Personalized Desk Clock Ideas for Corporate Gifts
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Personalized Desk Clock Ideas for Corporate Gifts

|Mar 8, 2024

Using your phone while at work, even for the purpose of checking time, can mess with your work productivity. It also affects your focus and can shift your attention to mundane things like checking a text message or any notification that is residing there on the screen. Soon, you will find yourself scrolling through social media, waiting for yet another productivity burst to get back to work. If you are someone who is experiencing this issue or if you know someone who has this problem of misplaced attention span, then you need a unique desk clock that serves the purpose without deviating from your focus.

And to make it even more of an interesting desk accessory for the work from home desk setup, you also have the option of a personalized desk clock instead of a regular one. An alarm clock or a personalized clock with pictures is one of the best office gadgets with multiple functions in one. Having such a desk clock will not only make checking time hassle-free but will also allow you to complete your tasks on time. This can be done by setting alarms for milestones throughout the day and achieving your goals in a timely manner. So, for those dedicated but distracted office workers, this article will enlist our top picks for best desk clocks for an aesthetic desk setup.

1. Dreamsky Compact Digital Alarm Clock

For a desk setup that is already filled with enough desk décor and accessories, the compact digital alarm clock doesn't increase the load. Being cheap, the clock is functional and easy to use (just a glance and you know the time). Another great thing about the Dreamsky digital clock is that it comes as a clock as well as a USB charging station. The 2 inches tall digital display won’t require you to squint, and you know the time even from a distance. The display doesn't strain your eyes, so on days when you are working overnight, the clock isn't annoying at all.

2. Lenovo Smart Clock

Anyone seeking a tiny digital alarm clock that displays time, day, and weather details at a glance, and those who prefer utilizing voice commands over physical buttons. The Google Home app or the alarm clock's integrated Google Assistant voice commands may be used to access the majority of its hidden features. Despite having four regularly spaced buttons (for volume, music on/off, and alarm settings), the diagonal wedge form of the clock makes them hidden, giving the clock a sleek look but also making the control tougher to manage. This particular feature of the clock might make it unsuitable for night use; otherwise, the clock is a great option for work desks.

3. Loftie Alarm Clock

Achieve all your work goals on time with this alarm clock, perfectly designed for your adjustable desk. The lightweight, solid, and compact design can bear fall-offs once or twice as you move your desk up and down. However, we recommend you not leave it at the edge because the price is a bit steep for an alarm clock. Ideal for mornings, the clock imitates the pleasant cues of birds chirping, temple bells, and other sensations, NOT to set your mood off as you wake up. You can also set scheduled alarms for different times throughout the day, which is definitely not an option available in all desk clocks.

4. Antique Camera Shaped Clock

Do you have that one friend on your list who is a photography fanatic but can't compromise on work? Well, how about treating them with a gift that suits their passion? This antique camera clock is shaped in the form of a camera with a display telling time. For a more authentic personality, the clock is mounted over a tripod stand, giving it a complete photography-themed look.

5. Lemnos Riki Alarm Clock

The Lemnos Riki is an excellent choice if you're looking for a trustworthy alarm clock that has a classic analog design, is incredibly quiet, and is simple to operate. The broad hour and minute arms and half-inch-tall numerals on Riki's prominent face make it easy to see even in low light and from a distance. We found the clock's single button, which combines the snooze and illumination features, to be quite easy to use—even with our eyes closed. The clock glows just enough when you click the button to make the face readable - a huge benefit for those of us who prefer to check the time before we actually plan to get up.

The brightness level appeared more comparable to the obtrusive contemporary glare that other clocks on the market created from their LED or LCD backlit displays.

The clock appears to be perfectly round, but in reality, its base contains a little depression that prevents it from rolling away. Not only does this clock run on a single AA battery, but it also eliminates the need for wires.

6. ODM Personalized Desk Clock

Whether you need just a clock or personalized photo clocks, the ODM Desk clock wins the game. These desk clocks offer a multitude of features at once: a digital clock (easy to read), a pen holder, a photo frame so you don't get homesick at the workplace, and another photo frame so you can add a photo of work achievement to keep you going. This is simply one of the best gifts you can give to your husband or wife (anyone who spends a lot of time on that desk), well, besides an ergonomic chair, because comfort comes first! The clock is fully customizable with several color options, and you can also print any text of your choice or a message you want your loved one to remember all the time.

7. Trintec Aviation Desk Top Travel Alarm

Some people really prefer sticking to the roots, and there is nothing wrong with it. This desk clock is mostly focused on design and has a vintage feel to it. For those who appreciate aviation, the fact that it is fashioned like an airplane clock is a lovely touch. An American-made quartz alarm clock mechanism powers the clock and has a molded polystyrene casing. This elegant addition to any house shows the time analogously with traditional minute, hour, and second hands. The clock also features an alarm feature for added convenience.

8. Trintec Desk Clock with a Pen

How many times do you have to worry about not finding a pen at crucial moments? Well, the Trintec desk clock solves this dilemma. The clock is not just a time-telling piece but a cool accessory that keeps you prepared for intense note-taking while on a call. Your boss will surely love how prepared you are to note important details all the time. The powered quartz movement ensures the clock doesn't stop working anytime soon, and the polystyrene case provides a sturdy yet lightweight structure on your desk.

To sum up, personalized desk clocks make fantastic corporate gifts. They're practical and can be customized with company logos, employee names, or motivational messages. These thoughtful tokens of appreciation are perfect for showing gratitude to clients, employees, or partners. They're not just gifts; they're lasting reminders of the importance of personal connections in the business world.

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