8 Office Noise Reductions for Your Workspace

8 Office Noise Reductions for Your Workspace

|Apr 8, 2021

As an office worker, you spend around one-third of your life at your workplace. By the rule of thumb, the greater the noise distractions are there, the lesser productive you are. Irrespective of the office layout you plan, you should invest some finances and time deciding concrete ways in which you can work on some office noise reduction methods.

The idea of having open offices has gained a lot of traction these days – more and more businesses are shifting towards this layout. However, noise distractions are greater in such workspaces. You might be working in a busy workplace and experiencing this firsthand. In that case, getting a handful of noisy office solutions is the need of the hour.

The Impact of Noise at Workplace

Excessive noise at the workplace can result in a lesser accuracy in your team’s output. This can also lay a negative impact on the office worker’s health, making them more tensed, fatigued, irritated, and even have higher blood pressure. Often workers decide to look for a new job if there, then the workplace is noisy. Having a higher employee turnover is not possible in a chaotic workplace.

The financial loss that you may encounter this way would be comparatively larger than the investment required to avail effective office noise cancellation methods. There are myriads of drawbacks if you do not invest wisely in creating a peaceful workplace, and it is wiser to learn the right ways of doing that.

impact of noise at workplace

You must be interested in learning how you can reduce noise distractions at your workplace. Well, you are at the ideal place to learn that. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at some potential noisy office solutions that can help reduce noise distractions at your workplace and boost productivity.

Noisy Office Solutions You should Know

1. Invest in Noise Friendly Flooring

carpet and vinyl flooring

Carpet and vinyl flooring are two of the most effective types of flooring that can help cancel out noise. If you have porcelain, ceramic, or wooden flooring, you should either cover them with carpets or replace them with vinyl flooring, as these common floorings can contribute to creating a noisy office.

2. Design Soundproof Office Cubes/Quiet Zones

It is vital to have a dedicated quiet space in your workplace, where office workers can go from time to time if they have to build a plan or layout of any project. Such space helps in focusing and also improves the ideas that a worker can come up with.

3. Invest in Noise Cancellation Headphones

noise cancellation headphones

Getting noise cancellation headphones is something so simple and feasible that any individual can do. There are times when you cannot invest in office noise reduction methods on a larger scale, so introducing noise cancellation headphones would be a nice initiative. This can even work in factories and open offices, where people often get distracted by their colleagues' phone calls or private conversations.

4. Adopt a Biophilic Design

adopt a biophilic design

Adding more plants is one of the most effective noisy office solutions. Indoor plants like peace lily and rubber plants have thicker leaves that can absorb noise. Installing such plants in your office can help reduce noise levels and boost productivity. You can also think of adding live plant walls. Such walls not just reduce noise pollution but adds up to the aesthetic beauty of your workplace, which can help elevate productivity.

5. Use Sound Friendly Furniture

furniture at work

Installing high-backed couches and lounge chairs, which give the workers an outlook that they have a personal space to work in, is always a better idea. This way, the worker pays less heed to the background noise and have focuses more on their work.

6. Introduce White Noise in Your Office

Fighting noise with noise is a proven office noise reduction strategy. Having white noise played at a consistent level in your workplace can help mask other distractive sounds in the workplace. Consequently, you are able to have a better focus, plan effectively, and have better results.

7. Install Acoustic Wall Panels

acoustic wall panels

It is always better to invest in the ABCs (Absorption, Blocking, and Covering) of workplace acoustics when revamping or planning an office layout. There are certain office noise cancellation wall panels that are dedicated to absorbing noise at the workplace. Installing them can help reduce noise pollution at the workplace.

8. Add More Wall Partitions and Cubicles in Your Workplace

partitions and cubicles in your workplace

Having slight wall partitions in the workspace of each office worker can be a great way of reducing noise distractions. This provides a separate workspace to each worker where they can work in peace. Having cubicles can also help in increasing focus, as workers are then surrounded by their own tasks, so they do them as a priority.

Wrapping It Up

Having an entirely soundproof office is not possible as you will have social interactions at your workplace as well. However, you can make certain alterations to your office plan to make it more productive. Getting the right noisy office solutions helps you achieve that seamlessly.

In the paragraphs above, we have discussed some of the most effective ways of combatting noise pollution at the workplace. Even if you are working at a home office, you may encounter such issues, so you may follow these productivity tips, along with the common solutions for combatting noise to enhance productivity.

It may be the case that you just want to make your separate workspace more productive as an office worker, so you may follow these standing desk tips to become better at your job. Nevertheless, in every condition, the noise will be a potential cause of your distraction, so adopting the right way of combatting that can be the best decision.

We hope that the noisy office solutions which we shared above were beneficial for you and would give you an idea of how you can design your workspace most productively.

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