Categorize Office Chair Types Based on its Features
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Categorize Office Chair Types Based on its Features

|Oct 26, 2021

Rather than rating the chair based on colors and designs, the office chair type is dependent on multiple features offered by a chair. A modern office chair is much more different than a conventional office chair because it has unique features. This also means that today's types of office chairs are all high on productivity and flexibility.

Even though comfort in the workplace has always been given sheer importance, as the work from home routine took a hit, employee flexibility is given even more attention. This is why there is an important consideration regarding the types of computer chairs and how each desk chair style can make your work setup different and better in a unique way.

Common Office Chair Types

Whether you are looking for a home office chair with wheels, so you are always swift on motion or an ergonomic chair with features like height adjustability. An ergonomic lumbar support chair or even a mesh swivel chair, you must know that the different types of chairs are usually classified by the unique features they offer.

So if you want to get rid of that back pain or are tired of neck cramps, read below to learn about different types of chairs and find the best one for you.

Lumbar Support Chairs

Lumbar Support office chair type

Every 4 out of 5 adults suffer from back pain because of the workplace, and this figure is becoming even more prevalent. A major reason is poor sitting habits and improper practices in the workplace. Our spine is simply the most sensitive region of the body, and any extra strain and stress on it can do a lot more harm than good.

Chairs with lumbar support are specially made to support the curvature of the spine. You can get rid of those stiff back muscles and hence avoid the real back pain. Proper lumbar support can also help you get rid of posture issues. Great ergonomic chairs even come with adjustable lumbar support for maximum versatility.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chair type

Here is one of the popular office chair type in the market. Ergonomic chairs have been a talk of the town for a while now, and this popularity is not ending any time soon. This is because of the numerous benefits of ergonomics that can change the whole workplace dynamics for you. Your office chair will be exceptionally pleasant to sit in thanks to ergonomic, contemporary designs that include a slew of useful functions.

Adjustable seat height, movable armrests, and footrests are some of these features, as well as specific lumbar support, an effective swivel, or tilting mechanism for optimal support and comfort since you'll be in it for a long time.

Tilt Control Chairs

For programmers and designers, it is common more often than not to lean back and relax against the back of their chair. This is because reclining in the chair is ideal for the back to relax and elongate the muscles to give a sense of comfort. But if your work chair is as stiff as a brick, then it could be an issue.

Tilt control chairs allow you to take breaks so you can recharge the energy and get back to work. They are also useful for people who suffer from upper back pain.

Exercise Ball Chairs

Exercise Ball Chairs

Here is another interesting office chair type in any workplace. Who says you cannot have fun in the workplace? Exercise ball chairs are the big balls you see in the gym to sharpen up your core. The difference is that those balls are mounted on the top of a ring, so the person sitting on it is moving but doesn't travel far too past the workstation. Exercise ball chairs are one of the easiest options to correct your posture and prevent slouching.

Ball Chair

For the crowd who is always on the go. The ball chair is a unique, creative form of working chair that allows users to move around and avoid being locked in the same position for long periods.

These are expandable stool-like seating arrangements that stimulate movement while also providing a robust and secure top to sustain a weight of up to 250 pounds, making them suitable for both hefty and petite frames.

Chairs without Swivel

Chairs without Swivel

Some people love to be on the go while some have to work in the same place. Chairs are a personal choice, and chairs without swivels are also a common pick for many reasons. These chairs don't have wheel casters but instead four feet or a connected running base. These chairs are ideal for a permanent work setting and also make up for the best reading time.

Thankfully there are a lot of classic options when it comes to picking chairs without swivels. You can get multiple designs, smart ideas, and traditional ways to make your home office stylish.

Swivel Chairs

Swivel Chairs office chair type

Here is a common office chair type on the list. Swivel chairs allow the user to view in any direction simply by spinning the chair while seated. It allows you to rapidly collect items or glance in the direction of anyone speaking with you, even if they are standing behind your chair.

It also allows for easier mobility around the desk, giving the user a little more room. Swivel chairs make up for a great buddy to be used with a corner desk. With their simple ability to shift from one side to another, these chairs can take you to the far end without getting up. So save some time and energy, maybe?

Chairs without Wheels

Something our parents or grandparents would love. We all know an elder who hates chairs that are too quick to move. Even if you can lock the wheels, they aren't up for the idea of mobility thus, the chairs without wheels. All they need is to be placed in one corner, and they can offer you a nice place to sit.

Wheeled Office Chairs

You may need to reach for important files, documents, or accessories that are not placed on your desk or table and are instead kept in the cabinet behind you or on another shelf that is not within your immediate reach, in which case a office chair with wheels is for you.

Tablet Arm Chair

Tablet Arm Chair

Welcome back to school times. To create a great study vibe, an in-home tablet armchair is an inexpensive option. These chairs have an attached writing table on them which you can use for multi-purposes. Another great thing? You also get a tiny tiny storage shelf.

Proportionate Chairs

Proportionate chairs are made for people who have a little incline towards outliers. Such as people who are extra tall or bulky, short, or slim, having a chair of your size will only bring comfort and durability to your life.

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