OVICX Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review
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OVICX Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

|Dec 9, 2021

How often while working have you desired a nice massage and a little compress on the pressure points, so your body is activated for yet another round of productivity? More than you can count! Neck pain sitting at a desk and other forms of physical fatigue at work are common, and this is why we tend to stretch our necks and shoulders every few hours when working.

While desk exercises are an effective way to fight fatigue and combat stress in the workplace, other alternatives can be helpful in the long term. But before you get into other solutions, get yourself an ergonomic chair, so the muscle fatigue is as minimal as possible.

But what if you have all you can get to fight the muscle tension and fatigue still it is not working? A massage gun is the ultimate solution. Scroll down the social media, and you will find various athletes using a massage gun to fight off muscle pain. From the best mini-massage gun to searching for work from home exercise equipment, a proper physical routine can help you wave that physical pain goodbye in no time.

This article will cover OVICX deep tissue massage gun review; hence you will be able to weigh out all the pros and cons of buying a portable mini-massage gun.

Office Mini Massage Gun Review

Office Mini Massage Gun Review

The deep tissue massage gun by OVICX is rated as one of the top massage guns on the market for all kinds of muscle pain. Most people use it for after-workout soreness cure from home gym equipment, but in no way, this massage gun isn't suitable for office workers or gamers who have spent substantial hours sitting. Here is a complete review of the OVICX massage gun one must read before making the purchase.


Portability in OVICX Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

Your home office chair could be the perfect fit for your body, but can you even blame the chairs when traveling? Or what about the uncomfortable airplane seat on the long flight. This is where you might need the option of portability with you. The OVICX Deep Massage Gun can accompany you everywhere you go. With dimensions of under 6.5 inches long, 3.7 inches broad, and weight of little over 1 pound, this pint-sized relaxing item may be stored almost anywhere.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Let’s move to the next feature in the OVICX deep tissue massage gun review. In the middle of the massage session, nothing is worse than your massage machine losing the battery and ending up needing the massage itself. That is not the case with OVICX massage guns because the reviews promise a great battery life.

This is particularly because of the energy-dense lithium-ion battery that needs 5 hours to charge to the full capacity. Uninterrupted charging time is best as then it can perform up to 7 hours of motion without any loss in power or efficiency. So you won't be worrying about taking the charger and extra batteries with you wherever you go.



The OVICX Deep Massage Gun features an improved 24-volt brushless motor with great torque and economy. It's a beast capable of 3000 percussions per minute in layman's terms. Thanks to built-in sonic insulation, it's practically noiseless, registering in at just 45 decibels for peaceful relaxation.

Intensity Settings

The OVICX Deep Massage Gun comes with four massage heads specifically designed to target different muscle regions. A ball head targets big muscle groups in the hips and legs or even the shoulder area; a u-shaped head targets muscles along the spine; a flat head targets more tender muscles; and a beaded head targets tiny muscles and can be used to relax the entire body.


Due to the popularity of this product and its user-friendliness, the OVICX massage gun is sold and held by many retailers. You can buy it from Amazon, Autonomous, the OVICX seller's website, and many other places.



Warranty cannot be missed in the OVICX deep tissue massage gun review. The product also offers a 1-year warranty in case of any damage or dissatisfaction - as promised. Customers love the one-year warranty claim because it gives them peace of mind when placing their money on it. Secondly, the low price of this product also makes it affordable, another great reason to buy the OVICX massage gun. From several retailers, you can purchase it for around $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Massage Gun Really Worth It?

Many studies prove that massage guns effectively lower the chances of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which is the major reason people feel pain in their muscles after a stressful activity.

Can a Massage Gun Cause Damage?

In case of muscle sprains and extra muscle injury, using a massage gun for a long time can cause damage to the said muscle part. Hence, one needs to be careful about the massage time and pressure they apply to the region.

Is Massage Gun Bad for Muscle Growth?

Deep tissue massage improves blood circulation, which means your muscles will grow in size and become healthier. Your tissue cells help increase tissue metabolism by boosting circulation. The supply of nutrients in the body improves as a result of improved blood circulation. This indicates that your muscles will grow at a faster rate than before.

Why Should You Buy a Massage Gun?

Why Should You Buy a Massage Gun?

The attachments pulsate or "percuss" at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement when the gun is placed on your muscles and turned on, which enthusiasts believe promotes recovery from workouts and improves overall performance while reducing discomfort.

How Massage Guns Reduce Muscle Stiffness and Soreness?

Massage can help relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, increase blood flow, and minimize muscle soreness. In terms of limiting delayed onset muscle soreness, there are various researches that point out vibration therapy being helpful. The effect is related somehow similar to a deep relaxing massage that relaxes the muscles to the core.

How Long To Use A Massage Gun?

To avoid these adverse effects and potential injury, a massage gun should not be used for more than two to three minutes on a single muscle group before moving on to another. Long-term use of a particular muscle could do more harm than good.

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