Paint Colors for Home Offices: Painting Tips & Color Selections
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Paint Colors for Home Offices: Painting Tips & Color Selections

|Oct 16, 2021

Either you are redoing your home office or you are setting up one, selecting the right color is fun and exciting for some. Others may find it a daunting task, but no longer. As you read through this article, you will be inspired by ideas on choosing different paint colors for home offices and tips for painting.

People put a lot of thought into it, which is wise considering that you spend most of your day in your home office.  Many folks are at times seeking productive colors. A few questions to ponder are how much time you spend on average in your home office?  What is the type of work you do? What are your preferences of colors and why? What is it that you are seeking your office to look like? While the questions can go on, prioritize your needs. Some folks are looking to redo colors to attract money.

Color Psychology

color psychology

Color psychology has been widely used as a powerful tool to influence humans by various companies.  This is being used consciously as some colors are likely to influence you in a particular manner.  Colors impact you by changing your perception of the ambient environment, as you feel and experience emotions, and at times influence you to take certain actions.  That's one reason you see the traffic signals having different color lights apart from other reasons.

As you perceive colors, your mind starts an evaluation process that encourages you to behave in a particular manner. Many have been studied about the best home office paint colors and their impact on criminology, healthcare, and others. Knowing about different colors could guide you to choose the right colors as per your needs. So, go ahead and create a peaceful environment, a vibrant office, and a productive one. How? Choose colors for productivity that make your work effective.

5 Choices for you to paint colors for home offices

We have covered the most basic home office paint colors for a small office. Look for different hues of colors to mix and match for the best results. Here are some good home office paint colors.

1.   Red


Often associated with danger or romance, red is a beautiful and vibrant color for office walls and furniture like red ergonomic office chair. It is known to raise your energy and hence adrenaline levels. People looking for focus, action, ambition, and strong willpower will find energy with these paint colors for home offices. Choose to decorate a wall in contrast with other neutral colors to balance the room energy. All walls of the same color would be an overkill of this color.

2. Yellow

True to its name, yellow signifies energy and light that is welcome in dark spaces. Yellow is also known as the sunshine color as you associate it with the sun. Choose from a range of hues of yellow to get various shades reaching into orange on one end of the spectrum and lighter neutral colors on the other. 

3. Blue


Blue has always been a representation of water that is calm, cool, and soothing. Many folks use it in their home office to calm themselves and regulate their blood pressure. Being a bold color develops a sense of confidence in you. Usually used in the bathrooms as it is associated with water or in bedrooms to calm you before you sleep, blue is a favorite color.  Many folks prefer various shades of blue as office desk colors.

4. Green

The moment one sees green color, one thinks of expansion, everything going good and hence green is a sign of progress. It is believed that our mind perceives and connects mother earth and nature with the color green. Green is a secondary color that is achieved by mixing blue and yellow.  The different shades of green available in the color wheel have a pleasing effect on your eyes and the overall work environment.  While dark green is also associated with the decay of foliage, many may still prefer it.

5. Purple


A color often associated with strong emotions, it is one of paint colors for home offices that was once adorned by the Roman nobility as they wore their togas.  The finer class or the nobility in Caesar's army were seen wearing these rich colors associated with smoothness, finesse, and richness. You would also see this color being used in smooth chocolates as Cadbury's advertises worldwide to highlight the richness of its chocolates.

Whatever be your choice of home office paint schemes, remember that turning a light color into a dark is easier. However, changing a dark wall into a lighter one will require more work.

Painting Tips

Here are some wonderful tips for you to manage your home office painting.

1. Dry Weather

It's best to engage in painting when the weather is dry and sunny. This will enable all the preparatory layers before you apply the paint and paint layers to dry quickly.  If you must finish your renovation not waiting for the dry weather, you may need powerful lights to dry the walls at your home office.  It is best to go slow and allow a layer of paint to dry before coating it with another. Do check for any uneven coats applied, any areas missed out, or any cracks missed.   

2. Prep Before You Start

prep before you start

Remember to cover everything you are not painting with old sheets or drop cloths for furniture.  Some folks prefer to use old newspapers to cover lampshades and tape up the switches to avoid getting stained by paint later.  Removing the stains is more troublesome than one can imagine. You will never regret the time you spend covering floors, furniture, and hardware before you begin a paint project. Some folks also prefer to lay down runners (old sheets or plastic sheets) on the floor to prevent getting scratched with dirt or paint.

While you change into old clothes or an overall, be sure that you have covered your hair with a bandana or head clothe to prevent any spillage. 

3.  Direction

Most housekeeping principles tell you to paint colors for home office from top to bottom in a uni-directional method.  Be sure that you have started from the innermost room towards the house's main door so that you exit the unit as you clean up after yourself.  Remember to keep extra cleaning material in a garage or nearby to clean up after you have done it daily. Some folks have the habit of leaving the door and windows to dry quickly.  No harm done unless you live in an area where you have pets or other insects or small animals like rabbits and others who could get into the house and spoil your hard work.



As you look for the best paint colors for home offices, ensure they are applied correctly so that your home office is what you desire for. A home office that soothes you enables you to work peacefully and be a true reflection of yourself.

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