A Practical Guide to a Minimalist Lifestyle To Follow
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A Practical Guide to a Minimalist Lifestyle To Follow

|Oct 26, 2022

In order to live a minimalist lifestyle, how does one begin? Essentially, less is more in life, and it all begins with focusing on what matters most to you. There’s no formula on how to live minimally or for a great minimalist lifestyle; however, since each person has his or her own preferences. Whatever you choose to make your life more "minimalistic" is up to you. Once you're involved in this interesting journey, you can do the following  steps to becoming a minimalist consistently:

Own Less

Own Less - minimalist lifestyle

With excessive possessions, you cannot live a minimalist lifestyle. Our first priority on how to live a minimalist lifestyle is to get rid of the things that no longer bring us happiness or are of no real use to us. Don't do one thing per day, but do it all at once. Today, people tend to surround themselves with things to feel more secure in their lives. As a result, they become more depressed, something they weren't aware of at the time. Consider whether you need every item you own by going through them. If not, discard them ruthlessly. Learn how to incorporate sentimental items in minimal design ideas if they are important to you.

Stay Organized

These are the second most vital tips for minimalism. We told you living a minimalist lifestyle requires being organized, didn't we? In the absence of absolutely nothing left in your apartment, getting rid of stuff doesn't mean your apartment is automatically organized overnight. Seeing every item in its designated spot makes you feel happy or convenient every time you see it. Since I have fewer possessions, we are confident this task won't take too much time or effort. Even if you close your eyes, you will know immediately where the item is in your new minimalist aesthetic.

Let Go Of The Past

Let Go Of The Past

It is not a good idea to repeat past mistakes. You can't avoid changing it even when you are sad or happy. Instead of focusing on the future, make the most of the moment you're living right now. The more you regret your dusty and bitter memories, the less happy you will be. While achievements are beautiful, they can become obstacles to your life if you constantly focus on them. It ends as soon as it ends. The best approach is to take the next step.

Travel Lightly

Due to 'just-in-case' reasons, people tend to bring as much as possible with them on any trip. It is often the case that just-in-case means never. A minimalist lifestyle can be renewed and improved through travel. Packing half or even a third of what you need is a good rule of thumb. It is clearly more convenient to carry a duffel bag or backpack rather than a heavy suitcase if you have a 4-day trip. You wouldn't have to worry as much about your stuff, wouldn't you?

Simplify Your Meals

Simplify Your Meals - minimalist lifestyle

If you aren't healthy, you aren't a minimalist. It's actually simpler than it sounds, so you won't need a personal nutritionist to tell you what to eat. Are you aware of the reason why the Japanese live the longest? Their diets are rich in fruits, vegetables, and fresh seafood, and consume less meat and processed products. Water and tea are one of the best healthy life tips, while junk food and alcohol will ruin your body in no time. To enjoy smoothies/juice every day, equip yourself with a great blender if you prefer something instant over slow preparation. There's no doubt that it's healthy and fast.

Have A Simple Closet

To impress people (you don't like), you don't have to overdress. Your friends and family love you because of your ability to make them happy, not for the fancy clothes you wear. Take a look around you—you'll see plenty of successful, admirable people wearing what you wear. There are many examples, such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. The more clothes you have, the easier it is to choose what to wear today and focus on other important things.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused - minimalist lifestyle

In today's world, distractions are everywhere. Our concentration is being distracted by the sounds and vibration of the TV, the phone, and social media notifications. The problem is that we multitask persistently today. As a result, we spend more time completing a task that we could have completed earlier. Multitasking has also been shown to kill our creativity and productivity by scientists. If you’re a remote worker, one easy solution is to have a place where all your work can be carried out distraction-free. For this reason, individuals install a privacy pod - a little garden shed for dedicated work purposes.

Create A Place For Everything

Most things should have a place to store unless they are decorations. It can be built on a shelf, ordered as a cupboard, or thrown away. Refer to #1 if there is no place for it. If you have already built a prefab office, then consider separating all your work from office items in this particular office.

Schedule Your Time

Schedule Your Time

Taking control of your time is the key to creating more time. Making a schedule and a plan is a key to working less, getting more accomplished, and becoming more effective as you go about your workday in your StudioPod.

Become Cost-Efficient

Everything should be considered in terms of $/hour. If you buy a T-shirt, you work X hours; if you buy a TV, you work Y hours; and if you subscribe to Netflix, you work Z hours. Would you be able to live without these things? How many hours would you be able to save each month? If you earned extra money, how much would you earn?

Shop Smart

Don't buy anything unless it's on your shopping list. The cheapest stuff can be found on the lowest shelf. Whenever you buy something, look for non-brand products that are similar to the one you want or purchase it second-hand.

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