Painted Tabletop Desk Setup Guide for Gamers
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Painted Tabletop Desk Setup Guide for Gamers

|Oct 23, 2021

PC gaming has become the most popular and preferred method of gaming. It is not complete without the ultimate painted table top desk for gamers. The tabletops are each uniquely designed to fit the expectations of any gamer and are customizable. Of course, deciding which painted tabletop desk for gamers you should consider purchasing depends on a few things such as desk durability, the assembly, and how much the gaming equipment weighs. 

Setting Up Your Tabletop Gaming Desk

Setting Up Your Tabletop Gaming Desk

Setting up your tabletop gaming desk can be a breeze. First things first, you must figure out how many monitors you are going to need for online gaming. This is going to help you determine the size of the desk needed to support them all. Then you have to figure your expenses and sort out what is worthy of spending a pretty penny and what is not. 

A large painted tabletop desk setup like SmartDesk in the Autonomous X Artists project may require VESA mounts to help hold them up against flat surfaces. Gamers requiring two or more monitors would do good to invest in these types of mounts. If the desk is small, then the opposite can be accomplished. Keep in mind that not all VESA mounts are the same and so you are going to have to do some measuring to make sure that you purchase the correct sizes. 

There are single monitor desk mounts that are available to choose from for solo PCs. There are also dual monitor desk mounts for gamers using two or more PCs. Dual monitor desk mounts or more also give you the option to swivel your monitors around or extend the monitor as far forward and back as you need. 

Triple monitor setups are a third option for gaming. If you are considering this kind of gaming setup, there are decisions that must be made to get the most out of it. Aspects such as space, price, aesthetics, and total use play a large role in the deciding factor. 

The triple monitor setup is advantageous because it allows versatility to both PC users and gamers alike. You are able to multitask if and when necessary by having different applications running. In the gamer world, the game can span across multiple screens at once to enlarge the viewing range. They can also be used individually when more than one game is being operated.

One of the disadvantages of using triple monitor setups with motorized gaming desk is that your painted tabletop desk for gamers can appear cluttered. The aesthetics can be off-putting when the monitor screens are different sizes or are grouped and shaped differently. 

There is also the matter of congruency. The number of monitors one has needs to match the desk durability. Chances are that if the triple monitor setup is not mounted, the gamer is going to require more than two desks to support it. 

You are going to want to adjust the height of your custom tabletop desk for gamers depending on what you find most comfortable for gameplay. This allows you to determine the height at which to set your gaming displays and equipment. 

Ergonomic Chairs Are Made For Comfort

Ergonomic Chairs Are Made For Comfort

Ergonomic gaming chairs are conducive for your physical health. This chair for a painted tabletop desk for gamers is manufactured for the sole purpose of comfort for every avid gamer out there. Less stress is placed on those muscles spanning from your neck to your lower back when playing for long periods of time. 

You also have the option to adjust the chair to your liking as well. You have the freedom of angling the chair in any position that your body needs to feel comfortable. Some of these ergonomic chairs have foot rests attached to them that aid in leg support. 

Don’t Forget to Add the Necessary Accessories

Don’t Forget to Add the Necessary Accessories

What makes most gaming stations even more exhilarating are the accessories that are at your disposal. The accessories are often customizable. They add to the excitement and energy you experience when gaming online. 

LED lights are one of the many enhancers used in tabletop gaming desk setups, especially an RGB gaming desk setup. The lights are often built onto the desk when purchasing from the store. These desks are what is referred to as RGB, red blue green, gaming desks. They also add to the aesthetics of the gaming experience. 

If you want to add your own LED lighting you can always buy the lights and the desk separate and install them yourself. 

Most PC gamers require the use of a mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard no matter the game that is being played. Choose mouse pads for a painted tabletop desk for gamers that allow gamers to rest their wrists while playing to reduce stress here as well. 

Monitor arms are important because of the benefits they offer. These monitor arms benefit the gamer by allowing complete mobility of the monitor itself. Gamers can reduce eye strain because of the extension aspect of them. The use of the monitor arms also benefits the gamer in terms of a healthy posture. 

Some gamers also prefer

Some gamers also prefer to play using specific game system controllers by hooking up the correct cables and cords. These are just a few other accessories that come available by default. These can be customized according to the gamer’s needs. 

Any PC gamer should invest in high-quality, noise cancelling headphones. This kind of headphone allows online gamers to communicate with other gamers as well as listen to what is being said. The noise-cancelling aspect of the headphones eliminates any external sounds that may potentially interfere with the sound that is being received by the gamer, ultimately enhancing gamer experience. 

While there are some gaming desk accessories that are necessary to perform your desired tasks, most other accessories are optional. However, to get the best experience out of PC online gaming it is strongly recommended that you invest in quality accessories to enhance the entire gaming experience. Some of the accessories are inexpensive and others might be a bit pricey. If so, chances are you can expect for the accessory to last for a while.

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