How to Create a Daily Productive Work-From-Home Schedule

How to Create a Daily Productive Work-From-Home Schedule

|Mar 9, 2021

Modern time has blessed the working class with the ability to work from home. This seems an ideal thing to do until you start falling behind schedule and losing touch with your productivity.

Falling back on your productive work schedule is not an uncommon thing for remote workers. Therefore, we recommend creating a healthy work from home routine to keep your productivity and performance on track. Let us learn how to do that in this article.

Set Work and Personal Life Boundaries

While working from home, it is straightforward for you to lose a sense of differentiation between work life and home life. However, you must keep up with those boundaries to avoid affecting either your work or home life due to the other.

The best way to do so is by setting up a personal home office. All you have to do is place a home office desk in a room that you can call your own.

You must also let everyone in your house be aware of your work from home schedule. This will increase their chances of interfering with your work from home plan and letting you work at peace.

Set Work and Personal Life Boundaries

Plan Ahead

One of the most important things you will have to do to keep up with your work at home schedule is creating a plan. We understand that not every job allows you to plan your entire day. However, you can have a rough hourly outline of the next day in your mind before you go to bed.

Planning on an hourly basis the previous night will allow you to wake up with a work from home routine in your mind. This will keep you motivated and directional throughout the day.

Set Realistic Goals

When people only begin scheduling their routine from work from home full guide, they negate the importance of breaks. Both employees and employers believe that since the person is at home, they are comfortable and can do much more than humanly possible. However, that will only lead you to burn out quickly.

While planning your work at home schedule, you should remind yourself of the importance of not burning out. Therefore, you must set realistic goals each day, allowing yourself some personal time.

While creating a roadmap for each day, you will make a work from home schedule that you'll not want to follow if you have unrealistic goals. Therefore, setting realistic goals will give you a practical roadmap that you're more likely to follow.

work from home schedule

Have A Consistent Waking Up Time

Science shows how the human body works on a routine and in cycles. It is vital to build a sleep schedule and stick to it to help you be in good shape, both physically and mentally. Therefore, you need to assign a specific time each day at which you will wake up.

Waking up early will give you an added advantage over others as it will allow you to have more time to yourself away from the bustle of people's busy lives. Waking up at 6 or 7 am each day as a part of your work from home plan will boost your productivity.

productive work schedule

Get Dressed

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you have to slack on your work ethic. As a part of your work from home schedule, you must wake up on time and get dressed before you get to work.

The way we dress makes a significant impact on our will to work and our mood in general. Therefore, if you're dressed in your casual lower and sweatshirt, you will never feel as energetic as when you dress formally in your work clothes. After all, you must dress for yourself and not for others.

Another advantage of dressing for work is that you will not have to leave your workstation to get ready for a virtual meeting.

Turning on your camera in a virtual meeting will give you an added advantage in your organization. However, most people do not do it for fear of looking unpresentable. If you're always appropriately dressed, you will always be presentable enough for a meeting, even while working from home.

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Prioritize Your Meals

Skipping meals, unhealthy snacking, or eating at surreal times is something many remote workers tend to do. However, not having proper food throughout the day, only to overeat after work, will make you lethargic. Moreover, doing so is detrimental to your physical and mental health.

Ensure adding breakfast, lunch, and dinner times into your productive work schedule and sticking to it. Moreover, keep your meals in check and do not have something so heavy in the day that you cannot continue with your work due to drowsiness.

It is very important to set aside some time every few hours to get some nutrition in your body. This will not only give you some break but will also allow your body to focus better.


Maintain a Personal Life

Losing track of your personal life in work from home mode is not uncommon. However, doing so will make you burn out very quickly, costing you your productivity. Make sure that you take at least one leave a week to spend time with yourself and your friends and family.

Taking off time is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can take some small breaks during working time to do exercises with your office standing desk to release stress. The happier you are in your personal environment, the more you will be motivated and happy to work. However, if the only thing you have to look forward to is more work, you will easily lose motivation.

Maintain a Personal Life


Building a healthy work from home schedule is important to keep your productivity in check. However, creating a work schedule doesn’t mean prioritizing work over life. The perfect schedule is the one that will allow you to balance life with work to help you have the most fun while working from home.

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