Red Argyle Employee Discount Program for Office Furniture by Autonomous
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Red Argyle Employee Discount Program for Office Furniture by Autonomous

Autonomous|Dec 27, 2021

You will have access to some of the greatest deals and products on the web when you purchase from Autonomous. Due to the thorough research the company does on each item, it tends to set its prices reasonably. You will save more with this Red Argyle employee discount employee purchase program regardless of the type of product you are interested in.

Introducing the Programs for B2B from Autonomous for Red Argyle Employee


Buy now (discount according to company level)

Our Autonomous E-Store makes it possible for all your employees to access your Red Argyle employee benefits immediately online.  

  • At, you can submit your work email address.
  • To complete the sign-up process, you'll need to click on a "magic link." in your email.
  • You can now shop for less at Autonomous directly via your company's benefits portal.

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

What is the company benefit portal like? It's time to take a closer look at how to use Autonomous EPP. With the Employee Purchase Program, your company discount is progressively increased over time. Sign in now to use your company discount.

Anyone on your team that buys multiple units or work from home kits through this Red Argyle employee referral program in one transaction can take advantage of our volume pricing plan, which offers progressive savings. Increased productivity, saving money is one of the Red Argyle employee benefits 2021.

Pay for me (charge to the company)

Pay for me (charge to the company)

Imagine being able to eliminate approvals, receipts, and reimbursements of expenses? If you created a Red Argyle employee purchase program, you would no longer need to worry about these tasks. Their work-from-home platform makes it easy for employees to select and order products with just a few clicks. They can even request company approval on bulk office furniture in the same place. Once an employee selects a product from the company's Autonomous store, they can request the company charge by following the steps below for the Red Argyle benefits Oracle:

  • Completion of the payment form on this page is required
  • You can now request by clicking on the 'Make a Request' button.

Some Popular Autonomous Products

1. The SmartDesk

The SmartDesk for Red Argyle employee discount

You can work on the go with SmartDesks standing desk height-adjustable or standing desks. There are four types of SmartDesk products: SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Corner, SmartDesk Pro with Pro+, and SmartDesk CoreDuo. They all feature a variety of practical features that meet most home office needs. Their silent motors enable them to raise the desk up to 48 inches.

We have also included the SmartDesk Design Collaboration series as part of this one-time event. Autonomous x Wistopht's SmartDesk Pro consists of three components: the Frame-Core SmartDesk by Autonomous x Timotion and the SmartDesk Core by Autonomous x Timotion. In this collection, you can even order a bespoke desk at special prices by choosing the frame and surface.    

2. The ErgoChair

The ErgoChair for Red Argyle employee discount

Here is one of the modern products you should have in the Red Argyle employee discount program. Remote working can be more pleasant by finding a comfortable office chair. You have a wide variety of options. Ergonomic chairs are usually comfortable and supportive. There are about three inches of memory foam inside the seat, even though the foam is highly malleable. However, the chair's seat and tail end may get compressed by your body weight to 2 inches at the center and tail end.

Each chair's mesh back and lumbar cushions have padding, and each chair supports 300 pounds. Additionally, each chair features many ergonomic adjustments and multiple locking positions, allowing it to recline anywhere between 18 degrees and 25 degrees. It is possible to adjust the headrest's height and angle (up to 30 degrees vertically). These adjustments are permanent. As part of this special offer, you can purchase the Avochair and the Ergostool at a special price.

3. Smart accessories

Desk lamp

Desk lamp

Autonomous has a variety of lamps that are suitable for desktop or floor installation. Our selection even includes items from other brands in addition to our Light Bars and LED desk lamps. Lumicharge LEP lamp, the company's top pick for office lighting, comes with ten brightness levels and three light colours. It is a versatile and functional device with a built-in charger and USB port on the back.

Additionally, there is the Logan LED office lighting from Brightech, and the Swoop LED floor lamp. As a result of its unique asymmetry, Swoop is always a talking point. This floor lamp's gold and black accents make any room more sophisticated. The Logan will shine in any setting with its black marble base, metal arc, and gorgeous natural linen shade.

Standing desk mat

Standing desk mat

We have anti-fatigue mats and desk pads to help you make your Smart desk even more comfortable. Anti-fatigue mats reduce stiffness or strains caused by micro-movements. An autonomous anti-fatigue mat prevents back pain by maintaining a balanced spinal angle.

Desk pads and mats made with polyester and eco-friendly rubber provide the best look and great comfort. Polypropylene mouse pads provide great traction and look great. They are also smooth and provide great traction to your mouse. A rubber base prevents your mouse pad from sliding, making it eco-friendly.

In addition to the amazing desk pads made from these materials, we also have these machine washable ones. We print them with dye sublimation, ensuring outstanding quality. Additionally, it maintains the durability and clean, machine-stitched edges of the original desk mats made of organic cork tree shavings and vegan leather.

4. Other brand products


You can stream music, videos and make hands-free calls with City Energy's wireless charging stations and other office accessories. Wireless charging is also available for Qi-enabled smartphones. You can also get a 5000mAh power bank that has USB-C or USB-A ports from this company. It features thermal management to ensure it charges quickly.

SabineTek offers a Wireless Microphone with full-duplex stereo capabilities called SmartMike+. It does not require any cables! Bluetooth technology added to it will improve the sound quality of this microphone.

Our dimmable LED lamp is available in 9 different colors and has the following attributes: it can be dimmed, it's waterproof, and it's dimmable. According to the manufacturer, this mushroom lamp has nine LED colors and is both emotionally appealing and expressive. It even features a dimming switch located on the mushroom lamp's head.

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