de-clutter and arrange your office by sweeping up your deskfiling important documents, sorting your emails, and de-cluttering your cubicle at the beginning of the morning. Not only will you feel more in control of your world, you will also feel the energizing sense of having accomplished something that was hanging over you.

4. Work ergonomically

Work ergonomically

The benefits of working in an ergonomic workplace have been shown to keep employees feeling focused and can increase productivity levels. Standing desks keep workers active as they work, rather than in a slouched position when working from an out-of-date office chair. Ergonomic accessories such as the anti-fatigue mat keep your energy levels up and prevent you from slipping into a slump. Ergonomic stools like the ErgoStool promote better circulation and mean that you are not sedentary as you complete your work tasks throughout the day.

5. Take a proper lunch break

You may be doing yourself more harm than good if you usually eat lunch at your desk or even miss it entirely. On CNN, Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli describes that if you frequently request eight hours of attention from your brain, you will not find exhaustion and burnout creeping up on you. So get up from your desk and find somewhere else to enjoy your lunch, like in a park, at your favorite cafe, or at the gym.

6. Turn your mood around

Turn your mood around

It is recommended that keeping your chin up, breathing slowly, and making broad, expansive gestures like waving your arms and smiling are the perfect way to easily raise your mood or reverse a negative attitude! These movements decrease the stress hormone cortisol and raise the brain's levels of good hormones. Granted, to do this exercise, you probably need to find a quiet spot such as a bathroom or stairwell, but even only a few seconds will make a difference.

7. Switch up your scene

Often, shifting your surroundings literally will keep you alert and optimistic. Researchers associate steady, sedentary work with lower productivity levels, and having a scene change periodically during the day will help improve your energy, concentration, and productivity. Take a quick walk (even if it's only to the water cooler), spend a few minutes having a face-to-face chat with a colleague, or if you can't leave your seat, spend some time performing a job that needs human contact, such as replying to emails or answering calls, to momentarily change your atmosphere.

8. Modify your posture

Modify your posture

Psych Central tells us that you can feel stressed and lower your energy levels by slouching, so make sure that your office chair can be easily adjusted to allow for proper posture and back support. It can be helpful to change your chair for an ErgoStool, or even to stand at your desk for a moment, even though you have good posture while sitting at your desk. You are pulling your body into an even better stance by removing the backrest, which in turn positively affects your attitude and energy levels.

9. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

It could be as easy as drinking a glass of water to get out of the dip. Time notes that dehydration, as well as causing you headaches, will make you tired, distracted, and depressed. Through drinking water or other liquids such as milk and smoothies, make sure to hydrate during the day.

You need to be energized, concentrated, and optimistic at work to do well in your career, so refer to these nine tips anytime you feel a dip coming.

Consider investing in yourself and your own performance at work by implementing an ergonomic environment to work in.

Remember the best exercises and routines that work for you and keep one step ahead of your next slump in energy!

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