Practice the 80/20 Rules for Better Work Productivity

Practice the 80/20 Rules for Better Work Productivity

|Nov 2, 2020

Do you have trouble maintaining work efficiency as a remote worker? The transition from office to household work can be a difficult one, which is why you need a productive strategy. Your lack of productivity could result from several problems, but which ones do you focus on? 80/20 rule training is a proven method to allow better work productivity. It improves your work by focusing on the removal of key distractions in your workspace. 80/20 rule training takes time to master, but the results stand for themselves.

What is the 80/20 Rule Explained

What is 80/20 rule? 80/20 rule training is also known as the Pareto principle. Italian engineer Vilfredo Pareto came up with the term. The rule states 80% of the consequences are a result of 20% of the causes. What it means is most of your work problems come from a small number of sources. For example, using business sales, you can visualize it like a pyramid. A company can have 20% of its customers responsible for 80% of their respective deals. It is because 20% of those clients are likely to purchase more expensive products.

The Pareto principle 80/20 rule also applies to work productivity. It is all about distribution. Think back to the example Parento himself used to come up with his principle. If 20% of the richest Italians owned the most wealth, it would make sense for banks to focus on them rather than the other 80%. You can use the 80/20 rule for productivity as long as you figure out your problems' root causes.

The Pareto principle

Pros and Cons of the 80/20 Rule Training

Before you apply 80/20 rule training, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the principles. With the 80/20 rule explained in better detail, it ensures you have complete knowledge of the ups and downs. Below are the pros and cons:


  • Achieves the most success with the least amount of effort
  • Focuses on tasks with a higher priority rather than low
  • Allows you to concentrate on the correct workload
  • Increases your time management skills
  • Useful for working strict deadlines


  • Easy to mistake the other 80% as not important
  • Can lead to negligence of lesser tasks is not careful

The 20% of Your Problems

If you can focus on fixing the 20% of your major problems, you are one step closer to work productivity. Use 80/20 rules training to your advantage. Below are the core issues you need to address right away:

  • Stress and body pain
  • Lack of long-term plans
  • Inability to balance workload

Now you can start focusing on the solutions to your problems. Follow a proper guideline on how to stay healthy, plan ahead, and maintain a work balance. With the Pareto principle 80/20 rule, you can delegate your tasks with efficiency and ease.

The 20% of Your Problems

Your Improvement Plan with 80/20 Rule Training

To start, try your own home ergonomics. It is scientifically proven to get you healthy results. It would help if you had ergonomic chairs to provide back support, so you can straighten your spine while you work. The ErgoChair 2 is an industry leader in comfortable chairs thanks to its lumbar support, ergonomic design, and seat cushions. You can also try standing desks to move around freely. The benefits of these desks include the improvement of blood circulation and proper leg posture. The SmartDesk 4 is an excellent choice in this regard. You can control the setting via your phone, which makes it convenient for your body. 

Your Improvement Plan with 80/20 Rule Training

You should also plan ahead. The Pareto principle is a great tool for long-term planning. How it works is simple. Determine which strategic objectives are the most important. In this case, you focus on ergonomic comfort, lack of distractions, and a list of to-dos. 80/20 rule training allows you to come up with a set of strategies for time-efficient management.

Finally, you need to find the right balance of work and breaks. 80/20 rule training suggests you schedule regular intervals for snacks and exercise. It lets you restore your energy during your downtime so that you can get back to work with more enthusiasm.

Use the 80/20 Rule for Productivity

With 80/20 rule training, you can eliminate your workplace distractions while completing your projects with effectiveness and speed. It's important to keep practicing this principle. Once you focus on the core 20% of your problems, the rest is easy. With an improvement plan, you can reduce the stress of your mind and body with ergonomic furniture. Set yourself a schedule so you can take breaks and figure out long-term goals. The 80/20 rule is an effective means to significantly improve your work productivity, so give it a try.

Use the 80/20 Rule for Productivity

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