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Ideas for Personalized Desk Accessories and Items
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Ideas for Personalized Desk Accessories and Items

|Dec 13, 2021

With personalized desk accessories made from these ideas, you can make unique gifts for executives, office co-workers, business partners, clients, and more. Put a little personality into your workspace with personalized desk accessories, whether you're working at home, in a co-working space, in a cubicle, or at your regular workplace. Create unique personalized desk accessories showcasing your name, monogram, funny or inspirational quotes, graphics, photos, and other custom details. The perfect personalized desk gifts for any office celebration: Boss’s Day, co-worker’s gifts, anniversaries, promotions, and office anniversaries.

Top 17 Personalized Desk Accessories and Items Choices

1. Autonomous Magnetic Desk Organizer

Magnetic Desk Organizer personalized desk accessories

Desk organizers with style and functionality that control clutter. It is made from high-quality materials that are made to last, and it is patented for maximum organization. The six compartments can be reorganized to suit your desk, bathroom vanity, nightstand, or any other place. This magnetic desk organizer has a patent-pending magnetic attachment for customization.

In one place, you can easily organize all your office essentials, such as your phone, pens, pencils, markers, post-its, paper clips, and more. Non-slip rubber feet prevent this U.S. patented design from slipping and spilling desk accessories. 

2. Autonomous Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet personalized desk accessories

Smart storage is possible with our filing cabinet. This drawer system has movable drawer dividers that let you customize the space. Its seamless wheel system makes maneuvering and locking a breeze. Smart storage is easy with this filing cabinet. With its movable drawer dividers, you can customize the space to fit your needs. Its first-rate wheels make it easy to maneuver and easily lock into place.         

3. Autonomous Swivel Desk Drawer

Swivel Desk Drawer personalized desk accessories

This desk drawer will help you organize your desk easily. With the ability to store up to 6.6 pounds of stationery and small items, you will maintain a clean, professional desk space that impresses everyone. It even transforms into a mouse pad at your convenience. Covering the drawer is almost instantaneous when the top lid is swiveled.

4. Lexon City Pen Cup

Lexon City Pen Cup

The common pen holder gets a poetic Art Deco facelift in France from the creative minds at Quaglio Simonelli Creative Studio. The Lexon city pen cup comes in three colors: dark green, metallic grey, and soft gold. This cylinder pen holder is made from aluminum and has enough room to store all your pens. It is available in five color choices, including green, gold, and gunmetal.

5. Desk nameplate

If you want to showcase what's yours, add an exquisite nameplate. You can choose from granite, glass, wood, metal, or plastic for a nameplate custom-built for your desk. Nameplates can even be customized with a variety of fonts, styles, and colors.

6. Docking stations

This is one of the most popular personalized desk accessories. Your friends and family will be amazed by a well-crafted personalized desk organizer set. So that you don't miss any notifications, docked devices charge your phone and keep it close to you. Docking stations can even be equipped with small compartments where you can keep your glasses, watches, chargers, and other office desk accessories

7. Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads personalized desk accessories

No desk is complete without a mousepad, but you can make your desk more comfortable and fun with a personalized one.

8. Charging pads

Charger pads are, no doubt, vital personalized office desk accessories. Charging pads come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but you need to ensure that they're compatible with your device and charge it properly. You can also add messages, quotes, images, and other cool decorations to charging pads.  

9. Desk clocks

A small clock is one of the personalized desk items that will always help you keep track of your meetings and other important events. When it comes to desk clocks, you have many things to choose from - colors, designs, sizes, and styles, and you can even customize them to fit your preferences.

10. Tech organizers

Protect high-tech travelers' smartphones or reduce the clutter of cords and accessories they carry with them. Most cases feature a simple snap-closure system and foldable pockets to hold your chargers. This type of tech organizer is available in leather, cloth, and plastic and various colors and shapes.

11. Mini vacuum cleaners

Using a miniature scale makes even mundane activities more interesting. A mini-USB vacuum can do more than just look cute, and it can also clean up all those crumbs you've been trying to ignore. It keeps your desk, file cabinets, ergonomic keyboard, and other areas clean of crumbs, dust, and pet dander.

12. Desk planters

Adding an office plant to your desk will bring it to life and make it look more appealing. Many weird and wonderful planters are available that aren't messy so that you can keep your documents and files on your desk with no worries. Your choice of how and what to grow in the planters is entirely your own, and Terrariums are another option.    

13. Vinyl portfolio

Even if you don't have anything to put in your portfolio yet, it will look sophisticated and professional tucked under your arm or resting on your desk. Your own custom design can be debossed or screen printed on this folio.

14. Portable speaker

Take it everywhere, share it, and chuck it in the trash. These small speakers can instantly brighten up any workspace.

15. Trash cans

Office trash cans prove essential in everyday life. In addition to the ones you keep in your office, why don't you make them awesome too? Infrared sensors allow the models to open, expand, and contract. The trash cans of the future!

16. Vintage fountain pens

Employees will be transported back in time to a simpler time when briefcases and typewriters were in use, along with ridiculously fancy pens. Regardless of whether you use them or not, this personalized desk pen set makes the office fun!

17. Entire desk sets

There are many great wood and leather products available online that your male family members will love. The desk set comes with many items such as a letter tray, a pencil cup, a memo holder, a letter opener, a business card holder, and a beautiful 34 x 20 desk pad. With this set, you can keep your desk tastefully organized whether you work from home or at work. Alternatively, these items can be purchased individually, in smaller sets, or personalized with your company logo or initials.

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