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Keep Your Gadgets Powered Up With These 20 Portable Chargers
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Keep Your Gadgets Powered Up With These 20 Portable Chargers

|Sep 28, 2022

One of the biggest hassles when it comes to traveling is the fear of having to spend hours feeling cut off from everyone else because your phone battery is dead. That is why having a portable charger is a must for anyone who regularly uses their cell phone or tablet. 

However, the hard part is choosing the best portable charger for your particular phone. There are a lot of cheap options available on the market, but some of them actually do more harm than good. 

The last thing you want is to be forced to replace your phone battery (or buy a new device altogether) simply because you chose the wrong portable phone charger. 

At Autonomous, you can find a wide range of portable battery chargers that are made by trusted brands. They have some of the best smartphone accessories at very affordable prices. 

What To Consider When Buying Portable Chargers

What To Consider When Buying Portable Chargers

Most people don’t waste too much time worrying about the kind of portable charger they need to buy. In fact, as long as the price is right and the charger is compatible with their phone most people will gladly buy it. 

However, considering how expensive cell phones and tablets are these days, it is a good idea for you to give a little more thought to the type of portable battery charger you intend on using. Consider the following: 


Right off the bat, if your chosen portable phone charger is not compatible with your phone then there is no need to even consider it as an option. There is nothing you can do to fix the issue of an incompatible phone charger except put it aside and buy the correct one. 

Power Output

Every device comes with recommendations on the amount of power it can take during charging. Using a charger that isn't powerful enough will result in inefficient charging and eventually damage the battery. Exceeding the recommended voltage will not only destroy the battery/device but may even result in an explosion. 


Even though certain brands may be more expensive than some of the chargers available on the market, it is worth making the sacrifice because of the security and quality guarantee you get from buying a portable charger from a well-known manufacturer. 

Some phones also do not work well with any chargers apart from those made by their own brand. An iPhone, for example, will only work well with a wireless portable charger for iPhone devices. 

Wireless or Direct Charging

Wireless or Direct Charging

You need to decide which type of charger you want, between a wireless one and a direct charger. Considering some of the wireless charging benefits, most people are switching to wireless chargers. However, most of the older phones do not support this type of charging, which is something you will need to consider. 

Fast Charging or Normal

Some chargers are classified as fast chargers due to their increased power output and reduced charging time. This type of portable phone charger is best used only with certain devices that can withstand fast charging. If you are not sure about your device's capabilities, better to go for a normal portable battery charger. 


When you have checked everything else, you can now consider the price of the portable charger. If your budget allows it, then it’s better to opt for a medium-priced portable battery charger or one that is more expensive. You get better quality and warranty that way. 

Consider These 20 Great Options

Are you hunting for the best charging station available on the market? Autonomous is your one-stop shop for all your computer peripherals and accessories. Take a look at some of these awesome options: 

1. Moshi Portable Charger

Any foreign objects that come into contact with your charger can damage it or cause it to run in the background. This is why the Moshi portable charger has an integrated foreign object detector. It also has a smart LED and comes with a 10-year warranty from Autonomous. 

2. PRISMO RGB Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a vibrant portable charger that will add a bit of color to your environment? Try the RGB wireless charger by PRISMO. It has three distinct flashing lights that turn on automatically when charging your device. The anti-slip coating is also great for making sure your device does not fall off during a charging cycle. 

3. Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

You will be surprised at the number of bacteria that can be found on your phone's surface. These can be easily transferred to your face and mouth while using your phone, putting you at risk of infection. The Oblio wireless charger & UV cleaner will cleanse your phone during charging. 

4. Spruce Charger by Fledging

With the Spruce charger by Fledging, keeping multiple devices charged is easy thanks to its ability to charge up to five devices at a time. Using Gallium Nitride technology, this is one of the most efficient chargers you will find on this list. 

5. Ultimate Charger Portable Multi-device Power Bank

Most portable power packs have the disadvantage of only connecting to one device at a time. However, this Ultimate multi-device portable charger has enough ports, (and enough power) to easily charge all your devices at once. It’s a good option for long family trips where everyone will need to get their devices charged. 

6. UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger

Made with the trending minimalistic style of office design in mind, the UTS-1 Invisible wireless charger is made to work discreetly on your desk without attracting a lot of attention. It also has the built-in capability of charging up to two devices at the same time. 

7. RAPIDX Port 10,000 mAh Power Bank

If maximum power storage is what you are after, then this portable power pack is the best choice for you. With an impressive 10,000 mAh, the RAPIDX Power Bank can keep your device running for hours on end meaning you can enjoy a lot more freedom during charging cycles. 

8. RAPIDX My Charging Station

Another great product from RAPIDX is the My Charging Station. It has an incredible seven-device charging ability that will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. It comes with a removable apple watch holder and a 10-watt inductive charging pad. 

9. Universal Charging Dock by LumiCharge

One of the good things about the Universal Charging Dock by LumiCharge is that it is built to accommodate a wide range of different devices. Usually, such types of generic chargers are of low quality, but in this case, you will have one of the best chargers on the market to take care of all your unique devices. 

10. Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

The Otto Q wireless charging pad has a fast-charge capability that allows you to boost your device battery to usable levels in just less than 10 minutes. It can come in very handy in times of emergencies when you do not have a lot of time to wait for a long charging cycle. 

11. Boosta Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger

This Boosta Magnetic wireless portable charger provides a new meaning to the term portable charger. It can be easily attached to the back of your phone, allowing you to move around and use your phone while it is charging. With a 5,000 mAh power bank, it will provide your phone with more than enough extra power. 


No matter the brand of your device, as long as it is Qi-enabled, the Modula5 portable charger will charge it. The charger uses the same pad to charge a wide range of different devices. This means if you decide to change cell phone brands there is no need to buy a new charger because the Modula5 can handle it. 

13. Powerfilm Solar Lightsaver Max

The true definition of a portable battery charger is the Powerfilm Solar Lightsaver Max. This handy little device can recharge itself using solar energy. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor trip that will probably last you days in remote areas, then the Powerfilm is your perfect companion. 

14. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

One downside of having a portable charger is the added luggage you will now have to carry around with you. Thanks to the travel-sized Anker PowerCore portable charger, you do not have to worry about that anymore because this device is small enough to slip into your pocket. 

15. Nimble Champ

It is not easy to strike the ultimate balance between power, size, efficiency, and price. However, the Nimble Champ does a very good job of trying. It is very affordable while still providing competitive levels of efficiency and power output making it one of the best all-around chargers on this list. 

16. Elecjet Powerpie P20

Elecjet Powerpie P20 portable charger

When it always seems like you are running around chasing your tail trying to catch up on your work, you will need a charger that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. The Elecjet Powerpie is one of the fastest chargers you will find on the market with reliable security features that will protect your device's battery from damage. 

17. GoalZero Sherpa 100

This charger is big enough to charge any type of device you may throw at it, from cell phones to laptops. Thanks to its huge power pack, the recharge time is quite fast even when charging large devices. 

18. Anker Maggo 633

Anker Maggo 633 portable charger

The Anker Maggo 633 is built specifically to be compatible with Apple devices. When at home it works just like any other wall-mounted charger. However, when you need to go, the Anker Maggo 633 can be easily detached from the socket and remains magnetically attached to the back of your phone. 

19. Biolite Charge 20 PD

One of the things you will appreciate about the Biolite Charge 20 PD is that it is a very lightweight device. You can simply slip this little portable charger into your pocket and go off on your trip without any worries. 

20. Zendure Supertank Pro

Zendure Supertank Pro

Zendure Supertank Pro is built specifically for air travel. Its 26,800 mAh capacity is the maximum that is allowed on an airplane. This makes the Zendure the best option for charging your devices while flying. To make it easier to carry, the portable charger has its own carry case. 


What’s the Difference Between Power Banks and Portable Chargers?

A portable power pack works like a second battery by providing your device with an alternate power source when its own battery is running flat. A portable charger on the other hand actually boosts the battery back to optimum levels. You may or may not be able to use your device during this charging process depending on your manufacturer’s specifications. 

Can Temperature Affect a Portable Charger?

Ordinary room temperatures have no effect on the performance of a portable charger. However, like all electric devices, extreme temperatures will harm your portable phone charger's performance and lifespan. In some cases, very hot temperatures may actually be a safety hazard due to the risk of fire or explosion. 

How Many Times Can a Portable Charger Be Recharged?

Each charger comes with its own expected life expectancy. The more durable types of chargers can last for more than 1,000 charging cycles, while some of the cheaper ones can only go for less than 300 cycles before needing to be replaced. 

What Is Fast Charging?

Fast charging refers to a charging cycle that is faster than an ordinary cycle for a particular device. Some chargers are made specifically for fast charging and have an increased power output as a result.

Final Thought 

The type of portable charger you choose is very important for your device’s performance and lifespan. Whether you choose a portable power pack or a portable phone charger, it is best to go for a well-known and reliable brand. At Autonomous you will find a wide range of products from leading brands, such as Moshi, that will suit any type of portable device.

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