Best Office Desk Organizer Ideas: 14 Essential Accessories
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Best Office Desk Organizer Ideas: 14 Essential Accessories

|Sep 16, 2021

Although having a cluttered desk at an office might seem unsightly, you get to leave it at the end of the day. However, if your work desk is currently at home, you can’t simply walk away from it. As Allison Dunn, a professional organizer that founded Neat Rules, says: “You have to get rid of clutter so that you can focus on the things you use on a day-to-day basis.” 

The best way to do that is by creating a system where you only keep necessary items and maintain them within arm’s reach. This method can significantly improve your productivity regardless of where you’re working, according to Allison. After you clear out unnecessary belongings or junk and focus on the essentials, the next step is keeping your things neat. 

This article lists the best desktop organizers and other desk accessories that keep your desk tidy. Many professional organizers agree on the type of item, but most have different preferences for specific products. Regardless, you can find everything from desktop trays to desk drawers to a simple office desk organizer here. Let’s find out some office desk organization ideas for your workspace!

How a Cluttered Desk Affects Productivity

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You may think that the paper stack on your desk doesn’t bother you, but some studies show otherwise. Brains like order and having a disorganized workspace drains your energy, reducing your ability to focus. Even at home, clutter makes people more likely to procrastinate. 

Having a disorganized desk might also affect mental health, making you feel more stressed, anxious, or depressed. These feelings cause workers to delay making decisions further and keep more materials for their ongoing tasks within reach, leading to even messier workspaces. 

Additionally, the way you keep your desk might affect the way other people see you. For instance, some might perceive someone with a cluttered desk as more neurotic, less aggregable, and less conscientious. Such perceptions can negatively influence the way people interact with the person, hindering their career progression. 

If you want to avoid such consequences, all you have to do is keep the clutter at bay by making it a habit to tidy up your desk regularly and purchasing some desktop storage options. Don’t let your office supplies, documents, desk accessories, and even cables get messy to a point where cleaning starts to feel like a form of procrastination. 

Search for office desk organizers that make ordering your desk setup easier and straightforward. There are desktop organizers, trays, drawers, and other items that are significantly helpful for this task. You can even look for a desk cable management guide if you ever wondered how to organize wires behind your desk or under it. 

Essential Accessories That Help You Organize Your Desk

1.  Autonomous Under Desk Cable Tray

Autonomous Under Desk Cable Tray

The Autonomous under desk cable tray helps you keep everything out of sight, making your workspace feel significantly more organized. You can place power strips, surge protectors, or cables on it. 

There’s no lid or sliding cover involved. Moreover, it’s compatible with all Autonomous frames, such as the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). As an under desktop accessory, it’s handy for standing desks. The sidewall cutouts and open-top allow your computer cables to pass unobstructed, preventing wires from getting tangled. 

The Autonomous cable tray is easy to install. All you have to do is mount it. If you do it correctly, it should be able to bear 35 lbs. You can get this under desk cable tray for $29.00.

2. Grenco 3-Tier Letter Tray

This three-tiered pull-out office is ideal for storing documents, papers, letters, and more. It has a durable, scratch-resistant steel wire mesh with a robust metal frame. Moreover, its black epoxy finish offers a sleek look that suits any decor, making it a handy accessory that office desk organization ideas with modern aesthetics could use. 

3. Simmer Stone Stackable 4-Tier Letter Tray

Simmer Stone Stackable 4-Tier Letter Tray

The Simmer Stone stackable tray design ensures you have enough space to sort various papers in one place without taking much room from your desk. However, you can also take them apart to place them separately or add even more tray layers. 

These office desk organizers are a handy accessory to store files, bills, letters, magazines, worksheets, calculators, and other stationery. It has a chic design and office desk organization ideas in a gold finish that goes well with desk supplies and other contemporary accessories, so if you’re looking for a way to keep things organized and stylish, consider getting it for $19.99. 

4. Rolodex Wood Front-load Black Letter Tray

If the previous option picked your interest but had one too many letter trays, you could opt for the Rolodex single tray. It has a front-load tray with a deep capacity that can accommodate A4 and letter-size documents. 

The base has non-skid feet to prevent scratches, and the design is perfect for a contemporary office. If you don’t need many accessories to organize paperwork or don’t litter your desk too much, it might be the best desk organizer for your workspace. You can get it for $12.72. 

5. EasyPAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder

EasyPAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder

If you have more paperwork than you could realistically fit in a tray, consider using file holders. They are a better alternative to metal file cabinets as they keep paperwork within reach. Whether you use one that you hang on a wall or place on your desk is up to you. 

Wall-mounted desktop organizers such as the EasyPAG allow you to tidy up your desk, giving it a cleaner look and opening up space to work. It has an elegant mesh wire construction and a durable powder coat finish. 

This vertically-arranged file holder comes with mounting screws that require you to drill two holes into the wall to install it. It’s relatively compact, so you can’t go overboard with the documents you store in it. The office desk organizer’s contemporary design gives your workspace a professional look, and the arched pocket design makes it easy to grab paperwork. You can get it for $21.99. 

6. Smead Cascade Gray/Bright Wall Organizer with 6 Pockets

This sturdy file organizer has six removable file folder pockets that allow you to store important papers, and each one can hold up to 50 letter-size sheets. It also has one clear front pocket that provides extra storage. However, you can use it to store important material you often reference, such as calendars, project materials, and frequent contacts. 

The Smead office desk organizer uses a durable poly material that’s water and tear-resistant. It’s easy to clean and keeps your documents safe and flat from moisture, fingerprints, and dirt. Additionally, it has a convenient loop at its top, making installation a breeze, and an elastic cord closure that lets you transport it safely to and from meetings. 

You can get this cascade wall organizer with six pockets for $10.40. It has other styles and colors available at different prices, so check them out and see if you find them better. 

7. Pendaflex Portable Desktop File Holder

Pendaflex Portable Desktop File Holder

If your schedule makes you work part-time at home and in the office, this portable file holder might interest you. It offers five letter-size hanging folders with clear tabs and inserts, enough to keep your desk organized in most situations. 

The Pendaflex file holder has convenient side handles and a box bottom that keeps your paper secure whenever you move with it. It has a monochromatic look and durable construction that holds up well. You can buy this desktop storage option for $10.48. 

8. Safco Vertical Hanging Desk Storage

If you have an adjustable standing desk, this might be the best desk organizer you can get. It quickly connects to your tabletop, providing document and file organization below its surface that’s within reach. 

This organizer has a sturdy steel mesh wire construction with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. It’s significantly easy to install; slip it over the desktop’s edge and use the included wrench to tighten the screw until it’s secure. The installation works with surfaces up to 1.75” thick, and it lasts for a long time regardless of the environment. 

Additionally, the Safco office desk organizer has two alternative options: five horizontal or three vertical and one horizontal file mount. However, only the vertical storage has a flat top that doesn’t occupy desktop space. You can get the Safco Vertical Hanging Storage for $28.86. 

9. SimpleHouseware 6-pack White Magazine File Holder

SimpleHouseware 6-pack White Magazine File Holder

While these magazine file holders aren’t strictly desktop organizers, you can use them for that purpose. However, they shine the most on desk arrangements with reversible shelves, a hutch, or a nearby bookshelf. 

These file holders can add a cleaner touch to your workspace. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and rather sturdy for how light they are. When you fill them with books, magazines, and documents, they don’t feel wonky. You can get the six-pack for $13.97. 

10.  Sorbus 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizer with Drawers

If you’ve already tidied up your paperwork, the next step might be finding a place for smaller office supplies. As mentioned, it’s essential to keep everything you use organized and within reach. You don’t want overcomplicated desktop organizers that make it harder to retrieve your belongings. Instead, consider this Sorbus shelf organizer or a product similar to it. 

This multi-purpose office desk organizer is highly versatile. It can help you transform your tabletop into a polished space quickly while letting you keep your everyday tools close at hand. This shelf organizer includes one top shelf, one wide middle drawer, and two small drawers. The bamboo finish complements most workspaces, but it fits industrial aesthetics the best. You can get it for $35.95. 

11.  HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser with Mesh Drawers

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser with Mesh Drawers

Here is another best desk organizer. If you want a multifunctional accessory, this monitor stand with drawers is a good option. It can easily hold monitors and printers up to 33 lbs and raise their height by 4.7”. However, while the height increment can relieve neck strain and improve posture, it could also be their cause if the monitor was already in a good position, so keep that in mind. 

This monitor stand riser has two drawers where you can keep small office supplies. Additionally, it doesn’t require any assembly. You only need to take it out of the box. Overall, this stand riser is one of the better standing desk accessories due to its low cost of $24.99 and efficacy. Monitor arm stands are more expensive and harder to set up, and they don’t provide any desktop storage. 

12.  YAMAZAKI 2300 Desk Bar Organizer

The YAMAZAKI office desk organizer is an excellent minimalistic option. If you’ve got clutter handled adequately on your end, you could consider getting this organizer for its design. You can place small items such as pencils, rulers, pens, keys, phones, watches, and glasses in it. 

This best desk organizer has a steel and wood construction. It has two compartments for pens and a small tray for tiny items. Overall, its design fits most home decors, and it’s available in white and black for $29.99. 

13.  Tenabort Set of 24 Interlocking Desk Drawer Tray Dividers

Tenabort Set of 24 Interlocking Desk Drawer Tray Dividers

If your desk has drawers, they might need some tidying up too. This applies to some desktop organizers as well. Although their contents are usually out of sight, a drawer organizer can help you keep everything neat and compartmentalized. 

The Tenabort set has four large bins, fourteen medium containers, and six small ones. You can use them together or rebuild them separately to your drawer’s exact dimensions. These office desk organizers are an excellent option for workers who have many office supplies and drawers. 

 14. DESIGNA Stackable Mesh Desk Organizer

If you want an all-in-one desk storage option, check this organizer. It’s capable of holding not just paper files but pens, tablets, and more. This product has a safe and stable frame with four knobs at its bottom that keep it stationary and protect your tabletop from scratches. 

It has four file holders, three sliding letter trays, and two side compartments. Moreover, you can take away any element you don’t need. This office desk organizer would benefit office desk ideas and designs due to its flexibility and sturdiness. However, it’s a bit on the pricier side at $42.99. 

The Bottom Line

There are innumerable office desk organizer accessories, so listing every helpful one would be impossible. Nonetheless, the 14 desk organizers with proper office desk organization ideas on this article are all significantly handy. They can help you get rid of your desktop clutter in no time and keep things tidy in the future.

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