Refresh Home Office with these 7 Positive Energy Gifts
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Refresh Home Office with these 7 Positive Energy Gifts

|Oct 1, 2021

Working from a home office? Are you experiencing frequent tiredness and low energy levels? Is it only because of the fact you are doing work from home? Or is something really affecting you? Research suggests that getting positive energy into your home office is an important aspect. As you work long and tiring hours, it is important to refresh your workspace by minor redesign or small little things that can brighten your mood and increase productivity.

While many folks immediately get the idea of a complete makeover, new rugs and lights, and whatnot, we don't recommend it. Instead, minor tweaks to your office settings and probably positive energy gifts are all you need to ensure you feel positive, vibrant, and full of energy. But, of course, just adding things to your office is not the only solution. Eating right, exercising and more solutions exist to a brighter mood and positive energy.

Here we recommend things that you can begin with before you look at a little longer duration solutions like exercising and eating right.

Seven Positive Energy Gifts for Your Home Office

1. Lighting

Add ample natural ambient light to your home office for positivity.  Research suggests that with ample light, the mood is brighter, and productivity goes up. But, should the weather in your region decide to play havoc, don't you worry. With an LED lamp as one of the choices for positive vibes gifts, you can be sure to be back in action. There are many colors of light available, from candescent to white and then milky white. Often these are coded with alphanumeric globally.  You can easily install this LED lamp as it comes with a clamp to manage your home office design.

It is also important to illuminate the correct work areas rather than the whole room or a part of the room where you are not working. With an increase in ambient light, you are clearer, focused, and have a higher attention span as it drives away sluggishness.

The LED lamp fits beautifully in your design as office accessories.

2. A Tibetan Bowl

A Tibetan bowl is one of the prime good energy gifts made out of metal or wood; metal is the preferred material.  Engraved with designs, they offer a different sound when rubbed with a gong. The different designs and engravings change the frequencies. Different frequencies produced as a part of rubbing enable the waking of different 'chakras' of a human's body.  As you read more about the benefits of a Tibetan Bowl, don't miss the fact that these frequencies have a soothing and relaxing effect on the human mind and body.  As the human body relaxes, it reduces stress and lowers your heart rate.   Gift this for a friend as they work from home.

3. Wind Chimes

One of the best gifts that bring positive energy is a beautiful wind chime. It is believed that a wind chime attracts loads of positive energy, and it throws away negative energy by deviating it from entering your home office.  The sound frequencies produced by the tinkling sound can vary based on the material made of – wood, metal, or even ceramic. This sound energy with high frequencies travels into the house, killing germs and driving away small insects and more.

4. Feng Shui Evil Dream Catcher

The much believed in Feng Shui Evil Dream Catcher has been a positive energy giver over centuries. This traditional gift is believed to catch evil dreams and dispel negative energies over people when fast asleep. The Feng Shui scriptures highlight the importance of decorating the Dreamcatcher to catch the negative vibes.  Most folks who believe in it would rather place the Dreamcatcher in windows, balconies, or any incoming area.  Sitting under a Dreamcatcher or walking under it is supposed to bring bad luck. While folks originally used them for overcoming dreams, you may find folks using them to enable positive energy into their house.

5. Candles

While we recommended increased lighting earlier, you may also use candles for other purposes like spreading a particular fragrance.  Candles are available in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.  You can buy candles for illumination only or scented ones too.  Candles are supposed to cleanse one's layers of spiritual and emotional being.  While many traditions stem from Eastern Asia, don't be surprised to see their use across the Continent.  You will find that Eucalyptus oil candles being lit for one's for protection. In addition, purification of the soul and overall good health are two main reasons people prefer this fragrance.  You have many choices to pick from.  Don't miss the common Lavender, which is supposed to bring immense love, peace, joy, and calmness to you.

6. Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is one of the most common positive energy gift ideas. It has long been associated with attracting good luck and positivity at the home or the office. While you can easily be mistaken between the bamboo, it is actually the lucky bamboo shoots you must keep inside the house. Modern and commercial bamboo pots can be seen with a red thread tied at the bottom to represent one of the four elements of life that is fire. Other elements include air, water, and Earth.

Bamboo has high significance in Feng Shui and is often represented by the number of stalks you keep.  The placement of bamboo shoots matters in attracting love, relationship money, and more. As you settle into a hybrid work from home schedule, you may want to consider gifting this to yourself.

7. A Horseshoe

That's right, a horseshoe!  People on the Continent and many parts of the world hang a horseshoe over the main entrance door. It is believed it wards of evil spirits and allows only positive energy to enter the house. Made from iron, or cast iron, it is believed that you use a used horseshoe rather than a fresh one. Some practices indicate the direction you must place in it for positive energy.  While we don't have a confirmation, it is believed that if you keep the U-shaped figure of the horseshoe open towards the top, it signifies that you would never run out of good luck. Some believe on the contrary, with the horseshoe opening facing downwards and giving luck to everyone who passes below it while entering the house. These traditions are being followed for centuries.

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As a wrap-up, while some folks may or may not believe these practices, these centuries-old traditions have stories to tell. The belief one has in such gifts only strengthens your faith in supreme power. The choice is yours as you get ready to gift it to your friends and family members.

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