Recycled Office Furniture Designs from Recycled Materials
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Recycled Office Furniture Designs from Recycled Materials

|Sep 30, 2022

People who support sustainability are always looking for ways they can transform their old, useless items into something useful. If you know the right recycled furniture ideas, you can even transform an old furniture piece into something new and unique. The best part about recycled office furniture is that it is very sustainable, economical, and creative at the same time.

The furniture made from recycled materials has its own personal charm that adds to its uniqueness. You can recycle your existing office furniture to design some other home furniture. That’s why people love to know more about the recycled design of multiple furniture pieces and accessories.

We know that you must be in search of the best recycled furniture ideas too. You will be grateful to know that we have shared the ideal ones in this article today. You will learn more about furniture from recycled materials as you read on. So, let’s dive in! 

Best Ways to Make Furniture from Recycled Materials

Best Ways to Make Furniture from Recycled Materials

Do you have reclaimed wood in your garage or old bottles in bulk? You can recycle even a cable spool, an old wine barrel, or a dresser drawer. So, if you have these no more usable materials in your garage, you can recycle them to create value. Following are some recycled furniture ideas that you can utilize if you have the required materials: 

Create a Wooden Ottoman Using Cable Spool

A wooden ottoman can be a nice corner to sit in. You can repurpose a cable spool to create a wooden ottoman yourself. All you will need is a fabric piece, batting, and cable spool for this task. To design your personalized ottoman, you can wrap a fancy fabric around the wooden spool with batting underneath. 

Use Old Wooden Crates to Make a Storage Table

If you have some old wooden crates, you can create a storage table out of them. People who like adding a more rustic feel to their home office by using some old, repurposed materials usually adore the look of storage tables designed using old wooden crates.

You can design the storage table in a way that it has a chest to store any accessories like files (in case of the home office) or pillows (in case of the living room). You may even paint your storage table using wood stain to enhance the way it looks. 

Create a Storage Rack Using Pallet Wood

Create a Storage Rack Using Pallet Wood

If you have some pallet woods in your garage or store, now is the time to repurpose them into a shelf or rack. You may paint the pallets to make them complement your home furniture. If you are planning to place this rack in your art room, you might need a place to keep your brushes and paints. In that case, you can even reuse any jars here by attaching them to the pallet wood and placing any accessories there. The placement of jars can be in any pattern that you like. 

Design a Cabinet Using Pallet Wood

Pallet woods can be used for designing a cabinet too. You can arrange the pallets the way you like to create a storage cabinet for your important documents or any other accessory. You can even incorporate some modern home office ideas here to make the cabinet look more contemporary if you are not interested in getting the rustic look. 

Decorate Lights Using Old Bottles

Decorate Lights Using Old Bottles

You might be aware of this one. People reuse old glass bottles for decoration purposes, and creating a fancy light from them is one way of doing that. You can do the same as well. All you are supposed to do is cut the bottom part of your glass bottles and place a bulb inside. You can hang these bottles on your patio or outdoor office space to make them look more stylish and unique. 

Stylize a Cable Spool to Create a Side Table

Do you feel the need for a side table in your home office for placing your favorite books or any other accessory? You can repurpose an unused cable spool and some reclaimed wood pieces to create a side table for that. One can use this table for storing smaller items. You can even use it as an end table in your living room. 

Repurposed Wine Barrel

You can repurpose a wine barrel to make a pet house out of it. You only have to cut a door-like opening on the front side of the barrel, place a sleeping bed inside, and decorate it a bit to make it look like home for your little pet. 

Personal Reading Corner Designed Using Plastic Bottles

Do you have plastic bottles in bulk? You can arrange these plastic bottles like a wall and use them to separate your reading corner or office from the rest of the house. Doing that will give a unique look to your room and provide you with a personal space for special tasks. 

Create a Table Using Old Door

Create a Table Using Old Door

If you have an old door, you can make its surface even and use it as a tabletop for your home office desk. If you have doors in bulk, you can even make a conference table or a long crafting table out of it. The only additional wood piece here would be for the table’s legs. Once you have these materials, you can make office furniture from recycled materials. 

Final Words

We hope that you found these recycled design ideas insightful and that you will use them to create recycled office furniture as well. There are multiple other ways to use the above mentioned materials, as you can make any combination to optimize your furniture made from recycled materials.

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