Office Chairs Buying Guide in Canada: How to Make the Right Choices
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Office Chairs Buying Guide in Canada: How to Make the Right Choices

|Jun 4, 2021

Buying guides are customer-specific and can assist you in making an informed decision. If you go through the trouble of choosing the right product for you, especially when the purchase is something huge such as setting up furniture for your office, you must take help from a buying guide.

An office chair buying guide in Canada will help you discover the best product for you based on many factors. With the category-wise placement of products and important factors to look at, you can rule out the products that don't serve you and buy the best ergonomic chair or modern office chair in Canada.

An ideal buying guide doesn't decide for you but helps you classify what you need and the most suitable product requirements. If you are looking to refurnish your office in Canada or searching for the best office chair in Canada, then here is the most suitable, precise, and easy desk chair buying guide in Canada.

Office Chair StylesFactors to Consider When Buying an Office Chair in Canada

Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Chair in Canada

The right ergonomic office chair buying guide in Canada considers the important factors that will affect your usability, comfort, aesthetics, and durability in the long run.

Office Chair Styles

The first thing you should notice from the office chair buying guide in Canada is the office chair style. Different office chairs are used for different purposes. Thanks to the development and modification in office chairs over the years, there are now various products, styles, and types to choose from. Each office chair style offers a different set of features and plays a unique role in maintaining office ergonomics.

1. Task Chairs

Task chairs are the simplest form of chairs with a very basic design and no armrests. They are for basic activities such as playing an instrument. It's easy to come closer to your desk with armless swivel office chairs or task chairs. Because you'll be resting your arms on the desk in this situation, you'll be able to keep your arms, hands, and wrists in a neutral posture. The ergonomic characteristics of the chair are usually restricted to seat height adjustability and a waterfall edge.

Task Chairs

2. Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs are specifically for people who work while standing for long hours. Since sitting for a long time isn't good, standing without any interruption can put a lot of strain on your legs. And professionals like architects who do most of their work while standing need chairs like ergonomic drafting chairs, so their workflow is not compromised.

They are made for drafting tables, so living to the name and the height adjustment system make it easy to change to a sit-stand position without losing focus. They are usually lightweight and easy to move, and a common feature is the foot rings to place your feet while working.

3. Stools

Stools are made for active learners and people who want to remain attentive. Although stools are not suitable for long hours as they do not offer back support nor give any support to your neck muscles. Stools are ideal for people who need to remain active for short-term tasks or are preventing falling asleep.


4. Big and Tall Chairs

As the name suggests, big and tall office chairs are for people who are overweight or taller than average people. It has a weight capacity from 300 pounds to 1000 pounds. These chairs have wider and bigger back seats for broad people. They are usually wider and comfortable for people who need extra space to sit.

5. Executive Office Chairs

Made with the finest materials such as wood and leather and blessed with extra comfort, modern executive chairs are usually recognized as something praiseworthy at first glance. They are made more comfortable than normal office chairs, but with the advent of ergonomic chairs, they look somewhat similar to all ergonomic chairs.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive chairs are usually heavy, give a luxurious look, and have overstuffed seats, back, and armrests.

Chair Features

Additional features define how supportive or lasting a chair would be. It is also where chair ergonomics is applied for increased efficiency and improved health.

1. Casters

Casters are the small wheels for the easy movement of chairs. Casters are an important accessory in the office chair, so employees don't have to get up for a tiny movement; rather, they can slide against the floor and reach the desired files and documents.

2. Base

The base of a chair is the definition of its strength. The base material for an office chair is usually plain steel, wood, aluminum, or metal.


3. Support

Many factors govern the support of an office chair. This includes a seat pan, armrests, backrest, and lumbar support. The seat and back should be as cushioned as possible to keep the back and bottom soft and comfortable against the surface.

Moreover, the armrests must be sturdy and have a certain comfort angle. Additionally, lumbar support is an important part of an ergonomic chair to keep the back supported more than a normal chair.

Chair Material

The last thing in the office chair buying guide in Canada is its material. The material of a chair should be soft and must not make noise. It must contour to the body shape for maximum comfort but must not deform under pressure. Elastic materials or soft fabrics are ideal for office chairs.

Chair Material

1. Mesh

The mesh chair material is for the nervous crowd or someone who sweats a lot. The mesh structure makes the chair breathable against your back, so you don't have sweat patches ruining your fabric.

Usually, a chair with a meshed back is combined with a cushioned seat for comfort against the bottom. However, some latest mesh office chairs  come with a waterfall edge for better blood circulation and lumbar support to reduce lower back discomfort are also created with ergonomics in mind.

2. Leather

Leather chairs give a great sense of respect and authority to an office chair. They are usually made for executives or higher authorities in the workplace. Leather chairs are more expensive and often not very comfortable as compared to other materials.

How to Buy Office Chair Online

How to Buy Office Chair Online

To buy an office chair online, you need to extend your research and choose the best place for you. Since it is physically impossible to visit each store and ordering chairs in bulk requires a trustworthy or reliable name. There are many renowned office chairs manufacturers that sell ergonomic office chairs and help you choose the best product for you. A famous name when it comes to high-quality bulk furniture is Autonomous, which sells hybrid furniture for a modern workplace.

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