Pros and Cons of Gaming on a Standing Desk
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Pros and Cons of Gaming on a Standing Desk

|Aug 13, 2021

While setting up a gaming station, the gamer usually overlooks the height adjustable gaming desk. Instead, they put more attention to the gaming gears, including monitors, sound functionalities, and many more. But a gaming desk happens to be the foundation of every gaming setup. A gaming desk needs to be a sturdy area where the game can place their different gaming equipment that can enhance their gaming experience. 

While purchasing a gaming desk, one must consider various factors. Out of all, ergonomics happens to be the first and foremost consideration before you choose a gaming desk. The market has multiple models of gaming desks. It can make the situation challenging for any gamer. It cannot be obvious to choose the correct option. This article states the pros and cons of gaming on a standing desk which is the current best gaming desk. It provides the optimum concert and increases your productivity. Continue reading this article to find everything that you need to know about standing desks. Let’s figure out some pros and cons of gaming standing desk!

Why would you choose a standing desk?

Why would you choose a standing desk

It is not a new thing for gamers to spend enormous hours in front of their gaming desk. It makes them vulnerable to various bodily problems. It also creates adverse effects on their health. That is why gamers must choose a sit-stand gaming desk. Here are some of the benefits that adjustable standing desks offer to avid gamers. 

Enhances focus and engagement

When you are sitting in front of a desk for an extended period, it can cause discomfort, muscle tension, and relentlessness. However, if you are using an adjustable desk with proper gaming setup, it would allow you to stretch and stand while continuing with your most engrossed gaming session. However, the multiple monitor computer desk allows the user to be comfortable while improving the blood circulation in the body. It promotes the focus and productivity of the user.

Improves the health

Improves the health

An average gamer might neglect the help while sitting at the gaming desk for a prolonged period. It creates some adverse effects on the person's health. It includes brain fog, neck pain, muscle strain, and poor circulation. Out of all, if you are not using proper ergonomics at your work, it can lead to weight gain. On the other hand, while you are increasing the amount of standing time, it reduces the risk of any chronic disease and metabolic syndrome. In addition, it avoids the risk of back pain and neck pain. Therefore, when speaking about sit-stand gaming desk pros and cons, it is one of the points of advantage that DIY gaming desk ideas provide.

Naturally limits the playtime

When you are sitting and conducting your gaming skills, you tend to lose track of time. Every hour might feel like minutes. However, if you are using a standing desk, you are playing while standing. It makes the gamer aware of the time that they are indulging in the game.

The disadvantage of using a standing desk

While one speaks about the stand-up gaming desk pros and cons, there are certain disadvantages that one can experience. Some of these are:

Sore feet

Sore feet

One should have an understanding of how to use a gaming desk. Though there are various instances where the gaming desk proves to be an ideal solution, if you use it for a prolonged period without understanding when to stop and sit, it can lead to sore feet. It is a common phenomenon that happens to many people when they start using the standing desk. The feet take the weight of the person. Hence, if one does not understand and get accustomed to using the standing desk, it can cause gamers' real problems.

Unable to use laptops

While you are using a standing desk, it becomes difficult for the gamer to use a laptop as there may be situations where there is not enough space between the computer and the person using the device. If there is a small space while gaming, you can develop problems with neck and arm areas. Especially when you're gaming for a more extended period, it can harm your overall health. Therefore, using a standing desk becomes detrimental for every avid gamer, and such risk is one of the disadvantages of a gaming desk. 

Considerations for choosing a standing desk

After looking into the pros and cons of gaming standing desks, one should look for these few things in their gaming desk. These points below speak about the most crucial factors that every gamer must consider before deciding on a standing desk.



A gamer would be using various gaming accessories while they are gaming. Therefore, the standing desk should include all the gaming desk accessories to provide you with the ultimate convenience. You might want additional draws or compartments for storage. Also, check for the cable trays in your standing desk that can help you with better management of cables.

Weight capacity

Since a gamer needs to put several items on their gaming desk, they need to look for a gaming desk that would hold the total weight capacity. Look for a sturdy gaming desk that would go for a prolonged period.

Health and ergonomics

Health and ergonomics

There are specific features like one-button control, built-in monitor arms, accessible adjusting height features, and many more that a gamer should consider before getting a standing desk. If you do not look for all these features in your standing desk, it would be difficult for you to use the desk for a prolonged period.



One must consider the quality of the desk before purchasing it. A plastic or wooden desktop provides better convenience and comfort than a stainless-steel frame. But if you are looking for a desk with office durability and stability, you can opt for stainless steel once.


Look for a design that fits your aesthetics. One recommends that every gamer must check for a standing gaming desk that is versatile and projects a simple look. It allows the gaming equipment kept on the desk to be the main focus in your whole setup. 


After considering every pros and cons of a gaming standing desk for gamers, every gamer must choose a desk with customizable options according to their preference. Moreover, if you are a first-time buyer of a standing desk, you can go through this guide to understand what is best.

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