List of Popular Conference Room Setup Styles for 2024
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List of Popular Conference Room Setup Styles for 2024

|Nov 22, 2022

The configuration of your conference room setup styles might not initially appear to have any bearing on your event. Several disregard and go on. To achieve your objectives, your conference room layout style is extremely important. It may affect both the presenter's efficiency and the degree of employee involvement.

Every meeting room setup style has a function. For instance, some foster passive learning, while others could promote cooperation and collective discourse. To make the most of your event, your setup's components, including the equipment, must be user-friendly. The importance of your conference room arrangement style is discussed in detail in this article, along with some of the most popular options.

Why Is Having a Good Quality Conference Room Layout Essential?

Conference sessions, review meetings, and other occasions like recruitment take place in a conference or meeting room. Usually, meeting setup styles include plenty of conference room chairs, a sizable L-shaped desk, and other accessories. A conference room often has a separate area in a traditional office setting, while an open-plan workplace may have a similar arrangement.

The style deserves consideration, given how crucial the decisions made in a meeting room have been. Poorly furnished or unpleasant conference rooms might make it difficult to conduct business meetings or even have team member chats. A quality setting provides a positive image if you see a consumer or client there, even during a virtual conference call. 

Why Is Having a Good Quality Conference Room Layout Essential?

You can effectively present your case by using a space for additional activities such as multimedia presentations. When employees meet with coworkers, this offers numerous advantages. A well-planned conference room with an appropriate conference table size will create a positive ambiance, encourage creativity, and enhance productivity.

List of the Top Conference Room Styles You Can Choose From

The amount of participants you need to entertain is a wonderful place to start with conference room decorations or deciding on a meeting room layout; different arrangements work well for various numbers. The best practices for managing conference rooms include keeping track of occupancy rates. Another consideration is the frequency of your meetings; if you frequently work in groups, for example, some approaches will perform better. You must also take the technology into account.

Keep in mind that all effective conference setup styles share a few features. Since individuals will be using them for extended periods, they must be comfortable. They must be silent, permit some degree of privacy, have all required technology, and provide some degree of freedom for their use. This makes sure that every session is enjoyable.

Let's now review some of the most distinctive meeting room setup types and discuss how well they work for your meeting requirements.

The Boardroom Style

This typical conference room’s layout is perfect for formal business discussions and can hold around 30 people, as a general rule, based on the dimensions of the space. This layout works best for conferences that won't need a single center of emphasis. Boardrooms aren't always the best places to organize large video meetings and workshops or to bring in distant speakers, even if it encourages dialogue among attendees.

The Boardroom Style - conference room setup styles

The Hollow-Square Style

This one could be a fantastic option if the classic boardroom caters to your sense of aesthetics or fits your existing facilities if you're searching for a conference room layout that can easily handle a live speaker or more guests. This configuration makes for simple and effective group discussions. Additionally, it allows a mediator or organizer to operate from the middle of the room. If space is an issue, Hollywood squares may not be the most effective option since they miss the closeness of arrangements like banquets, celebrations, or even boardroom designs.

The U-Shape Style

This common meeting room arrangement starts from where the boardroom and the hollow square leave. It is useful for virtual meetings, demonstrations, and other activities when one side of the space is the focal point. You can also place all your computer accessories on the U-shaped table to make them more accessible.

The U-Shape Style - conference room setup styles

The Semi-Circle Style

This table-free, U-shape model is suitable for small or medium-sized conversations. It also facilitates teaching sessions if your conferences don't call for computers, centralized web conferencing hubs, or record-making.

The Typical Classroom Style

This concept for a conference room configuration is ideal for seminars and presentations, both live and through videoconferencing, as everyone is facing the front of the space. Depending on the region, the classroom style can handle small- to medium-sized groups, although it is not conducive to collaborative work and interpersonal connection. A zigzag pattern can be the most appropriate for your requirements if your team mostly requires a single display for presentations.

The Typical Classroom Style

The Auditorium Style

This arrangement, usually referred to as theater style, resembles a classroom setup and is frequently intended for bigger groups. Do you frequently host public meetings or all-hands conferences? Do you require additional room so that your team can sprawl out? This layout will make it easier to fit as many individuals as possible into a given area. Presentations work best in theater and auditorium-style meeting spaces, in-person and online (through teleconferences). However, these communication patterns don't promote collaboration or dialogue.

Banquet or Half-Round Styles

Such meeting room arrangements are appropriate for gatherings that include meals or gatherings in which the schedule calls for breakout talks in small clusters of no more than 8 or 10 people. These adaptable meeting room arrangements are ideal for gatherings wherein note-taking on compact desks, as well as the use of computers, are welcomed along with discourse.

Conference Chairs

Sum Up

It would help if you customized your computer desk setup and equipment to your participants' requirements to make the most of every conference. Choose a classroom or U-shape conference room setup style if your meeting calls for visual and audio features like teleconferencing and smart boards. Everyone will have a nice view of the presentations, and audio equipment will be simple to place to reach per ear.

Furthermore, you should also ensure adequate power outlets and USB ports if those utilizing the meeting area require access to their computers, smartphones, or tablets. You might consider using hands-free office desk settings for integrated communications systems in busy meeting spaces.

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