Office Hoteling Software - How to Implement & Manage It?
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Office Hoteling Software - How to Implement & Manage It?

|Apr 19, 2021

All companies worldwide had to adapt to the new biosecurity guidelines with the current pandemic, transitioning to other work models and things of the sort. However, some of the new actions companies took turned out to be excellent alternatives to improve productivity and team effectiveness, so people started using more modern working tools and smart office devices such as office hoteling software.

Using office hoteling software is optimal for your workspace since it helps you organize your team and make your schedule without the need for paper or taking extra-time to schedule which employee works each day. Regardless of that, saving you time is not the only perk of applying this system to your company.

Office hoteling management provides you and your workers with a dynamic workplace that allows you to avoid routines and let your team be more creative and productive by giving them more freedom to decide what to do and how to do it. We understand it can be tricky to understand this matter, so keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about using office hoteling software.

What Is an Office Hoteling Software?

Office hoteling is a program that consists of reserving the desks, chairs, place, and work gear you want to use in your workspace beforehand. By doing that, you are letting your employees organize themselves in what they need and which office place they want to use without arguing or getting confused about that matter.

What Is an Office Hoteling Software?

Office hoteling systems work with virtual work tools to make that process easier to understand and apply for workers and business owners. There are many office hoteling apps on the market for you to choose which one suits you best, but it's essential to pick the one that best adapts to you and your company for a hybrid workforce.

Naturally, by reserving which desk and office resources you want to use beforehand, you optimize your work, but it also means that not everyone can get the place they want on the same day. However, that doesn't mean they can't work that day since office hoteling works perfectly with remote and hybrid workers, so your employees can keep working from anywhere if there is any problem.

Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software

Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software

Office hoteling systems provide you with numerous benefits that improve employees productivity and work performance, and thus, the company's productivity. With the current pandemic, it's crucial to not only adapt to new work models to keep the productivity your company had before but improve your efficiency to reach productivity levels you didn't have before.

We want you to profit as much as you can from office hotel management, so here are some of the primary perks of using this kind of software to help you understand how doing this can benefit you and your company:

Flexible Working Conditions

Flexible Working Conditions

Flexible working conditions are the future of work models since they help workers feel freer while working, encouraging them to enhance their work quality. When employees work under more flexible working arrangements, they tend to be more relaxed, suffering from less stress and anxiety than before.

Office hoteling software makes your work environment perfect to try new and more flexible working conditions such as working on the schedule your employees consider best and using the items they need for their specific tasks. Doing that lets some employees work from home, allowing them to alternate between office working and remote working depending on what they have to do.

Workspace Optimization

Workspace Optimization

Even before the lockdown, it was difficult for some companies to organize their workspace and assign the place where every employee had to work. Naturally, that made office arguments more prone to happen, distracting your employees and decreasing their productivity.

Office hotel management is the best way to solve that issue by using a remote working tool that helps you organize everything office-related with a simple, easy, and efficient method. With this system, the business owner works as a software admin that checks all the requests and assigns what the employees asked for while considering the office availability.

Doing that allows managers to organize workers in the best way possible to optimize the workspace as much as they can while making employees feel more comfortable at work. Applying this software also helps with physical distancing since the admin can make sure that no one is close to each other at any moment.

Reduces Office Maintenance Expenses

Reduces Office Maintenance Expenses

It's highly beneficial to managers and business owners to make investments they can profit from while saving money from other sources. That process reduces office maintenance expenses since managers don't need to maintain and invest in the office areas they don't need anymore.

Before the lockdown, it was common to watch people arguing about who uses each spot while overall productivity decreased due to poor organization. Adding up to that, office maintenance is not inexpensive, needing a considerable amount of money to keep the business running, but with office hoteling, those issues are over.

Don't worry about unnecessary office areas costing you money; optimize the ones you need to improve the employees' work performance and create a productive work environment.

Other Advantages

The benefits mentioned before are just some of the main advantages that this working system provides you with, but that doesn't mean there are no other perks of applying office hoteling software in your company. Take into account that all companies are different and require different ways of applying these strategies, so study how you can use this system with your business.

How to Create an Office Hoteling Program?

If you want your business to be the most successful and productive business it can be, you need to make a good transition from your last work model to an office hoteling program. Regardless of that, you must make a smooth and effective transition since, if not, you could jeopardize the entire process.

We want you to do the best job you can and improve your company productivity in levels you could have never imagined before, so here are some tips on how to create an office hoteling program for your company successfully:

1. Inform your Employees

Inform your Employees

The transition process from a work model to another is difficult for both the business owners and the employees, so it's crucial to keep your workers informed of any change that happens to the company. Implementing office hoteling software is not the exception since it's a change that directly regards workers.

Before making any decision, we recommend you talk to your workers and ask them if they'd feel comfortable shifting to office hotel management and if they have any questions about the matter. You must ask all your employees about that, because, if not, you can have a severe issue with disgusted workers in the future.

If they agree, you could even make a little workshop instructing them on how the system works and how to apply it correctly. That can help you test the program with some workers to see how they react to the experience and detect what you need to check or address.

Informing your employees about office hoteling apps also includes teaching them how to use the virtual collaboration tools the system requires so everyone can be on the same page.

2. Adapt the Office


Teaching your employees how to use the virtual tools for office hoteling management means nothing if you don't prepare an ideal workplace that adapts to your company's new workstyle and goals. Consider that working from home or onsite working is not the same as using office hoteling software, and thus, they require different things.

You have two options: you can either find a new place and use it as your new office or adapt your old workplace to the new work model and working conditions. If you choose to find a new site, we recommend you go for one that has enough space for your employees and no more since the objective is to profit from smaller workspaces.

If you decide to remodel your old office, then the first thing you should do is to take out everything you don't need, or that would be in the way of your new items and organization.

Regardless of the one you choose, you should make sure that your new workplace is safe and promotes the biosecurity guidelines to prevent your employees from catching the virus while working. Doing that is crucial since if your workers feel there's any danger in your office, they can be too scared to work there.

Create a productive work environment that encourages your employees and yourself to go to work at the office. The best you can do is to set different areas that can help your workers address different situations, that way, they can choose from various options that provide them with distinctive advantages.

3. Choose the Right Virtual Tools

Choose the Right Virtual Tools

Office hoteling software is a modern working style, so it relies on virtual tools and office hoteling management to give you all its advantages. Different apps and programs allow employees to reserve their workspace and follow the guidelines you set for it, but it's necessary to analyze diverse alternatives.

Every company requires different rules and standards, so some virtual tools may work better than the others for your company. The key to a successful office hoteling software is to find the app for hybrid desk booking that best suits your company, so take time to study all your options thoroughly.

How to Manage Office Hoteling Software?

If you already implemented an office hoteling program in your business, you need to know how to maintain it and keep it working. Business owners must do what they can to improve the program in the company and find new ways of taking advantage of it. We want you to feel comfortable while working and boost your productivity and work quality, so here are some tips on how to manage office hoteling software properly.

1. Stay Updated About New Developments

Stay Updated About New Developments

Technology advances every day, improving old virtual tools and developing new ones to help people with office hoteling management worldwide. However, choosing the correct virtual tool for you at this moment doesn't mean you have to forget about looking for more and stay with the one you chose for the rest of your life since new productivity gadgets, software, programs, and apps come out every day!

Keep yourself updated about the new developments that companies make regarding your line of work and virtual gadgets to help you boost productivity and comfort; that helps you stay a step forward from your competitors by knowing what's best for your company at every moment.

2. Ask Your Employees for Recommendations

Ask Your Employees for Recommendations

As a manager or a business owner, you should worry about your employees' well-being since it determines if they do a good job or not. The best way to check if the new program is working is by asking your employees if they like it or if they have any complaints about it, so make sure to talk to them often.

Communication is indispensable in companies, so make sure to keep a safe and efficient communication channel with your workers to let them know you care about them and listen to what they have to say about the company and office hoteling apps.

3.  Invest in Ergonomic Products

Invest in Ergonomic Products

Regardless of the system or work model you adopt, working for long hours with standard desks and chairs is highly detrimental to your mental and physical health, causing significant damage to you and worsening your work quality. That's because traditional office items don't offer you back or neck support, so you are more prone to stay in a bad posture.

That doesn't mean you have to stop working, though. There are multiple ways of solving that problem, but the best one is investing in ergonomic products such as a standing desk and ergonomic office chair. These products support your back and correct your posture, improving your mood and making you more comfortable while working, so don't hesitate to purchase them since they represent a profitable investment in the long run.


As you could see, office hoteling software is the future of flexible working conditions since it boosts other work models' effectiveness with hybrid work schedule while providing business owners with unique advantages and improvements to the company's productivity and work performance.

Don't hesitate to try this program if you feel your company needs it, because it could be the thing that you need to surpass your competitors and place your company as one of the best worldwide.

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