Pros and Cons of Buying Used Office Chairs
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Pros and Cons of Buying Used Office Chairs

|Nov 6, 2018

Are you planning to renovate your office interior? Do you want to give a new look to your office space? If yes, then you need to think about replacing your office furniture as well. Not only furniture is a fundamental requirement in every commercial set-up, but it also affects your productivity.

Today, furniture plays a vital role in office designing. It helps you to enhance the charm of your office. It also impacts your office visitors as this is one of the most important things that your visitors will see when they enter your office space. Therefore you need to find out the furniture that matches your office interior. Furthermore, an office employee spends 40 hours a week on his/her office chair. And therefore, before you go ahead, you need to find an office chair that is comfortable to sit and support your back to avoid any back or neck pain.

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There are countless numbers of furniture designing companies available in the market that comes up with their innovative and aesthetic designs. From mesh chair, leather chair, fabric chair, vinyl chair to plastic chairs, there are different types of chairs available on the market. You can definitely find the one that fulfills your requirements.

Talking about general office chairs, you can find a set of wheels attached to the chair which favors mobility. Apart from height adjustability features, office chairs are equipped with various features nowadays to provide utmost comfort during working hours.

However, office chairs are costly to purchase; you have to invest a significant amount. If you have an ample amount of money to invest regarding office furniture, then you can purchase brand new office chairs, but if you don't want to spend more, then you can go with used office chairs.

Yes, you have heard it right; we have seen many companies that buy used furniture for their offices to save money. Not only it makes sense to buy used office chairs, especially when you are on a low budget, but it will help you utilize your funds in the best possible way and get value for money. Before you go ahead, you need to know the reasons to buy used office chairs. In this guide, we are going to tell the benefits you can reap by buying used office chairs.

Pros of buying used office chairs

1. Used office chairs are Affordable

The first point that will come in your mind while purchasing a used office chair will be the lower costs. And yes that’s true for sure that while picking up used office chairs you will get a deal that you can’t beg while going for a brand new one. But never purchase a used product that forces you to compromise its price with quality.

Buying used office chairs allows you to buy higher quality and long lasting furniture within your budget. Furthermore, using the recycled material is beneficial for our environment too. However, you can only benefit from your pre-owned purchase if you will purchase and make decisions wisely throughout the process and will end up decorating your office to the best of your ability with regards to how you want the final look to be.

2. You will have customization as an option by your side

As the used office chairs will definitely save you a lot on your pocket, so you can use that money to customize the used furniture you bought as per your taste and convenience. Not only it allows you to add a personal touch to your pre-owned office chairs but will also let your thoughts about your dream office come true. You can customize your old chairs as per the interiors of the office and can even make changes to its base and back support and make them much more comfortable than before. Customizing your old chairs will not only make them as fresh as a brand new one but it will make them more user-friendly, most suited to your needs of comfort and will provide a good, clean and safe working base.

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3. Purchasing used office chairs are eco-friendly

If you are purchasing used chairs for your office, then you are not only saving money, but you are making purchases that are in favor of the environment. Yes, purchasing used office chairs are environment-friendly as well. The more used furniture you will purchase, the less of it goes to waste in the landfill thereby making it eco-friendly. Besides this, eco-friendly furniture will reduce the carbon footprint which will ultimately help our planet stay healthier for longer.

4. Buying Used office chairs save your valuable time

Another advantage of purchasing used office chairs over the new ones is that you need not stand in long queues; you will get it delivered quickly without being waiting for the stock or the order you will place. Purchasing new office chairs from large stores will make you wait for items to come into stock or for the delivery time; it may delay your future plans. But opting for used office chairs will let you avoid such situations, as what you like, you can have it there and then take it away with you on your own accord. So if you are planning to decorate or redecorate your office, then purchasing the items that are readily available to take away will be favorable to you.

5. Used chairs have a wide range of options in the same budget

Another benefit of purchasing old office chairs is that it allows you choose from a wide range of variety in front of you, and you definitely won’t be limited to making choices with regards to not only quantities but styles of products. The dealers which sales used office chairs have stocks that have been collected from different areas thereby making the stock more versatile in terms of styles, comfort, color, etc. Furthermore, the option of customization will add more to the variable part.

6. A thorough search will let you beg the best deal

While purchasing used office chairs, you can even take the benefit of searching and getting products that are as good as the new ones. Sometimes, we may come across the used items that are no less than new ones in terms of their quality. Of course, when purchasing used furniture, you will expect your items to be in less than new condition, but sometimes that is not the case. All of this depends upon your searching and purchasing skills. As already discussed, be smart and make wise decisions while purchasing used office chairs to get the best deal in the market.

So these were the pros that one can reap by purchasing used office chairs. It is really a fiscally strategic move, as well as a practical one. Not only it will be beneficial for your company’s bottom line, but also enhance your overall productivity. Furthermore, the above points will also make the overall purchasing process easy for you.

However, every coin has two faces; till now we have seen the pros of purchasing used office chairs, but there are some disadvantages of buying used office chairs. In the next part, we are going to focus on the cons that are linked to it.

Cons of buying used office chairs

1. Be smart with the marketing techniques

It is usual that the dealers will use some of the best marketing techniques to sell their old products. Therefore one has to be attentive while purchasing the old office furniture. Dealers may also try to sell the used office chair with a tag of “ergonomic” but always remember that whether used or new – it (ergonomic) does not mean that it offers a high level of comfort or it is worth to buy it.

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2. Beware of the re-branding part

It is another disadvantage of buying used office chairs. Pre-owned office furniture dealers usually rebrand the low quality used office furniture. Though the marketplace is full of credible used office furniture dealers and brokers, unfortunately, some companies perform unethical activities. They change the brand of the low quality used office chair so that they “sound” very similar to popular, leading brand names like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, and others. So, beware of such frauds, or it is recommended to perform a little research before finalizing your decision.

3. Used office chairs are not as safe as the new ones

If you have decided to purchase used office chairs for your office, then you might be taking a risk with the safety of the employees. Every year thousands of employees are injured during their office hours, and for the majority of them, the reason behind the injuries is old or used office furniture. Safety of the employees should be at the top of your priority list; you should keep in mind that the used chairs you are purchasing have a strong built and they are not unsafe office chairs, such as those that tip over. Be sure that any used office chairs that you’re considering are safe and will not put employees at risk.

4. Used low-cost office chairs are low in quality

It is obvious that if you are putting your hand over used products, then you might need to compromise with the quality. Even the office chairs manufactured by renowned companies degrade in quality after being used for a limited time period. Therefore, never compromise with the quality as safety is the top priority when it comes to office chairs (new or used).

Look for chairs that have high-density foam padded seats, and have chair wheels which are good in quality to avoid picking low quality used office chairs from the stores. Besides this, make sure that the used chairs must have thick bases; in case it is equipped with the gas pumps, they are functioning smoothly. Never ignore the quality of the fabric of the chair in hustle; you need to ensure that you’re getting quality for the price you are paying.

5. Look for a warranty

One of the major cons when going for used office chairs is warranty; you can't predict for how long they will last. Just because you’re sourcing used office chairs, it doesn’t mean that you have to take risks. You need to do some homework before making purchases to avoid such concerns while purchasing the used chairs. Search over the internet for the dealers that are providing warranty over the used office chairs against major defects. Though the warranty that the pre-owned furniture dealers offer will not be the same that you’d get with new office furniture, you will still have some assurance. The process of buying used chairs is similar to purchasing a used car v/s a brand new car.

6. Tough time finding similar models and required chairs

If you are willing to purchase a large volume of used office chairs, then you might face problems regarding a limited number of colors, styles and configuration options. You have to compromise with the requirement of purchasing identical items in a large volume. The dealers have stock from various regions and stores, and getting a similar or particular model in bulk is quite difficult. The biggest disadvantage of used office furniture is that there are often no returns and no warranty.

So, these were the cons of buying used office chairs. Now, you have gone through the pros and cons of purchasing used office chairs; we hope that you are now ready to make your own decision. Before you go ahead, make sure that you do your homework and get an idea of your workplace before making any kind of purchase. Purchasing used office furniture requires a wise and calm decision to get benefit from it.

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