10 Top-Rated Office Chairs for Heavy Workers (350lbs)
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10 Top-Rated Office Chairs for Heavy Workers (350lbs)

|Dec 20, 2020

Not all chairs are created equal. A chair that might work for your colleagues may be ill-suited for your personal needs. Whether you’re tall or just big all-around, you may notice that the average chair doesn’t support your large frame. A broken chair isn’t comfortable, not to mention how much more taxing it is on a heavy worker’s frame.

Of course, some office chairs fulfill this niche better than others, which is the main purpose of this list. To find the ideal 350 lbs office chair, you should consider some of these advantages that an office chair with a 350 lbs capacity has over some of its competitors.

Keep in mind that the best office chairs support 350 lbs and are ergonomic in design. Ergonomic chairs can help prevent health issues, especially since some of these issues plague heavy individuals at work. Buying smaller chairs can be costly, especially as they break quickly.

Hence, there is a demand for sturdy office chairs capable of supporting 350 lbs and more. As these chairs can support impressive weights, they can also act as a useful substitute for lighter individuals in need of a chair right away.

The Need for More Sturdy Office Chairs

Some benefits of a 350 lbs office chair might not be so obvious. These specially designed chairs aren’t made solely to not break under a certain weight threshold. No, rather, these seats accommodate their owner’s needs in other ways. For instance, a good chair can be more comfortable for a large person yet still comfy for a smaller-sized person.

The Need for More Sturdy Office Chairs

Below are the pros and cons of a 350 lbs office chair. Keep in mind the 350 lbs office chair might feel different for certain types of people:

A 350 lbs office chair

  • icon checkSupports up to 350 lbs
  • icon checkTends to have greater durability than normal (lasts longer)
  • icon checkComfortable support alleviates back problems
  • icon checkContains ergonomic benefits smaller chairs have
  • icon checkImproves posture and productivity
  • icon timesTends to cost a little more (more materials equals a higher price)
  • icon timesNot necessary for people of a smaller stature

1. Autonomous Chair 2 - Autonomous

The extremely versatile Autonomous Chair 2 is undoubtedly the best office chair for a 350lb person. In terms of sheer versatility, this ergonomic office chair has no rivals. It is highly customizable to a person’s desires, as they can adjust its color prior to its shipping. Once they receive it, they should notice that this 350 lbs office chair has immense adjustability, as one can easily change the headrest, lumbar support, and other key parts.

Autonomous Chair 2 - Autonomous

Its back dimensions, including the headrest, are 21” x 28 to 31” for width and height, respectively. It might not be the biggest chair, but its sturdy frame makes it ideal for tall individuals. The chair itself only weighs 48.5 lbs, yet it can support individuals up to 350 lbs. For people unsure as to if they can enjoy this product or not, they can opt to use Autonomous.ai’s 30-day free-trial and 2-year warranty.

Another underrated aspect of the Autonomous Chair 2 is the ability to pay for the chair throughout several months. Monthly payments can make it a highly desirable option for those on a budget, especially since its benefits can help make a person more productive.


  Provides optimal back support

  Eco-friendly materials

  Wide range of color schemes

  Affordable monthly payments

  Includes a 30-day free trial and a two-year warranty

  Sturdy base offer durability

  Highly adjustable with easy assembly


  Fairly expensive for an ergonomic chair

  Requires an individual to do the assembly themselves

2. Kinn Chair - Autonomous

The Kinn Chair is easily one of the most comfortable chairs out there. Its unique fishbone design makes it ideal for individuals seeking to improve their posture, especially as other 350 lbs office chair options are quite limited in that regard. Nonetheless, this eco-friendly seat is a must-have for people with back problems, especially since you can tilt the back up to 25 degrees for your personal comfort.

Like the Autonomous Chair 2 before it, the Kinn Chair has several colors available. It’s not as versatile as the Autonomous Chair 2, but its comfortability is a tad higher. Even more impressive is that it comes with a 5-year warranty, which should certainly impress some individuals. Aside from that, the Kinn Chair is another fantastic office chair, suitable for people of all backgrounds.

Kinn Chair - Autonomous

The Kinn Chair is a tad expensive, but its features easily justify its price. If a person cannot afford it all at once, they can also choose to pay in monthly payments, further making it a highly convenient option. This chair provides many benefits to its user, making it a strong contender for the best office chair for a 350 lbs person.



  High-quality craftsmanship

  Promotes back health by correcting posture

  Affordable monthly payments

  Includes a 30-day free trial and a five-year warranty

  Easy assembly through clear instructions


  Lack of leg support

  Fairly expensive

3. G-Tracing Gaming Chair

Gamers tend to sit in their chair for long hours, which means they need all the comfort and support they can get. The G-Tracing Gaming chair is a good option for heavier workers, as it can support up to 400 lbs. It’s an ergonomic gaming chair designed for helping heavyset workers relax as they use a computer. The main draw to this chair is its massage feature, which can help unwind some tense muscles.


  Low price

  Supports up to 400 lbs

  Four color options

  Includes a massage feature


  Noticeable availability issues

  Impractical leg rest

  Five-year warranty costs extra

4. Inbox Zero Executive Chair

Executive chairs are often a status symbol, and the Inbox Zero Executive Chair is an excellent option for heavy workers. This 350 lbs office chair is rather plain in some departments, especially since it lacks key ergonomic features that both the Kinn Chair and the Autonomous Chair 2 possess. Still, it is comfy, and its brown leather design might impress your colleagues at work.


  Regularly available on a discount

  Supports up to 400 lbs


  Great aesthetic


  Five-year warranty costs extra

  Noticeable lack of ergonomic features

  Only one color to choose from

Inbox Zero Executive Chair

5. Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

The Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair is a long title, which is highly suitable given that it’s excellent for tall people. Its seat height is higher than other chairs, so this 350 lbs office chair is better suited toward tall individuals, as opposed to general heavyset ones. As a drafting chair, it isn’t the most ergonomic, but its simplicity should be highly appealing to people looking for a cheap yet reliable seat.


  Excellent for tall people

  Four colors to choose from

  Comfortable mesh back

  A frequent discount complements low price


  Not ideal for short, heavy people

  Limited ergonomic functionality

  It takes a while to ship

Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

6. Everly Quinn Task Chair

Tasks chairs can act as a suitable substitute to ergonomic office chairs if a person tends to favor premade seats over adjustable ones. Likewise, the Everly Quinn Task Chair’s bulky design makes it perfect as an office chair for 350 lbs. Its smooth design also makes it appealing for activities outside of work. Not only that, it’s also highly functional for general work purposes.


  Eight colors to choose from

  Affordable price range

  Includes pre-assembly (costs extra)


  Limited ergonomic features

  Hard to clean, which makes it prone to messes

  Better suited to heavy people as opposed to tall individuals

7. Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

Another stylish executive chair to consider is the Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair. Perhaps it is the stereotype of office chairs, but it is nonetheless a solid option for heavy workers seeking a reliable seat. It isn’t genuine leather, but this executive chair is still sturdy and capable of supporting people up to 350 lbs. Compared to some of the previous entries, this chair is one of the more ergonomic options. It features an adjustable swivel, lumbar support, tilt mechanism, and seat height.


  Good ergonomic features

  Four colors to choose from

  Good for using up to eight hours a day

  Includes a one-year warranty

  Affordable price range


  Not easy to clean stains and spills

  Availability issues due to manufacturers

  Faux leather isn’t the most comfortable

Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

8. Starspace Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs tend to shine as pieces of furniture designed to improve a person’s overall health. Typically, more options lead to more ways to treat pre-existing issues and prevent new ones from arising. The Starspace Ergonomic Chair excels as an ergonomic chair, although not quite to the Autonomous Chair 2’s level. Still, its lower price makes it a good budget option for heavy workers in need of a 350 lbs office chair.


  Promotes back health

  Basic ergonomic functionality

  Supports up to 400 lbs

  Extra padding keeps you comfortable


  Only two colors to choose from

  Wheels can get clunky to use at times

  Could be too much padding for some users

9. Serta Air Health Chair

Some office chairs support 350 lbs comfortably and delightfully, such as the Serta Air Health Chair. Some ergonomic chairs can help a person become more active, which is especially nice for some heavy workers seeking to lose weight. Finding an office chair for 350 lbs can be difficult, but this chair is widely available in most places. Unfortunately, the price tag might be a sticking point for consumers.


  Five colors to choose from

  Affordable monthly payments

  Highly rated

  Easy assembly

  Supports back health

  Widely available


  Certain shipment issues

  Lackluster arm bracket

  Mediocre durability


Serta Air Health Chair

10. KaiMeng Ergonomic Office Chair

In terms of affordability, one of the top-rated office chairs for heavy workers is the KaiMeng Ergonomic Office Chair. Understandably, not all workers wish to spend a lot of money on a chair for their day-to-day work; fortunately, this seat is both affordable and available in most countries. Unsurprisingly, its low price also means that it isn’t ideal for people looking for durability, as this chair is the weakest on the list.

Nonetheless, the KaiMeng Ergonomic Office Chair can fulfill your office chair 350 lb capacity desires. However, it lacks overall longevity, especially compared to some of the top choices on this guide.


  Widely available

  Three colors to choose from

  Good mesh design

  Quick assembly

  Affordable price range


  It can support 350 lbs, but it’s generally better at around 300 lbs

  Not comfortable for people with back issues

  Lackluster durability

KaiMeng Ergonomic Office Chair


These 10 office chairs are the top-rated office chairs for heavy workers. These ratings were compiled by several websites such as Autonomous, Amazon, and other media. All of these options were rated as 4.2 out of 5 or higher. If there was a single option to choose, the Autonomous Chair 2 is undeniably the best one for general purposes, while the Kinn Chair is more oriented towards those with comfort issues.

Both chairs are a remarkable showcase of Autonomous’s ingenuity. The Kinn Chair’s mesh design helps remove stinky odors while allowing air to pass through, further assisting a worker in relaxing on a hot day. This feature can also help make cleaning your office seem more seamless. The Kinn Chair is a tad expensive, but a free trial and an impressive five-year warranty make it stand out compared to its competition.

The Autonomous Chair 2, by comparison, is cheaper while being aimed at a more general audience. It’s still comfortable, but its extra ergonomic features help make it one of the most versatile seats on the market. As an office chair for 350 lbs, the Autonomous Chair 2 is a powerhouse that can fulfill many needs. As its ergonomic design may imply, it is also highly beneficial for lighter people to use, which means a person doesn’t need to buy a new chair if they exercise and become more active. Consider what Autonomous can do for you.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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