PandaDoc Works With 12,000+ Businesses to Improve Their Bottom Line
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PandaDoc Works With 12,000+ Businesses to Improve Their Bottom Line

|Sep 1, 2021
PandaDoc has helped over 12,000+ businesses grow their bottom line, connecting with customers through personalized documents that build meaningful relationships and win more business.

We spoke with PandaDoc to learn more about how their booming business is changing the landscape of industries across the country. Through their unique approach to sales documents and processes, they’ve helped companies of all sizes improve their bottom line. Here are some of their thoughts.

What was the lightbulb moment (if there was one) that inspired the launch of PandaDoc? Was it from frustrations found while working in sales?

In 2011, we set our sights on changing the way companies work with documents. The lightbulb moment for us was when we learned that forward-thinking small businesses were still using dated tools out of habit and comfort. PandaDoc’s mission was to merge the user friendly-ness that kept businesses loyal to their existing tools with software that could empower sellers to create docs faster and close more deals. 8 years later, we’ve stayed true to our mission and have helped over 12,000+ businesses grow their bottom line, and connect with their customers through personalized documents that build meaningful relationships and win more business.

Which industries would you say are most impacted and best suited for your sales solutions?

We’re a tool for sales leadership, operations, representatives, and marketers of any industry. Whether you’re looking to take your team's productivity to the next level, hit your sales quota, or support your sales team with content; we’re here to help. Our all-in-one software streamlines the process around proposals, quotes, and contracts and cuts busy work in half so you and your team can spend more time selling.

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What would you say is your primary incentive for acquiring and retaining such talented people on your team?

People want to work somewhere they are happy to come to work every day. Our HR team has gone to great lengths to create a company culture based on core values that remind us how to support our mission, vision, and each other. We offer competitive compensation, generous PTO, benefits, and all that jazz; but what sets us apart is that we’re building something big. Something that will have a huge impact on how people do business. This alone attracts talent who are experts in their respective fields. We retain those experts by providing opportunities to expand their minds, work hard, and above all, have fun.

How important is it in your company culture to be willing and open to try new things to stay ahead of the curve?

In a word: extremely. We move fast, fail fast, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the lives of our customers with our product. This involves a lot of internal collaboration, the flexibility that comes with our Autonomous Standing Desks is a critical component to making that happen.

What can you tell us about your company that we couldn’t find anywhere else?

We eat our own dog food. Seriously, our product has proved to be so useful that we can’t help but integrate it into every aspect of our day-to-day. We use it to recruit new members of the team, extended job offers, train new hires, complete projects internally, sign and close new business, and communicate with partners.

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Why did you choose Autonomous?

Our software isn’t the only thing that’s dynamic. From the way our team operates internally, to how they choose to (physically) set themselves up for success the Autonomous Standing Desk inspires our Pandas to take a dynamic approach to their work. We chose Autonomous because it provides an extension of our active, health-conscious culture. Most of our Pandas can be found stretching their legs throughout the day with their desks cranked up to 10. Autonomous keeps us on our toes, literally.

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