The Difference Between Real Wood and Fake Wood Furniture
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The Difference Between Real Wood and Fake Wood Furniture

|Oct 3, 2022

Does your furniture have real wood or fake wood? Here's a chance to find out if you've wondered about this before without actually investigating. If you want to determine whether you have real wood furniture or fake wood, there are several things you can look for. To help you to know real wood vs. fake wood, here are a few tips. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fake Wood Furniture

Pros of Fake Wood Furniture

Their price is lower than solid wood, making them more affordable. The durability and long-term performance of engineered wood are excellent. This means that furniture carved from it will also last a long time. They provide a huge amount of flexibility for drilling, fastening, and cutting and allow for many design possibilities.

As engineered woods resemble solid wood, they are also aesthetically pleasing. A decorative laminate and attractive finishes can also be applied to their surfaces. Engineered solid wood corner desks or furniture with laminated surfaces are relatively easy to maintain and clean.

Pros of Fake Wood Furniture

Engineered wood rarely expands or warps when exposed to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and moisture. They are environmentally friendly as scraps from other lumber products are mostly used, and trees are not cut down.

When these woods are treated chemically, they become resistant to termites and borer infestations, as well as resistant to rot. A piece of furniture made from engineered wood desk top weighs less than one made from solid wood. As a result, they are easy to move, shift, or transport.

Cons of Fake Wood Furniture

With particle boards, moisture and humidity are not well tolerated. The result is that they are prone to warping, discoloring, and expanding. In certain woods, such as plywood, there are layers of veneer on the edges, so laminate or veneer must be used to finish the edges.

Due to its water resistance, MDF desktop tends to absorb water and swell when they are exposed to moisture. Dense, heavy, and sturdy woods are available. Therefore, working with them alone is difficult, and you must know how to protect laminate flooring from rolling chairs.

In most cases, the urea-formaldehyde resin is used in the manufacturing process. The boards may become toxic as a result, and the off-gas in the building can also deteriorate the air quality. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Wood Furniture

Pros of Real Wood Furniture

  • It is extremely durable to use wooden furniture.
  • In terms of maintenance, it is very simple.
  • The material is natural and long-lasting. It can last a lifetime if it is cared for properly.
  • As long as you prevent constant rough handlings, such as scratches or spills, it will last.
  • A robust material, it is easy to work with.
  • As well as being reliable, it is also stable.
  • Aside from its durability, it is also very cost-effective.
  • This is an easy-to-maintain product. The wooden furniture stays in good shape if it is occasionally polished, oiled, or waxed.
  • This is a popular home décor choice. All of the rooms will be enriched by their charm, sophistication, and elegance.
  • A certain dignity and charm can be found in it.
  • Second, third, and even fourth lives can be added to it over time.
  • Due to its responsibly sourced and certified origins, it is highly sustainable.
  • There is a wide range of tones and colors available in wood. You have a lot of options to choose from when making furniture.
  • You can use this type of wood material for outdoor and indoor use in almost any setting.

Pros of Real Wood Furniture

Cons of Real Wood Furniture

  • The wood is susceptible to water damage, which is why many prefer fake wood flooring.
  • Wood's color can be damaged, and its surface can be changed by ultraviolet light; you need to see how to protect wood furniture.
  • The finish of a product can be damaged or scratched by sharp objects.
  • The process of repairing damage requires patience and skill.
  • Moisture absorbs and escapes from wood. Wood expands and contracts, which can cause joints to loosen. Fortunately, a good finish can compensate for this.
  • Dust that settles on anything can be granular, scratching finishes unless removed. It is usually best to apply a paste wax once a year to provide protection.
  • UV light exposure can change the color of wood surfaces and even cause extensive damages that cannot be repaired.
  • The surfaces of real wood vs. fake wood furniture can be damaged or scratched by sharp objects that can only be fixed by an expert with great patience and skill.

Knowing the Difference Between Real or Fake Wood Furniture

Check the weight of the item

There is a lot of weight in solid wood. Your furniture is probably made of real wood if it is difficult to move around. There's a good chance it's fake if it's lightweight and easy to move.

Check the weight of the item

Get to know the grain

In reality, real wood has a distinct grain pattern that is not entirely symmetrical. It's a good indication that it's real if you notice small variances in the grain. There is a high probability that the home furniture is fake if it's repetitive and similar throughout. Grain can also be judged by how it feels. The texture of real wood can be felt when it is touched. The feel of fake wood, however, is smooth.

Locate the carvings

Isn't it possible to carve laminate or veneer? You can tell if your wood is natural by looking at its carvings, such as the decorative vines or patterns on a bed frame.

Check for flaking, cracking, and crazing

There's a good chance your wood is fake if it has cracked or flaked. In small pieces, natural wood rarely does this.

Analyze the durability

It is much more durable to buy real wood furniture than to buy fake wood furniture. It is likely that the wood in your furniture is natural if it is durable, has been knocked around, or has otherwise been overused without any consequences. It's probably fake if it breaks easily, warps, or buckles.

Analyze the durability

Take into account the cost

It is usually more expensive to buy real wood furniture - but it is not always the case. There is a possibility that the furniture you bought was made from fake wood if you paid a lower price than the average.

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