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Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 1, 2019

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The contemporary place of work is shifting. For many individuals, work does not look like conventional compartments and water coolers. Workplaces are acclimatizing with technology to make the most of throughput and make the workstations more compact and up-to-the-minute. So, the more you acquire from modest bits and pieces like computers, desks, chairs, better it will be for your workplace.

Today, it is ideal for workplaces to be cognizant of the changes taking place in technology. You need to keep up with the changing work environment and ethics to give your workforces a reason to put an additional effort.

smart desk, adjustable standing desk

In the place of work, there is a paradigm shift going on, and it is the use of the smart desk. They transpire to be a pioneering way in which big businesses improve operative efficiency. However, people are still inquisitive about the idea of standing while working. These adjustable sit-stand desks will make you feel like you have a personal assistant. You’re going to love it. These desks are the key to modern workspaces that are aimed at driving productivity to an entirely new level. And, this is one of the best ways to revolutionize your place of work and find the most elegant ways to work.

Fine-tuning at the press of a push button, you can go from sitting to standing and back yet again in a matter of seconds. Let us get to know more about this revolutionizing office furniture.

How does the place of work speak about your company culture?

Your place of work can say a lot about you. The way you pick out to embellish and how orderly you keep your workplace can speak tomes in what way you work. However, it is also factual that the workstation gadgets and devices you mount yourself with can also define your efficiency.

Stand-up and height-adjustable desks lauded for their benefits on your health. Instead of sitting for hours a day, you can offer your body a bit of invigoration to aid you in finding your way out of the workday collapse. Of course, not all standing desks are fashioned equal. The best standing desk is the desk that moves at the press of a switch.

What is the need for a paradigm shift in the context of office furniture?

It is a fact that every working individual spends at least 8 hours a day in their office from the day of joining until his/her retirement these days. As such, it makes sense for the corporates to focus on the kind of furniture that you are using. Furniture undoubtedly plays a vital role in maintaining a proper healthy atmosphere and driving productivity in the place of work.

The notion of offering the perfect adjustable standing desk to the employees is to offer them a good quality working environment by allowing them to stand up and walk. Doing this helps in uplifting the liveliness in the place of work.

How these smart desks transform the workstations?

smart desk, adjustable standing desk

The smart desks come with all the bells and whistles that can make the work of an individual better and more effective. The adjustable standup desks have now been designed with AI capabilities aimed at improving the workstations and working experience while allowing you to adjust the height as per your needs. In simple words, this means you don’t need to adapt to your workstation; instead, your workstation can be customized as per your requirements. The modes of the smart sit-stand desk let you change the position from standing desks to sitting desks. You would no longer be stuck in your workstation. You can choose in whatever way you feel better at work. The smart feature in these desks will also let you know when you need to stand and when you need to sit. All these have been possible after the use of AI in the desks – the best way to transform your workplace.

The smart desks also maintain a complete activity log about your working posture. You can analyze the statistics of how much time you have spent working, standing, and sitting. Goodies don’t end here. These adjustable smart desks are conducive to proper time management and optimization. You can get your smart desks synced with your google calendar to keep up with your schedule. These features help you break up your tasks into chunks and maintain a proper work of work and relaxation in between. You would now maintain a superb efficiency level for the whole day without any setbacks.

Why smart desks have an edge over the traditional office setting?

smart desk, adjustable standing desk

A smart desk is a foolproof solution to all the troubles created by the traditional sitting arrangement in the workplace. It is a fact that businesses gain when their employees are at work, but employees lose a lot sitting in wrong postures for hours. But when smart desks are put in use, then both the business and the workforce will gain. Businesses will definitely click better productivity, and workers will get their efficiency enhanced and remain healthy.

According to many research publications, adjustable smart desks have been incremental in reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases in working individuals. The results from an exercise reveal that workers who make use of adjustable smart desks have lower back and neck pain. The smart desks have made their work more comfortable and increased their overall working efficiency. They have also been able to remain active all day and have submitted all their work in a proper, timely manner. When the adjustable smart desks are put to use for 3-4 hours, it has been found that the heartbeat per minute of an individual is equal to 10 times, which keeps the worker active all the time and promotes body energy too.

How can smart desks drive productivity?

It is a fact that sitting down for an extended period of time has its adverse impacts on the overall condition of an individual. If the researches are to be believed, then the main reason for obesity, fat build-up, high blood sugar, and increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels in working individuals is spending long working hours sitting at a particular place without any physical movements. These long sitting hours also increase the anxiety levels in individuals, and most of them start smoking in an attempt to counter that.

smart desk, adjustable standing desk

In contrast, if you start moving from one place to another in the course of your office hours, you can remain active, and the physical movements will help you reduce your weight and increase energy. You can burn many calories without even spending a single minute for workout sessions. The physical movement leads to maintain a proper muscle tone and uplifts your mental well-being. All these things can be considered pillars of a perfect work environment and increased productivity.

When you have a perfect physical and mental health, you can give your best to complete your task with the utmost concentration and focus. Most of the working individuals complain about having back pain after spending long hours in the office. It is for this reason that they adopt wrong sitting postures and continue sitting in the same posture for long durations without any physical movement. The pain can hurt the spinal cord and give rise to many problems. All of this can, in turn, bring down productivity and reduce the concentration of the employees.

You can never give your 100% to work when you have health-related problems and issues. When you are unable to concentrate on the work you are doing for your company, then it is very likely that you’ll end up making mistakes and miss deadlines too. And in turn, it will surely bring the overall productivity of your company down.

The need of the hour is to shift to smart office furniture, including ergo chairs & sit-stand desks. Numerous employees all over the world have given positive feedback about the smart sit-stand desk. Most of them say that it has helped them in giving an energy boost and has been effective in eliminating back pain issues. Some of them even say that they have been able to spend quality time with their family members after returning from the office without complaining about pain.

smart desk, adjustable standing desk

What are the benefits of switching to smart standing desks?

  • Increases focus on work
  • Drives productivity
  • Provides better neck and back health
  • Reduces risks of fatal health conditions
  • Minimizes the risk of long term mortality


It is a fact that technology is often very luxurious when it is up-to-date. Luckily, there are affordable solutions for office spaces that can not only upsurge the overall productivity of the business but also help in maintaining a perfect work environment within the office. Adjustable smart desks are the new age solution for all your old age office problems. When all the employees in your place of work maintain such a superb rate, chances of your business achieving success increases. In the end, a healthy workforce is key to a successful business.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our wide range of standing desks and choose the one that best suits your requirements. For more information, explore the website here: https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks/smartdesk-2-business.

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