Refresh your Workspace with a Budget-friendly DIY Smart Desk
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Refresh your Workspace with a Budget-friendly DIY Smart Desk

|Dec 4, 2018

Every once in a while, people come across expensive furniture in shops and wish they could purchase it. However, the size of one’s pocket may limit such heavy expenditure. This is where DIY furniture trumps these costly options.

With smart desks taking office workspaces by storm, what’s better than being able to build a budget-friendly DIY smart desk? If research is conducted thoroughly, people can even benefit from higher quality smart desks at lower price points than if they hired a professional or purchased it from a store.

Luckily, there is a plethora of information available online to construct a DIY smart desk.

When considering to build a DIY smart desk, it is important to enquire what tools and resources will be needed for successfully completing the project. Sometimes these can be borrowed from friends and family saving thousands of dollars.

diy smart desk

Benefits of building DIY furniture

1. Improvement in skills and expertise

While constructing DIY projects, there will inevitably be obstacles during its completion along with a steep learning curve. However, this is beneficial as one’s understanding and knowledge of construction and woodworking will increase exponentially which in turn will build confidence.

One useful tip is to start off with basic furniture equipment which needs little more than a screwdriver and as one’s experience grows in this area so can the complexity of the equipment that is being built.

2. Easy on the budget

Often this is the main driver for beginning DIY projects and a noteworthy one for that. This is because solid furniture can sometimes be really expensive. A DIY kit can not only be less pricey but it is often of a higher quality than ready-made furniture.

3. Unique and one-of-a-kind

Any DIY furniture is distinctive and it is unlikely that it will be found in other people’s houses. For instance, many people love shopping at IKEA but eventually, this furniture can be found in almost every other person’ house. Even if a tutorial is followed during the completion of a DIY furniture, every piece is handmade with its own flair which is very rare nowadays.

4. Greater appreciation

Since one is more involved in the creation and design of a DIY furniture piece, it provides a deeper meaning than if it was just picked out from a catalogue. One will realise the time and effort that went into building it and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when seeing it.

5. Meets exact needs

Buyer’s remorse is a common phenomenon amongst people when they shop for a high value item such as furniture. It might be because the purchased piece is perfect but the colour is wrong or it just doesn’t fit the design or space requirements. The agony that people go through after a purchase is just not worth it. When furniture is made by oneself, it can be designed to fit the space requirements, in the exact colour and with the exact accessories that one likes.

6. Ability to be fixed

Although this stands true for most pieces of furniture when they fall apart, it is even more applicable for DIY furniture where one knows how it’s made and what materials were used in the process. This way one can be more adept at fixing the furniture. Huge costs are also saved as one avoids the trouble of purchasing a replacement. However, since DIY furniture such as DIY smart desks are of a high quality, this problem is unlikely to be encountered!

7. It can be environmentally friendly

If refurbished raw materials are used to make the DIY furniture, they will definitely be eco-friendly. Furniture that uses reclaimed wood is unique and beautiful, and breathes new life into things that would otherwise have been rejected and discarded.

diy smart desk

8. It can be changed and customised

Once the DIY furniture has been built, one will feel at ease when it comes to reupholstering it, modifying the hardware or re-staining it in the future. Since one knows how it’s done, they will have the skills to freshen it up each time in order to keep up with the modern trends.

9. Ability to exercise creativity

It’s not just children who can practise arts and craft! By participating in DIY projects, people get a chance to exercise their creative side and to think outside the box as they undergo the creation and selection of furniture.

It’s imperative that people price out and plan their project before starting to build a piece of DIY furniture. Once rhythm is achieved and abilities are understood, building one’s own furniture can be an engaging and fun way to embellish one’s house.

Invest in an affordable DIY smart desk and forego the sedentary lifestyle

Amongst all DIY furniture, perhaps one of the best investments is to purchase a DIY smart desk. Not only are these DIY smart desks affordable, they bring various benefits to one’s professional and personal life. They discourage a sedentary lifestyle which will eventually minimise the negative impact on one’s health.

Switching to an active workstation such as a DIY smart desk will be advantageous in the long-run due to the following reasons:

Smart desks will decrease the risk of obesity

According to research, Americans spend 13 hours every day sitting at their desks. This occurs despite claims by James Levine, an obesity researcher, that chairs are quite lethal. During his investigation, he discovered that long periods of sitting down encourage accumulation of fat and retard metabolism rates. By simply incorporating intermittent periods of standing during a normal day at work, the risk of obesity will be instantly reduced. Moreover, productivity will increase and the body will keep in shape.

Standing at smart desks for few hours each day is akin to running a marathon

It is a well-established fact that more calories are burned while standing as opposed to sitting which is around 0.7 calories every minute, to be precise. This equates to more than 30,000 calories burned during the length of a year. Professor John Buckley claims that this is the equivalent of running ten marathons during the year. In addition to this, one does not even require intensive training to accomplish this.

Standing more frequently will increase lifespans

Too good to be true? According to a 2012 study, increasing lifespans is as easy as just making the effort to stand up more often. In fact, the study claimed that standing could add more than two years to one’s life, on average.

Minimise risks of cardiovascular disease by standing at a smart desk

It may not be a shock by this stage that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Smart desks provide one with the opportunity to stand up and move even whilst working. For instance, employees can hold meetings with their colleagues as they walk. Not only will this promote better blood circulation, but short walks like these can encourage generation of new ideas and allow workers to bounce ideas off one another.

Sitting is detrimental for the mind as well

Yes, that’s correct! Sitting isn’t only harmful for the body. It also negatively impacts the brain. A study reported that sedentary lifestyles (which involve sitting for long periods of time) are linked with the thinning and weakening of brain structures. These structures are necessary for formation of memory. Even worse is the fact that doing physical activity after elongated periods of sitting does not reverse the damage. Therefore, the ideal way to keep the brain sound and preserve memory is to avoid sitting down for long periods of time altogether.

Standing at smart desks can lighten mood and increase energy levels

People who use standing desks and spend less time sitting in their workplace report less fatigue and stress. It has been proven that standing can elevate moods which in turn makes employees happier and more satisfied with their jobs.

With so many pros of owning a smart desk and so many cons of leading a sedentary lifestyle, it should be blatantly obvious that investing in a DIY smart desk is not just a wise use of money but it can directly lead to positive effects on the body, mind and productivity!

Tips to use a DIY smart desk

As mentioned above, DIY smart desks come with all the advantages of a smart desk without one needing to break the bank. To make this even better, there are some affordable and easy DIY tricks which can further transform the whole working experience.

Some of these tips and tricks are listed below:

Built to custom

There are numerous hacks available for people who want to build their own customised versions of smart desks. A few of these desk hacks even involve constructing a personalised station which perches atop the current desk. This station enables people to stand by raising the monitor to their height. Other hacks involve creating totally new stations.

Endless choices

Almost any type of table such as coffee tables, kitchen tables or end tables with adjustable legs can be stacked or converted into a standing desk. Simple shelves can be added to create space for a mouse or keyboard tray. By using a bit of creativity, bathroom storage cabinets or modified bookshelves can be changed into unexpected workstations.

For DIY smart desk enthusiasts, the choices are endless when it comes to selecting retail offerings which can easily be altered or combined to form the perfect standing workspace.

Adjust the height

Perhaps the most essential aspect of a DIY smart desk is to ensure that the monitor is adjusted to one’s eye level. The same can be said when one is sitting but it is all the more important when working at a standing desk. Many DIY solutions come with adjustable frames that can extend to one’s height but if that’s not possible, there are many options to elevate the height of the desk to one’s eye level such as wall-mounted arms, soda cans, milk crates or even temporary tables!

diy smart deskBuy a mat

When buying a new desk chair, most people ensure that it has a padded seat. The same can be said for a standing desk.  Investing in a good quality anti-fatigue mat is essential if one plans to stand up the entire day. This will promote general well-being and prevent discomfort. Moreover, when using a DIY smart desk, it is important to wear flat and comfortable shoes. For instance, running shoes can be a good option. No matter what, protecting the feet is absolutely essential when using a DIY smart desk.

Get the rhythm right

It is too naïve to assume that one will be able to stand up all day from the beginning. Therefore, it is about striking the right balance. If this means, you sit for one hour and stand for another, then so be it. Most people who start using DIY smart desks report that the starting days are the hardest. However, as they adjust, it becomes almost second nature. To monitor progress, calculate sitting time versus standing time and make improvements from there.

Maintain the perfect posture

Having a good posture is imperative to avoid strain and stress for the body. Moreover, the right posture helps in improving concentration and ensuring the person remains focused on their work. Many DIY smart desks come with virtual personal assistants like Siri that remind one to maintain the correct posture.

Check heights of desk accessories

Along with the monitor, it is essential that the mouse and keyboard are adjusted to the correct height as well. By rolling back the shoulders and maintaining a natural position, set the keyboard and mouse at a suitable height which doesn’t cause strain on the joints.

All these tips will greatly improve the way one works in the office. Everyone deserves a workstation that is specific to them as this is where people spend half their lives. With a DIY smart desk, it is not only possible to build a personalised desk but it can support one’s well-being and optimise productivity. By using the tips above, people can not only have better days at work but can have sufficient energy to enjoy their lives outside work.

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