Remote Control Standing Desk: Features & Advantages
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Remote Control Standing Desk: Features & Advantages

|Mar 8, 2022

The concept started with learning the benefits of working while standing, but gladly, the ergonomics is now transforming towards more versatile and user-friendly options with each passing day. Remote control on the desk is a living example of how our workplaces are becoming better, and modern workplaces have an improved knack for employee wellness and productivity.

An adjustable desk with remote control was merely a concept a few months ago, but now with the latest invention, it is a piece of wonder eager to make our workstations much more ergonomic. But what exactly is a remote control stand-up desk, and what is a standing desk control app? Are remote standing desks better than ordinary office standing desks, and how do they work? What are the features you need in a remote control desk?

This article will cover all you need to know about a standing desk and the benefits of choosing a remote control standing desk over a basic one.

What is a Remote Control Standing Desk?

What is a Remote Control Standing Desk?

The desk ergonomics guide helps us realize that buying a standing desk isn't the only thing you need to do to achieve the right benefits of a standing desk. As much as we ask does standing desk burn calories and how long you should stand at a standing desk, it is also important to learn how to use a desk properly.

smart desk remote control is a tool to help you achieve just that. A remote-controlled standing desk allows users to adjust their workspace to the ideal height for better posture, comfort, and productivity. Users will be able to sit or stand at any moment they want because of the capacity to alter heights.

Modern desks like standing desk connect have a way of connecting to remote controls; hence you can operate the desk height, adjust the settings, enter the memory settings and control various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, wireless charging even from a safe distance.

 Many modern desks also remind you to switch between sitting and standing, drink water, and the number of calories you burn. All these features become easier to use with a remote, but it is also equally important to pay attention to the remote that fits your needs.

Benefits of Remote Control Standing Desk

Benefits of Remote Control Standing Desk

Opting for a remote control standing desk has many benefits for the user. Firstly it makes the use of a standing desk much more versatile. Since many people are not yet accustomed to the ideal way of using a standing desk, a wrong working posture can do more harm than one can anticipate.

When you use a remote control standing desk, you can easily enter your height, and the standing desk will reveal the ideal working position for you. It will also allow your p to enter your ideal desk height in the memory settings; hence if someone else uses the desk, you don't have to worry about losing your ideal position.

A remote control standing desk also saves you many minutes that you otherwise would be spending on achieving the ideal height. By manually controlling the motors, you might end up adjusting the last few inches for longer than you imagined. This wastes time and also results in frustration. Hence a remote control standing desk improves efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Remote Control for your Standing Desk?

When choosing the perfect remote control standing desk for you, you must pay heed to certain factors. This will ensure that you pick and only pay for a product you need. Here are some factors in deciding what type of remote control standing desk is the best fit for you.

The Features you need

Having preset placements will save time compared to manually repositioning a desk to a height position it was previously at. Most remote-controlled standing desks have an LED display and a remote to save a few preset positions.

Most users at home or in the office who have a few key height positions they will utilize regularly will benefit from these capabilities. Users may also ascertain the position they are pushing the desk to use the LED display rather than guessing.

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity

This is a feature that you need to know no matter what type of work desk you are buying. Knowing the weight capacity of your desk and sticking to it can help you prevent any future issues and workplace incidents. Especially for people who work with heavy gadgets such as multiple screens and large PC setups, and gamers, it is essential to pay attention to weight capacity.

A desk with a higher weight capacity than your combined load will be a good pick. Make sure to leave 10 to 20 pounds leverage when choosing a desk for your workstation. This becomes even more important when buying an adjustable desk because the weight capacity can alter and influence the motor and height adjustment efficiency.

Color Preference

Color Preference

Some people are too much about the theme in their modern office setup, and it is a great practice. Having an environment that you enjoy and feel comfortable in is essentially important for the right level of productivity. And modern desk with remote control and digital keypads offer a bunch of color preferences.

The correct color combination for each remote can change depending on the color theme of the area and the standing desk being used, as well as each user's preferences. Some people, for example, may choose a remote that matches the color of their tables because it is "less obtrusive."


Accessibility of remote control standing desk

Users who only use their standing desk occasionally but still want the ability to adjust the desk height may prefer a remote that is hidden and only visible when needed. Some remote controls can move in and out from under the desk depending on the user's needs. Others include a wireless handheld remote that may be used whenever needed and stored when not used.

When it comes to accessibility of the remote, users might also prefer a remote that is easy to locate, such as a round or tiny yet not too tiny to be lost remote control. The users ideally prefer remote controls with a case or a fixed place because they are easy to find when needed.

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