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8 Things You Should Know to Optimize Lunch Time Break
Work Wellness

8 Things You Should Know to Optimize Lunch Time Break

|Mar 24, 2021

Did you know that as an office worker, the way you spend your lunch time break has an impact on how productive you are when the break is over? Your performance at your desk, how long it takes you to get started, and your mood for the rest of the afternoon is all affected by what you choose to do during this period.

If you need to learn how to manage yourself effectively during your lunch time, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading if you want to find out the top scientific tips -  optimize lunch time break to increase productivity and performance in the afternoon.

Why You Need to Optimize Lunch Time 

Optimize Lunch Time

  • icon checkIt allows you to recharge and refocus.
  • icon checkYour mind can rest.
  • icon checkIt directly improves productivity.
  • icon checkYou experience fewer body aches and pains in your office space.
  • icon checkOne can process and retain information more effectively.
  • icon timesYou may find it challenging to switch between work and relaxation mode in between the periods.
  • icon timesSome employees take advantage of their breaks.

8 Proven Ways to Help You Optimize Your Lunch Time

You can make the most out of your lunch time break at work by:

1. Eating the Right Food

The type of food you eat has a significant impact on your brain’s ability to perform and your concentration levels. It is also imperative that you do not skip meals. Your brain needs nutrition to be productive for the remainder of the day.

Healthy snacks such as fruit, salads, and nuts are going to benefit you more than chips and sweets. To optimize lunch time, you need to think in terms of what is going to benefit your mind and body the most.

Ways to help optimize your lunch time

2. Taking a Proper Break

You need to let your mind rest completely when you are taking a lunch break to optimize lunch time. This is going to give you greater levels of concentration when it is time to go back to work. A 10-minute break where you stop working entirely is better than a 30-minute period where you are trying to pay some attention to work and some to relaxation. People need to give their brains the opportunity to regenerate.

Taking a proper break

3. Practice Mindfulness

It is essential to find a quiet time and space to help your mind refocus. You can even practice this in your car during your lunch break. A couple of minutes of mindfulness can help to transform the remainder of your day at the office.

We could all do with some extra help in boosting our memory with all the things we have to think about in the office. These activities assist in reducing stress, improving your blood pressure, and improving your quality of sleep. 

4. Taking a Nap if Possible, to Improve Your Memory

Did you know that taking a nap is an excellent way to boost your memory and help you feel refreshed? If you can go home during your break, or if you are working from home, try to squeeze in a quick nap. Apart from the other benefits, you are going to notice an increase in your ability to take in new information and perform efficiently.

Taking a nap to improve your memory

5. Getting in Some Exercise

Research shows that the best time for you to get physical activity done is during the afternoon, which means your lunch time could be ideal. Apart from this, it is proven that exercise has an impact on your mental capacity, which boosts your energy levels and helps to improve productivity and performance.

Exercise has many other benefits that can give you that extra kick you need to get through the afternoon and evening. Office workers often neglect their physical activity, which actually has a negative impact on their work performance. You do not need to exercise for long periods; in fact, a five-to-10-minute workout session may prove to be beneficial for your brain and body.

If you do not have the opportunity to go outside, you can implement standing desk exercises in your office.

You don’t have a standing desk? It may be time to visit the Autonomous website.

6. Refreshing Your Attention Span – Experience Nature

One of the most essential factors when going back to work after lunch is that you want to feel refreshed. Spending your time outdoors in nature is an excellent way to do this.

Something as simple as a walk can completely shift your mindset and help you to regain focus. People encourage you to do this in nature or where there is greenery because the color green is associated with lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, which could be the escape you need from the office.

Refreshing your attention

7. Moving Locations to Boost Creativity

A change of scenery is helpful when you want to begin your afternoon work session. Different environments are known to boost creativity as you are inspired by a different view with varying noises.

The change also helps to renew your level of focus. You are going to find that you are less distracted and that you can tick-off more items on your to-do list.

While this may not be possible for all office workers, many employers are adopting hybrid work-from-home strategies, which give you flexibility and a sense of freedom with regards to where you work. 

8. Catching Up on Social Media Etc.

This tip may seem like an odd suggestion to many; however, if you catch up on social media activity during your break, you are less likely to constantly check your phone for updates during working hours. It may also be an ideal way to occupy yourself while you eat your lunch.

Catching up on social media etc.

The Final Verdict

You do not need to feel guilty for taking a lunch break, as this is only going to have a positive impact on your productivity. Make sure that you get the most out of your lunch break physically and mentally so that you can maximize your efforts in the office during the afternoon.

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