Pod Living: Is it a Future Housing Trend?
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Pod Living: Is it a Future Housing Trend?

|Aug 27, 2022

So what are pod homes, and why are they becoming more popular? Rents are skyrocketing in the US, and there are almost no affordable living options, so many people are looking for alternate housing solutions. In recent years, pod living has been gathering much interest as an affordable housing option. Renting a pod in a pricey city does not have to be an excessive expense for people willing to sacrifice a bit of privacy. Many pod renters aren't just interested in that, though.

What is Pod Living?

It's a type of co-living space in which people rent beds in shared rooms and share a kitchen and bathroom. However, it is the price that makes the product so appealing. There is a slight difference in price between different sites. The pods provide residents with storage space, yards, and even the ability to change locations.

Benefits of Pod Living

Affordable shared spaces

Affordable shared spaces

Aside from the affordable rents, pod living does not require move-in fees or security deposits, and are all utilities included? It may be prohibitive to pay such fees in regular housing, which may increase depending on where you live. The flexible pod living doesn't require you to provide proof of income.

Living perks

Furthermore, renters could also take advantage of other perks included with their pod purchase. For example, pod living spaces such as 'Eddy' in Hollywood offer their tenants cable TV, fast internet connections, free computers, fitness classes, and other on-site amenities. Furthermore, you'll receive free laundry service, utility bills, and housekeeping with your rent. Your pod share company will determine how much you pay for your space.

Meeting like-minded people

Meeting like-minded people

As a result of communal living, you get access to like-minded people who share a space and ideas. Sometimes individuals want the benefits of pods without the crowd. Due to this need for privacy, micro-apartments have become increasingly popular in New York. In a 250-square-foot space, you'll be able to fit your belongings and find a good location.

Suited for anyone just starting their career

It is common for people in their twenties and thirties to take up pod living. Their careers might not always allow them to live sustainably, especially if they are at an early stage of pursuing a career that does not always allow them to live sustainably.

Located in urbanized areas

Located in urbanized areas

Earlier generations also preferred communal living societies such as this one due to their affordability and sense of community. Nowadays, renters are usually Millennial who prefer big cities but lack the funds to buy a place of their own. The pods offer an alternative to traditional housing and meet the needs of their lifestyles and budgets. 

You get variation

It is possible to find a different pod living area every time you look because most pod living space areas are in the city. There will be different sleeping and living arrangements in each pod space. A pod usually combines a private studio and a larger shared suite. When you live in a pod, your space requirements are less important than your location.

Is a Pod Living Right For You?

Is a Pod Living Right For You

If you don't have access to a lot of creative accessories or solutions, decorating your outdoor office cubicle can be quite challenging. Painting or swapping out the furniture to make your pod living possible isn't easy. Still, a redesign or customization is needed if you want to transform a generic working space that can make your day feel even more monotonous than it already is.

You must decide if it is right based on the benefits listed above. One thing we can say about this living option: it can be customized. A pod apartment is a great option for anyone who doesn't mind sacrificing some privacy for cheaper rent, utilities, and a great location. Before deciding if the lifestyle is right for you, you can try it out. Beds are available for rent on a nightly or monthly basis through pod share companies. You can start renting as soon as you like the experience. We offer an Autonomous portable living pod that guarantees your privacy if you don't like it.

Autonomous Pod - ADUs


The Autonomous pod is a mini home, a prefabricated housing form that is flexible and easy to construct. They can be fully flexible because of this feature. Most businesses specialize in a particular type of design, like a wooden pod for a garden, an office pod, a workshop, a studio, or an overnight trip. The typical timeframe for completing a conventional home is between three and six months.

Obtaining zoning permission is complicated, but who hasn't encountered it when building a prefab office? In order to make changes to an old facility or construct one from scratch, you will need planning authority. Finding an architect, preparing the application's blueprint, and presenting it to the appropriate authorities are difficult tasks.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program


With the employee purchase program, we can now offer a privacy pod for homes at a more affordable price. We're offering a special discount for all employees to thank you for your hard work and dedication. By offering exclusive indoor office pods buying programs, we've made it easier for you to purchase Autonomous Pods, which can be billed to your company as part of your employee perks program.

It is not necessary to be expensive to be quick. Building a wooden office pod is frequently less expensive than a conventional home. In the long run, pod homes are a worthwhile investment. Building structures requires us to install prefabricated parts to make our lives easier. The benefits of pod homes include disassembling them whenever you need to move.

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